The Voice May 6, 2019 Top 13 Contestant Performances Revealed (Recap)

The Voice May 6, 2019 Top 13 Contestant Performances Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “The Voice” fans. Tonight, May 6, 2019, the top 13 contestants that were lucky enough to make it through from last week, did indeed perform tonight, LIVE. The four judges: Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton were, of course, on hand. The top 13 performed songs that were selected by you guys, the fans!

Gyth Rigdon from Team Blake Shelton started off the performances. Gyth sang, “Nobody But Me.” Blake got on his feet for this one. Afterwards, John told Gyth, “You were great up there. You carry yourself with star presence.” Blake said, “I agree with John. You belong here. You own the stage, and you are an undiscovered talent.”

Next up, Kim Cherry from Team Blake Shelton hit the stage to perform, “Whatta Man.” Afterwards, Kelly told Kim, “You did exactly what I expected, but I would like to hear you sing something. Your attitude and rap separates you, but I want to hear you wail.” Blake said, “It’s fun to see what the fans choose. That song choice was perfect. Great performance. Great job.”

After that, Jej from Team Kelly hit the stage to perform, “Close.” Afterwards, Adam told Jej, “I love your voice. I love your tone. I envision you in the finale. You did great.” Kelly said, “My favorite thing about you is that you have style and grace with your runs. They are sexy and angelic. I will be shocked if you are not in the finale.”

Next, Andrew Sevener from Team Blake hopped on stage to sing, “She Got the Best in Me.” Afterwards, John told Andrew, “I loved your energy. I wanted more finesse, and I felt your passion in the performance.” Blake said, “You are on 10 all the time, and that’s why you have a huge fan base.”

From there, Oliv Blu from Team Blake Shelton arrived on stage to sing, “Smooth Operator” by Sade. Afterwards, John told Oliv, “I regret that I’m your ‘former’ coach. You were impressive. It takes discipline to sing with clarity, and you pulled it off.” Blake said, “You sounded incredible, and I feel like you came out of your shell and embraced the moment. You became an artist on stage tonight.”

After all that, Dexter Roberts from Team Blake sang, “Something Like That.” Afterwards, Kelly told Dexter, “I love the song pick. Country is a lifestyle and the song connected to it.” Blake said, “Dexter was worried about the song not being vocally challenged enough. He did a great job.”

Next, Shawn Sounds from Team John Legend walked on stage to perform, “A House is Not a Home.”Afterwards, Adam told Shawn, “You’re incredible, and it was the best of the night. Your personality. Your flair.” John said, “It was one of the best performances this season. I’m happy to have you on my team.”

After that, Celia Babini from Team John Legend hit the stage to sing, “Shallow.” Afterwards, Adam told Celia,”I miss you.” He told her that because he’s her former coach. He went on to say,”I’m happy you’re still on the show. I love watching you perform.” John said, “Celia was concerned about the pressure in the song, but she made it her own, visual performance.”

Next to hit up the stage was LB Crew from Team Adam. He performed, “I’ll Make Love to You.” Afterwards, Adam said, “I was thrilled to get LB back. He’s a true talent. A kind, good human.” He told LB, “You love, and you’re incredibly talented. You always brings it.” Adam was the only one to comment during this particular segment. I guess those time restraints kicked in again. They gotta keep it moving. NBC isn’t messing around.

Next, Mari from Team Adam hit the stage to sing, “Foolish.” Adam got up on his feet for this one. Afterwards, Adam told Mari, “You’re a super star. You have arrived, and you have reached the point to where you’re an artist. You should be on the show.”

After that, Carter Lloyd from Team Blake Shelton arrived on stage to sing, “Let It Go.” Afterwards, Blake said, “The fan-picked songs make me nervous. I was worried a little bit, but you take everything that gets thrown at you and run at it head-on. You killed it tonight.”

Next, Rod Stokes from Team Kelly hit the stage to sing, “When a Man Loves a Woman.” Afterwards, Blake told Rod, “You are so good, and you used to be on my team. You keep delivering every time.” Kelly said, I adore you. You have a God-given talent. It’s beautiful, majestic power and passion.”

Then Maelyn Jarmon from Team John Legend was the last performer of the night. She ended up singing, “The Scientist.” Afterwards, John told Maelyn, “You’re the best singer in the competition. Your skill level is beyond great, and we are all blessed to hear you.”

Alright guys. That was it for the performers tonight. The show will be back on tomorrow night, May 7, 2019 with the results from tonight’s LIVE audience voting. By the end of tomorrow night’s LIVE results show, 5 of these top 13 singers will be eliminated. It all kicks off at approximately 8 pm central standard time on NBC. We’ll, of course, be back to report the results. So, stay tuned.

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