Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Spoilers: Characters Tom, Link & Levi Promoted To Season Regulars

Grey’s Anatomy Season 16 Spoilers: Characters Tom, Link & Levi Promoted To Season Regulars

Hey, “Grey’s Anatomy” fans. We’ve got some super interesting news for you guys in this article. We already told you that the show has been renewed for another two seasons: 16 and 17. Now, we’ve just got our first spoiler dish from the folks over at

It turns out that a couple of the popular, recurring characters will become fulltime players in season 16. That’s right, guys. Grey’s Anatomy has already started doing some promoting in this offseason.

The recurring characters that will be promoted to season regulars in the upcoming season 16 are: Dr. Tom Koracick played by actor Greg Germann, Dr. Atticus Lincoln aka Link played by actor Chris Carmack and intern Levi “Glasses“ Schmitt played by actor Jake Borelli. This news undoubtedly means these three characters will get more screentime in the new season 16. pointed out that both characters, Tom and Levi, have been recurring characters since season 14, and Link joined in season 15. The Grey’s Anatomy showrunner Krista Vernoff had some wonderful things to say about these three actors and their characters. Apparently, they have quickly become fan favorites!

Krista stated, “Chris, Jake, and Greg have been recurring for us as guest stars and have popped as fan favorites. We are excited to continue revealing their characters and we are beyond thrilled to welcome them to the Grey’s Anatomy family.”

How do you guys feel about characters: Dr. Tom Koracick, Dr. Atticus Lincoln aka Link and intern Levi “Glasses“ Schmitt getting promoted to season regulars for the brand new season 16? Are you happy about it? Are you sad about it? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

As for season 16, it’s currently not yet known how many episodes it will feature or when it’s set to premiere. We expect to at least get the premiere date information in late July 2019. ABC is usually the last network to reveal their Fall premiere dates. All the other major networks usually release their Fall premiere dates by late June or early July.

Krista Vernoff also dropped a few season 16 spoiler hints to TV during one of their post-season interviews. She commented about the Link and Amelia chit chat that took place in the season 15 finale episode. She revealed that it just might be a possibility that these two love birds will get back together without having to break up!

Krista also explained the following, “Amelia showed a lot of maturity in that moment in acknowledging that she does have feelings for Link, but she dove into him super fast. She still has to grieve losing her relationship with Owen. As she walked away and the feelings were coming, I think that performance is so beautiful by Caterina Scorsone.”

The second and last, little spoiler hint that Krista revealed was in reference to Nico’s character played by actor Alex Landi. Krista commented about his out-of-town dream job that he applied for.

She revealed that she hasn’t decided if Nico will actually land this dream job that he desires so much, but she did confirm that Nico will be back as a recurring character in season 16. She stated, “I can tell you that Alex Landi will be recurring for us next year. We love him and Schmico.”

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest Grey’s Anatomy report, but definitely stay tuned for more. Grey’s Anatomy season 16 debuts this Fall 2019.

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