Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broucher Revealed Her 3 Top Tips For Getting Cast On Big Brother Season 21 & Beyond

Big Brother Season 20 Haleigh Broucher Revealed Her 3 Top Tips For Getting Cast On Big Brother Season 21 & Beyond

Hey, fellow Big Brother fans. Yes, the time for the upcoming season 21 is fastly approaching, and the Big Brother producers have indeed started their casting process for it. With that in mind, Big Brother season 20 sweetheart Haleigh Broucher recently released a new Youtube video that features her three top tips for getting cast on Big Brother.

To get things started, Haleigh said, “Everyone says be yourself. Just be who you are, and that’s true. But you have to keep in mind that these casting producers are seeing thousands and thousands of people. So, you have to think, ‘What is going to make you stand out.’

When you think about yourself, pick a characteristic that you can really just multiply by ten. So, pick something about yourself that you can go in there and harp on it. You can dress about it. You can talk about it, and let that be a defining characteristic for you.

If you’re just hoping your personality can get you this far, there are thousands of other people with a great personality. So, you have to have something that’s going to stand out about you.”

Haleigh went on to explain that she really harped on the fact that she’s a college student and that’s she’s a country, hometown girl because that is apart of her, and that’s something that stood out about her.

Haleigh went on to give an example about Kaitlyn Herman from her season 20 cast stating, “Let’s talk about Katlyn. She’s a very open minded, spiritual person, and that’s what she harped on. So, pick a characteristic about you, and multiply it by a thousand.

Haleigh said her number 2 tip for getting cast on Big Brother is: “What you wear and how you dress. How you do your hair. How you do your make-up, matters. Not to the extent that it either looks good or it doesn’t, but so that it can give the casting directors a visual reminder of who you are. For example, I wore a Texas A&M hat, and that’s something that stood out about me. Also, in one video, I had a straw, cowboy hat on.

If you’re going in for a casting call, do the same thing. Pick whatever it is that stands out about you and wear it. Put it on your body. Make it visual. Pick an outfit that’s really going to make you stand apart. Something that really harps on that character that you picked in the beginning.

Haleigh’s number 3 tip for getting cast on Big Brother is: “Always have stories for everything that you are talking about. Even if they ask you a yes or no question, don’t just say yes or no because that’s not good TV. That’s not entertaining to anyone. Come up with a story about yourself.

Go in there with top five stories in your head that are funny. That show who you are. That really capture you and know those stories because if you actually get an interview or go in for an audition, you’re gonna be nervous, and you’re gonna be in front of people, talking. If you don’t know those stories, you’re gonna blank and maybe hyperventilate. So, yeah. Have some stories in your head before you go in.”

Later on in the video, Haleigh answered questions from all her fans that were in the Youtube chatroom. Haleigh revealed that she didn’t do any of the casting calls. She actually sent in a video to the casting production. She also thought about posting her audition video for us to see, but she changed her mind because she thought it was awful. She said, “It’s embarrassing. It’s not ever leaking at all.”

Haleigh went on to reveal that her Big Brother audition video was shot very natural, quick and uncut. It only took about 5 minutes. She just introduced herself and told them why she thinks she should be on Big Brother. She wanted it to be very simple because she’s a very simple person, and she wanted that to reflect as well.

Haleigh went on to explain that she thinks the producers have a rough outline of what they’re looking for in a Big Brother contestant, but she doesn’t think it’s concrete. She kept drilling home the point that you need to create an image for them that will stick in their minds because they look at thousands of audition videos. Haleigh also revealed that it took about two weeks for the producers to call her back after she sent in her audition video.

Haleigh revealed that she would definitely do Big Brother again. She also revealed that she would’ve rather done Big Brother when she was a little more older. Like about four years older.

She answered a lot of other interesting questions in the video. You guys can check out Haleigh’s full tips on how to get cast on Big Brother video over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest Big Brother report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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