The Bachelorette July 22, 2019 Luke P Came Back, Crashed Rose Ceremony And More (Recap)

The Bachelorette July 22, 2019 Luke P Came Back, Crashed Rose Ceremony And More (Recap)

Hey, “The Bachelorette” fans. Tonight, July 22, 2019, the 11th episode of this current 2019 edition of “The Bachelorette” did indeed air, and it revealed some very shocking footage indeed. And guess who it featured. If you’re thinking crazy Luke P, you would be absolutely correct.

He took the crazy to a whole other level in tonight’s episode. There’s no doubt about it. Before they got into the “Men tell All” segments, they showed footage of what happened at the rose ceremony after the current Bachelorette headliner Hannah Brown told Luke P to take a freaking hike.

We learned, tonight, that Luke P did not take the hike he was told to take. He just left temporarily. We saw footage of him, surely enough, making his way back to take part in the rose ceremony as if he was never ever sent home!

The other guys: Tyler C, Peter and Nate thought Luke P had just made it through another round when he showed up because Hannah wasn’t out there yet.

Before Hannah came out, they showed footage of Hannah telling the private cams, “Not an ounce of me misses Luke P or wants him back in my life.” Earlier, they showed Luke P telling the private cams he’s still loves Hannah and is totally obsessed with her.

After all of that, we finally saw Hannah make her way out to participate in what she thought was going to be a rose ceremony featuring her final three guys: Tyler C, Peter and Jed. But, oh no, no, no. Not if Luke P had anything to say about it.

Hannah’s face went from happy to, “Oh my God” when she saw Luke standing there. Then Luke immediately ran up to Hannah and said, “I need to talk to you.” Hannah said, “No” without any sort of hesitation. She also kept telling Luke P to go, and he just refused to leave!

The other guys finally realized that Hannah actually sent Luke home already when Hannah told Luke P,”I’ve already sent you home!” Jed said, “Thank God.”

The other guys tried to tell Luke P to go. He still wouldn’t leave. At one point, after more arguing, Hannah told everyone what Luke P said to her about sex and how he would leave if she’s had sex with anyone else on the show.

Luke P tried to argue that’s not what he really meant and so on and so forth. After minutes of more arguing for Luke P to leave, he finally told Hannah, “Can you look me in my face and tell me it’s over.” Hannah, of course, said, “Yes, I can!” After that, Luke P finally said, “Ok then. I will leave.”

After that, host Chris Harrison walked up to Hannah and told her, “You wanted closure. Now, you have more of it.” From there, he went on to explain how obsessed Luke P was with her. He told her that he actually had an engagement ring and was ready to propose to her. Hannah’s jaw hit the ground. She was so shocked.

At this point, Chris Harrison revealed that we’ll see the rest of the rose ceremony in next Monday’s July 29, 2019 episode.

Then they started with the “Men Tell All” footage where we saw more of Luke P because he came back for that too! Chris Harrison interviewed Luke P on the hot seat to get things started. We’re not going to go over everything Luke P said ,because frankly, it’s just nonsense.

A few highlights of his conversation featured him saying, “I wouldn’t change a thing I did this season.” “I still love Hannah, but I know she’s not my person.”

Shortly after that, he tried to take back what he said about not changing anything he did this season after he realized that might not have been the best thing to say. It’s basically what he’s been doing all season long.

At one point, they had Dylan come out and tell Luke P what he thought of him. Dylan told Luke P, “I think you’re the type of guy who wants a woman he can control, and that’s not a man.” That got lots of hand claps from the crowd.

Mike Johnson told Luke P, “You haven’t changed.” Luke kept trying to apologize for his actions on the show. Mike said, “I won’t accept your apology until I see that you’ve changed.” He told Luke P, “Your future wife will be a prisoner of you” and some other unkind things that were well deserved.

Hannah eventually came out to talk to all the guys. Of course, she addressed the Luke P issues. She explained the reason why she held on to Luke P for so long is because she felt insecure about being the Bachelorette at first.

Luke made her feel secure that at least she knows one guy is really there for her. She also didn’t want to dump him based on what the other guys told her. She wanted to see it for herself. However, she finally realized she didn’t need him.

Luke responded to that by telling Hannah, “I’m sorry I made this whole process so difficult for you. You helped me learn I need to open up. So, I thank you for that.”

Hannah said, “Those are nice words,but you definitely have some more fruits that need to come out of you.”

Hannah addressed the whole sex thing that Luke P kept harping on during the overnight dates. She told Luke that it was none of his business who she’s had sex with and that she’s over being slut shamed.

After all that, Luke P just up and left. So, that was it for him. Hannah apologized for keeping Luke P on our TV screens for as long as she did. So, that was pretty funny.

Aside from Luke P, Chris Harrison talked with Mike Johnson and John Paul Jones. They showed a very funny segment with John Paul Jones. They did the usual question and answers with some of the rest of the guys, but most of this episode was all about Luke P.

I really didn’t find all the other conversations all that interesting. The other guys were sane an accepted that Hannah dumped them fair and square. Heck, John Paul Jones even joked, “I would’ve dumped me too.” So, that was pretty much the gist of all the non-Luke P conversations.

ext Monday, July 29, 2019 and Tuesday, July 30, 2019, we will finally see this crazy season come to an end. The 2-part finale episodes will start at approximately 7 pm central standard time on both nights, and they will last for 2 hours.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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