Survivor Season 38 Eliminated Ron Clark In Tonight’s May 1, 2019 Episode 12

Survivor Season 38 Eliminated Ron Clark In Tonight’s May 1, 2019 Episode 12

Hey, “Survivor” fans. The big 12th episode of this current 38th season aired tonight, May 1, 2019, and when everything was all said and done, another contestant bit the dust. It kicked off with conversation footage. Rick Devens revealed that things definitely didn’t go his way at the last tribal council since War Dog got voted out.

At one point, Ron was seen giving Rick a fake advantage that expired weeks ago in an effort to trick him. It was cruel.

Next, they showed the Rewards Challenge footage. For this one, they brought back loved ones for each of the remaining contestants. Julie’s husband Mark arrived. Lauren’s dad Joey showed up. Ron’s partner Lloyd was there. Victoria’s dad was featured. Aurora’s bother Shane showed up, and Gavin’s wife Carly was there. Gavin revealed that they had just got married a few days before Survivor started or something crazy like that.

During the challenge, the loved ones participated with the contestants. The rewards prize was fried chicken and apple pie. The challenge consisted of the remaining Survivor contestants having to race to get water out of the ocean and fill their loved one’s bucket with that water by pitching it to them. So,some of it fell out, making it that much harder. The first team to get enough water in their partner’s bucket for it to drop and raise their flag, won.

Ron and Lloyd ended up winning it. They had the option to bring along two other pairs. Ron chose to bring Julie and her husband Mark and Gavin and Carly. The rest had to say goodbye to their loved ones.

Next, they showed more conversation footage. Ron told the private cams he picked Gavin to get him locked in on his side. He also told his lover Lloyd that he’s in charge of this game. Rick caught Aurora looking through his bag. She told him it was because she noticed he was searching for a hidden immunity idol. Rick said he wasn’t really bothered by it. He just wanted to call Aurora out in front of everyone.

However, Rick really did go searching for an idol, and he found a clue for one! Then he found the idol, but he realized it was stuck up in a very tall tree. He waited and waited until everyone was asleep to go and get it.

Next, they showed immunity challenge footage. This one was pretty straight forward. It was an endurance challenge. They had to stand on a platform with very narrow footings. The last one standing, won immunity. Rick dropped first, knowing he had an immunity idol locked in. Ron dropped second, Victoria dropped 3rd, Julie dropped 4th, Aurora dropped 5th. Lauren dropped 6th, leaving Gavin as the winner of the immunity challenge!

After that, more conversation footage was shown. Rick told the private cams that no one wanted to work with him. Ron and Julie told Rick they weren’t voting him out, but it was fake. They really devised a plan to split up the votes just in case Rick had an immunity idol.

Aurora’s name came up as a person to vote out. Ron’s name came up to. Aurora revealed to Victoria and Lauren she has an extra vote and wants to give it to Gavin. Gavin mentioned he didn’t like the idea of blindsiding Ron, especially since Ron invited him to the rewards treat.

After all that, they headed for the big tribal council meeting. They did their usual thing, talking about the game and so on and so forth. Ron said he heard his name come up for elimination.

Lauren said Ron’s picks for the rewards treat were very telling. Gavin said he was very appreciative that Ron chose him and Carly to join them for the rewards treat. Victoria said she definitely doesn’t want to sit next to Rick in a final 3 situation.

After all that chit chatting, they finally casts their votes. Then Rick tried to see if Ron’s fake advantage was real. Once host Jeff Probst confirmed it wasn’t, Rick pulled out his real hidden immunity idol!

Then the votes were tallied. Rick ended up getting 4 votes. Ron got 3 votes, and Aurora got just 1 vote. None of Rick’s votes counted since he used his immunity idol, which meant life sucks for Ron. He was voted out with 3 votes over Aurora’s single vote.

How do guys feel about Ron getting voted out in episode 12 tonight? Do you like it? Do you hate it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Survivor season 38 report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ding dong, the liar is gone!

  2. Rick says:

    It was time for Ron to go. Treachery is
    Part of the game but he’s too mean spirited and not a good ambassador of the Survivor Game. His partner should take notice.

  3. Tues says:

    Rick Devins all the way!!!! That’s what I want to say.

  4. Vickie Nunnery says:

    I’m SOOOOO HAPPY that Ron is gone, he should have been voted out long ago, Adios Butthead!!!

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