The Voice April 22, 2019 Live Cross Battles Performances Revealed (Recap)

The Voice April 22, 2019 Live Cross Battles Performances Revealed (Recap)

Tonight, the Live Cross Battles continued on NBC’s hit singing, reality show “The Voice.” The Live Cross Battles featured the coaches: Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton selecting artists from their teams to compete against artists from one of the other teams. At the end, LIVE voting from the viewing audience will end up deciding who won each LIVE Cross Battle to move on to the Top 24 LIVE show! The voting results will be revealed tomorrow night, April 23, 2019.

With all that said, tonight’s performances kicked off with Adam selecting LB from his team to compete against someone from Kelly’s team. Kelly ended up picking Jej to battle LB. LB started things off by singing, “Wade In The Water” with a gospel choir as back up. After that, Jej hit the stage to sing.

Adam told LB he loved his composure and depth. Kelly told Jej that his runs are incredibly powerful and seemless. John told them both that they are fabtastic. However, he slightly preferred LB due to his confidence and command of the stage. Blake said he did not expect that level of greatness from LB, and that he would give it to LB as well.

Next, Adam selected Kalvin Jarvis to challenge someone from John’s team, and that someone turned out to be Julian King. Kalvin started this battle off by singing, “New Rules.”

After that, Julian hit the stage to sing, “Hello” by Adele. He sang a little bit of it in Spanish and some in English. Adam told Kalvin he’s now in frontrunner status. John told Julian, “I’m happy to have you on my team. I made outstanding choices.” Kelly said there are great singers in the building. She thought Kalvin won that round. Blake said Julian swung for the fence during that performance and went for it more than Kalvin did. However, Kalvin took it for him.

Next, Blake chose Carter Lloyd to challenge someone from John’s team, and John selected Jacob Maxwell. Carter hit the stage first to sing, “Way Down We Go.” After that,Jacob sang,”Still The One.”

Blake said, “There is something vintage about both of them. Carter has a rich baritone voice that is so unique.” John told Jacob, “You have a rich,special tone despite the lack of fireworks.” Kelly said they are both mysterious. Adam didn’t comment on this one probably due to time constraints. You know these LIVE shows? They gotta wrap it up.

Next, Kelly selected The Bundy’s to challenge someone from Blake’s team. Blake decided to go with Andrew Sevener.

The Bundy’s started off the battle by singing, “Letter.” It was an upbeat and high energy performance. Next, Andrew hit the stage to sing, “Modern Day Bonnie & Clyde.”

Kelly told the Bundy’s, “Your harmonies are just unbelievable and beautiful.” Blake told Andrew, “You strolled around the stage, and burned the place down with your voice.” Adam said,”Andrew acted like he was three people up there. It was awesome.” No comments from John. I guess it was his turn to sit it out.

For the next battle, John chose Shawn Sounds to challenge someone from Blake’s team, and he chose Karly Moreno.

Shawn hit the stage first to sing, “Lay by Your Side.” Right after that, Karly hopped on stage to sing, “Down.” John said, “I had no idea that Shawn had a baritone voice like that, it floored me.” Blake told Karly that she brought a breath of fresh air and uniqueness to the show, and that it was her best performance. Adam said Karly was amazing, and that he too thought it was her best performance. Kelly said, “It was a unique pairing. I loved Shawn’s spirit.”

At this point, it was time for Adam to pick his final artist to compete. He chose Kendra Checketts to battle someone from John’s team. John ended up selecting Jimmy Mowery.

Kendra started things off by singing , “Cold Water.”After she finished up,Jimmy hit the stage to sing, “Mercy.” Adam told Kendra, “You have one of the most powerful and beautiful voices in this competition. You’re amazing to watch.” John told Jimmy, “I’m proud of you.” Kelly said,”Kendra’s tone is super-captivating, and the pain bleeds through her voice.”

Next, Kelly chose her artist Rebecca Howell to challenge someone from John’s team. John chose his last artist Beth Griffith-Manley.

Rebecca started things off by singing, “Any Man Of Mine” by Shania Twang. After that,Beth hit the stage to sing, “I put a spell on you.” Kelly told Rebecca,”You did a killer job. Great vibrato.” John told Beth, “You gave everything. Raw energy.” Blake told Rebecca, “You took that song to the next level, and Beth was so good.” Adam said, “Beth is incredible and put on a clinic out here today. Rebecca was the shock of the season for me. She’s the strongest country singer of the season.”

Finally, the last cross battle featured Gyth Rigdon from Team Blake battling Abby Kasch from Team Kelly!

Gyth hit the stage first to sing,”Goodbye Time.” Right after that, Abby took the stage to sing, “Cupid’s gota shot gun.” Blake told Gyth,”I love the song, and I love that you did old school country.” Kelly told Abby, “You were in your element.” Adam said, “Abby was fantastic, and the only problem is that Gyth is going to be in the finale.” Wow!

Alright guys. That was it for the April 22, 2019 performance show recap. Tomorrow night, April 23, 2019, we will find out who made the cut during the big results show, starting at 8 pm central standard time on NBC. Stay tuned.

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