A Celebrity Big Brother 2 Houseguest Already Cussing Up A Storm! First Alliance Formed And More

A Celebrity Big Brother 2 Houseguest Already Cussing Up A Storm! First Alliance Formed And More

Happy Friday, fellow Big Brother fans. It turns out that some new updates from inside the Celebrity Big Brother season 2 house have already popped up. As we previously reported, the celebrities actually entered the house this past Monday night, January 14, 2019. The houseguests always enter the house a week before the actual televised premiere date.

One of the very reliable Big Brother inside sources Realvegas4sure has come out of the woodworks with a couple of interesting things that have already taken place in the house. On Monday night, January 14, 2019, Vegas tweeted out that the houseguests were given alcohol a couple of times writing, “HGs are allowed alcohol again tonight. Who is going to meltdown first? Well second I guess to Tamar throwing a fit. This season is going to be one for the books and it’s Day 1! Now just no HGs DOR please.”

Then yesterday, January 17, 2019, Vegas showed up again on Twitter with a couple more insider tweets. These were much more interesting as they revealed that one of the houseguest Anthony Scaramucci has been cussing up a storm in the house. He’s also been revealing some interesting inside scoops about why he got fired from the Whitehouse. He claims he got fired for standing up to Trump and not being another one of his “yes” men.

The tweet reads like this, “Last night Anthony told several HGs that he never agreed with Trump which is why he got fired because no one else was saying no to him but he was never afraid to say no.Mooch swears a lot. Segment is going to be a lot of bleeps. Every few words was the “f” word.#CBBUS2″

Vegas also revealed that an alliance has already been formed between actor Joey Lawrence and actor Jonathan Bennett. They also really don’t like houseguest Lolo Jones. Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte admitted to being forced to participate in Celebrity Big Brother by his agent in an effort to clear up his image after his gunpoint story.

That particular tweet reads like this, “Jonathan and Joey are working together. They said they liked each other’s energy. They don’t like Lolo. Ryan told HGs that his agent forced him into it Celebrity BB a bit to help repair his image after the Rio Olympics gunpoint fiasco and Ryan wants to win trust over.”

This next tweet reveals that singer/reality star Kandi Burruss and former WWE diva Eva Marie are early risers. Also, production has been making them wake up nice and early. That tweet reads like this, “What should the HGs first wake up song be? Crew think that 70s “you’re so vain” song would be funny. Yesterday was move in and BB is waking them up nice and early today. And they were up late drinking. Kandi and Eva are already awake.”

Kandi and Anthony have been interacting with each other. We don’t know the extent of it. Also, Kandi has been complaining about the loud music production is using to wake the houseguests. That tweet reads like this, “Rest of HGs finally woken up. So much for early wake up time. Kandi asked if they’re always woken up to music that loud because she doesn’t like it and would prefer a nicer way to wake up. She was up pre music though and Mooch is showing her how to measure coffee.”

The final tweet that Vegas left us with, is in regards to houseguest Tamar Braxton. It turns out that she really doesn’t like having to share the bathroom area with other people. She also jokingly tried to tell the Big Brother cameras to leave.

That tweet reads like this, “Tamar is not loving sharing the bathroom space. Asked the HGs if she could get a minute alone to breathe then jokingly asked BB to tell them to leave the BR so she can use the “facilities” without them there.” You guys can view all of these tweets on Realvegas4sure’s official Twitter account by Clicking Here. You’ll need to follow it and get approved before you can view the tweets because he or she has set the account to private.

As previously reported, the Celebrity Big Brother season 2 live feeds start up on Tuesday night, January 22, 2019. You can get a free week trial of the feeds over at CBS by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Big Brother report, but definitely stay tuned for more. Celebrity Big Brother season 2 debuts this Monday night, January 21, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS. Be sure to follow us on our Big Brother Facebook page for more Big Brother news by Clicking Here. Get your favorite TV Show and Movie stuff by Clicking Here.

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