Bachelorette 2019 Spoilers: Hannah B Aka Hannah Brown’s All 31 Guys Already Revealed

Bachelorette 2019 Spoilers: Hannah B Aka Hannah Brown’s All 31 Guys Already Revealed

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. We’ve got a pretty interesting new update for you guys in this article. It’s in reference to our new Bachelorette 2019 edition main star, Hannah B aka Hannah Brown. It turns out that CBS is going to throw not 25, not 30, but a whopping 31 men her way on premiere night!

That’s got to be a record, right? I mean I haven’t kept track or anything, but it seems like 31 initial contestants on any season of either The Bachelor or Bachelorette is the most there’s ever been to start off with.

Whatever the case, it’s a whole, whole lot of dudes, which means Hannah will certainly have her work cut out for her. Our trusty source Reality Steve has taken the time to hunt down info on all of the guys that will be vying for Hannah’s love and affection this season.

We’re going to give you guys a brief introduction to all of them here, and then we’ll send you on over to Reality Steve’s site for photos of all the Hannah B guys. Reality Steve also rambles on and on about them to no end. I mean he really has a lot to say about most of them.

Anyways, with no further ado. the first guy that will be on Hannah’s Bachelorette 2019 season is: 26 year old Tyler Cameron from Jupiter, Florida. He played college football at Wake Forest as the backup quarter back for 2 years. Then he transferred to Florida Atlantic University and played wide receiver for 2 years. Now, he’s a male model, and also works in construction.

2nd, is 30 year old Cameron (Cam) Ayala from Austin, TX. He graduated from Texas A&M and currently works at Tableau in computer software sales.

Third, in the line up is: 28 year old Tyler Gwozdz from Nashville, TN. He is currently a Regional Sales Manager who’s selling Spiked Seltzer. He has spent most of his time in New York, CT, and Nashville. Actually, ABC said he was from Boca Raton, Florida. So , who knows?

4th, is 24 year old Luke Parker from Gainesville,Georgia. He played college baseball at Faulkner University in Alabama. He grew up in Florida and attended High Point University. He says he’s an entrepreneur.

5th, is 25 year old Jed Wyatt from Nashville, TN. He is currently a musician in Nashville. He has a recent song that he released on Spotify. It’s called “Vacation.” He attended Belmont University.

6th, is 27 year old Garrett Powell. He’s from Birmingham, Alabama. He’s currently an assistant golf pro at Shoal Creek Country Club in Alabama. He attended Mississippi St. University.

7th, is 28 year old Luke Stone from Washington, DC. He graduated from George Washington University in 2013 with a B.A. in Political Science. He currently works at StateScape.

8th, is 24 year old Connor Saeli from Dallas, TX. He’s currently an analyst at Goldman Sachs. He attended SMU’s Cox School of Business in Dallas.

9th, is 29 year old Brian Bowles from Louisville, Kentucky. He teaches math at Trinity High School in Louisville. He graduated from Centre College in 2010 with a B.S. in Math. He received his M.A.T. from the University of Louisville in 2012.

10th, is 25 year old Daron Blaylock from Atlanta, Georgia. He has a twin brother named Zack. They both played football at the University of Kentucky from 2012-2016.

11th, is 30 year old Joe Barsano from Chicago, IL. He is an account representative at Continental Packaging. He graduated from North Park University with a B.A. in Economics in 2011 after attending Indiana University for his first 3 years.

12th, is 27 year old Chasen Coscia. He grew up in Washington. Now, he lives in Detroit, MI. He works at a commercial airline pilot for SkyWest. He was the lead flight instructor at Central Washington University back in 2016. He likes to go fishing, diving, hunting and boating.

13th, is 24 year old Dylan Barbour from San Diego, California. He co-founded and is the COO of the Vizer app along with his cousin Sam. It’s an app where you accomplish exercise goals. Those goals then turn into sponsors donating a meal. Then you redeem rewards in the Vizer marketplace. Dylan graduated from Williams College in 2016 with a B.A. in English.

14th, is 30 year old Dustin Kendrick from Chicago, IL. 15th. is 24 year old Hunter Jones from Westchester, California. 16th, is 30 year old Grant Eckel from San Clemente, CA. 17th, is 24 year old John Paul Jones from New Carrolton, MD. 18th, is 25 year old Ryan Spirko from Philadelphia, PA.

19th, is 27 year old Kevin Fortenberry from Manteno, IL. 20th, is 30 year old Ben Granger from Charlotte, North Carolina. 21st, is 26 year old Matt Donald from Los Gatos, California. 22nd, is 25 year old Matteo Valles from Atlanta, Georgia. 23rd, is 27 year old Devin Harris from Sherman Oaks, California. 24th, is 23 year old Matt Spraggins from Newport Beach, California. 25th, is 28 year old Connor Jenkins from Newport Beach, California.

26th, is 33 year old Joey Jones from Bethesda, Maryland. 27th, is 31 year old Mike Johnson from San Antonio, Texas. 28th, is 27 year old Peter Weber from Westlake Village, California. 29th, is 27 year old Jonathan Saunders from Los Angeles, California. 30th, is 28 year old Scott Anderson from Chicago, IL and 31st is 27 year old Thomas Staton from Southfield, Michigan.

Yeah, after the 15th guy on the list, it appears that Reality Steve ran out of info on the guys, or he just didn’t care enough to hunt it down. If that is the case, I surely can’t say that I blame him. It’s a lot of freaking guys to keep up with.

Anyways, you guys can view photos of all the Hannah Brown men over on Reality Steve’s site by Clicking Here. Reality Steve really put in some work to hunt all those photos down. My goodness.

Alright guys. That’s going to wrap it up for this latest The Bachelorette 2019 report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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