‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Hope’s Baby Scam Gets At Least Partially Exposed To Wyatt And More This Week

‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Hope’s Baby Scam Gets At Least Partially Exposed To Wyatt And More This Week

Happy Saturday, “Bold And The Beautiful” fans. We hope you guys are enjoying your weekend so far. We’ve got great, big news for you guys on the Hope stolen baby front. Another very interesting development in the plotline is about to take place before this upcoming week is over. It turns out that Wyatt is going at least get partially exposed to the awful stolen baby scam that Flo participated in. Heck, he may even get fully exposed, but we can’t confirm that right now.

Here’s the situation. CBS release a new preview clip yesterday, and it features a couple of very pivotal scenes that will takes in this week’s new April 15 to 19, 2019 batch of episodes. One of those scenes reveals that Wyatt is going to possibly find out that Flo was never really pregnant! That’s right, guys. Flo is going to tell Shauna she was never pregnant, and Wyatt is seen standing right next to Shauna and overhearing it!

We think this is a very significant development because if Wyatt knows that Flo was never really pregnant, he will also know that she is not Phoebe’s birth mother. That, of course, could lead to the further unraveling of her big stolen baby secret!

We know for a fact from CBS’ written spoiler teasers and this new preview clip that Flo will definitely tell Shauna about Hope’s stolen baby. We’re just not sure if Wyatt finds out that part too. If he does, we can only imagine that he would not keep it from Hope!

Now that we’ve thrown in our 2 cents, we’re going to go over this new “Bold And The Beautiful” preview clip in full detail for you guys ,and let you decided for yourself what you think will happen this week.

The clip starts off with Shauna asking Flo, “Why are you telling people you were pregnant when you weren’t?” Wyatt is standing right next to Shauna in this moment and says,”She wouldn’t lie about something like that.”

A few moments later, Flo is seen telling Shauna, “I need you to go along with me on this!” Then Shauna is seen very upset, and yelling at Flo, “You stole her baby!”

The clip shows some various other scenes, but they are extremely edited and chopped up. One of them features Quinn telling Eric, Donna and Brooke, “She’s not asking for anything!” Eric asks Quinn, “Well, can you be sure of that?” We’re guessing Quinn is probably talking about Shauna in this scene. We’re not sure though.

The next extremely edit scenes features Brooke saying,”What are you talking about?” After that, it cuts to a scene with Hope saying to Flo, “I can’t believe it.”

In between scenes, big words flash on the screen saying, “The con fully exposed. The hoax totally busted.” You guys can view the new “Bold And The Beautiful” preview clip I just talked about on our “Bold And The Beautiful” Twitter page by Clicking Here.

None of the official CBS written spoiler teasers mention anything about Hope finding out about the stolen baby. So, we don’t think it will get exposed to her. However, we do think that Wyatt could ,at the very least, find out that Flo was never really pregnant, which is quite a big deal because that would mean he knows she’s not really Phoebe’s mother. That, of course, would bring up other questions in his mind and so on and so forth.

Whatever the case turns out to be, we do know some more developments in this Hope stolen baby storyline are about to happen this week! Again, Shauna will certainly find out about the whole scheme. We don’t expect her to rat out her own daughter though. But still, that’s another person who knows, which can always lead to more trouble.

How do you guys feel about the possible these possible turn of events that could take place this week? Do you think Wyatt learns the full truth? Or does Flo throw him off the trail? We think it’s more likely he gets thrown off the trail, judging from other teasers we’ve read, but this preview clip definitely made us rethink things.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this very important “Bold And The Beautiful” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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