Survivor Season 38 Eliminated Aurora McCreary In Tonight’s May 8, 2019 Episode 13

Survivor Season 38 Eliminated Aurora McCreary In Tonight’s May 8, 2019 Episode 13

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 8, 2019,episode 13 of this current season 38 did air, and it was quite a fun episode to watch. It kicked off with some conversation footage. Gavin told the private cams he felt he blindsided Ron at the last tribal council, and he felt kind of bad about it. He also said Rick Devens has to go home this time.

Rick told the private cams that he knows he’s at the bottom right now, and that no one will work with him. Aurora said she, Victoria, Lauren and Gavin are definitely working together, and they really want to get Rick out.

Rick immediately went searching for another immunity, and everyone knew that’s what he was doing. They said they really needed to watch him. Lauren said she really wanted to make sure Rick doesn’t find another immunity idol. So, she was seen sticking to him like glue, pretending to make conversation.

At one point, Rick was seen telling the private cams, “I need to find another idol, or I’m finished.” Then he was seen by himself, finding another idol in some tree stump. It was crazy!

Next, they showed Rewards challenge footage. It involved a ball obstacle course that ended with them having to get two balls to land and stay on top of a narrow perch for the win. Gavin ended up winning it. His prize was a trip to a luxury resort with chicken, an open bar and dessert. He got to choose two other people to join him, and he chose to take Victoria and Lauren.

After that, Aurora revealed to the private cams that she was quite upset that she wasn’t chosen to join Gavin. She said she felt like an outsider in their group.

Next, they showed more conversation footage. Lauren, Victoria and Gavin said Rick has to be next to go. As a back up, Julie’s name came up. Lauren said she didn’t want to go after Julie. When they got back from their trip, Victoria immediately tried to reassure Aurora that nothing has changed with their group. She said, “We need to get rid of Rick.” Aurora agreed that it’s most logical to stick with Gavin, Lauren and Victoria to get out Julie and Rick.

Next, they showed footage of each contestant both on edge of extinction and the main game, reading letters they wrote to themselves at the beginning of the game. It was boring.

After that, we saw more conversation footage. Rick pretended to go searching for a new idol. He told the private cams he did it to mess with everyone’s head. Surely enough, everyone kept following him around, and he kept wearing them out. It was pretty humorous.

Next, they showed Immunity challenge footage: It was a puzzle challenge. They had to race to slide their puzzle pieces into a group. Then they had to use special handles to lift and transport them through an obstacle course to get them to the table to piece the puzzle together. If they dropped the pieces in the obstacle course, they had to go back and start all over, making things much more difficult.

Rick ended up winning it! This caused Gavin, Lauren, Victoria and Aurora to have to look for someone else to vote out. Rick told the private cams he was going to try to find a way to keep Julie in the game since she would be the only one willing to work with him at this point.

Next, more conversation footage was shown. Julie’s name,of course, came up for elimination. Rick told Julie he’s voting out Aurora. Julie agreed to work with Rick for this vote. Julie made her pitch to Lauren saying, “Aurora is a stronger player, and she should go next.”

Lauren then went and told Gavin they should vote out Aurora. Gavin said he wanted to check with Victoria first. Gavin told Victoria, “Lauren is going to vote out Aurora whether or not you agree.”

Victoria did not agree to voting out Aurora. And since Lauren was willing to vote out Aurora either way, she thought Lauren is trying to set up something with Julie. So, she wanted Julie out even more.

After that, they showed the tribal council footage. Julie mentioned the four person alliance that’s going on between Gavin, Aurora, Victoria and Lauren. She said it was obvious at this point.

Aurora, Gavin and Victoria definitely said they wanted to get Rick out now, because they don’t think they can win against him in the end.

Then Rick said he wanted to try and take some control away from their four-person alliance. So, he pulled out the immunity idol he found earlier, and said he was going to use it on Julie so they can vote one of the four out. Rick said, “You need allies in this game” in an effort to really sell the idea to them.

After that, they finally voted. Then Rick decided not to use his idol. From there, host Jeff Probst revealed that Aurora got 4 votes,and Julie only got 1 vote. So, with 4 votes, Aurora bit the dust and went off to the Edge of Extinction to join the others.

It appears that Rick used a genius move to make everyone think that he was using his idol on Julie. So, Gavin, Lauren and Victoria switched up their votes to Aurora at the last minute. That means Rick still has his immunity idol to play next week if he needs it. He can also still claim the idol was fake until it’s time to use it. If Rick doesn’t win this game, I’m filing a petition. That was beautiful.

How do you guys feel about poor Aurora getting ousted in tonight’s 13th episode? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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