‘America’s Got Talent’ July 16, 2019 Judge Cuts Round 1 Results Revealed (Recap)

‘America’s Got Talent’ July 16, 2019 Judge Cuts Round 1 Results Revealed (Recap)

Hey, “America’s Got Talent” fans. Tonight, July 16, 2019, another new episode of this 14th season did indeed air. This was the first round of the Judge Cuts because they are finally done showing all the initial audition rounds.

The judges: Howie Mandel, Gabrielle Union, Julianne Hough and Simon Cowell were definitely on hand along with country music star Brad Paisley. Brad was given the ability to advance one act straight through to the live shows via the Golden Buzzer.

Lukas & Falco kicked off the show tonight with their dog show routine. After their performance, Brad told them, “It was smart to tailor the act to Simon.” Howie said, “Lucas had a bunch of tricks too.” Gabrielle said, “You’ve improved from the first time. Your essence is special and you deserve to be here.” Simon said, “You have the greatest show. You couldn’t have done more. I plan to fight for your act.”

Next up was Andy Rowell. He’s the Viral “Tequila” karaoke guy. He sang, “Turn Down for What.” After that, Jecko the comedian hit the stage. His act definitely didn’t go over well. Simon told Jecko, “It was annoying, and I hated every minute of it.”

The Orange Magician hit the stage next. He actually wasn’t shown during the initial audition rounds. After his performance, Simon told him, “I love the act, but you are so annoying when you talk.”

Brad said, “It’s an allegory to Game of Thrones. My little kids would flip out over this.” Howie said, “I like that you fit into a lot of categories.”

The French beat boxing quartet, Berywam, arrived on stage. They did a rap about America’s Got Talent. The crowd loved it.

Afterwards, Howie complimented them by saying, “There is no track.” Brad said, “You’re busting down doors.” Simon said,”The act only had a great ending. I’m not sure that will go viral the way it could.” Gabrielle and Julianne disagreed with Simon, and thought they should definitely go through to the live shows.

Dylan hit the stage next. He’s a ten year old rapper that wasn’t shown on the audition rounds. After his performance, Brad told Dylan, “I auditioned for something when I was 10, and it was terrible.”

The Emerald Belles were up next. They are a high kick precision dance troupe. After their performance, Simon told them,”Somebody’s in it to win it!” Julianne said, “I’m impressed, but I feel it still has a bit of a high school element. You need to up your game.” Gabrielle said,”They are worth fighting for.” Howie said, “I still don’t think it’s enough to move on to the next level.” Simon said, “I’ll be fighting for you.”

The Sentimentalists came on next. They are Mentalists. During their act, they used Brad as a volunteer. Steffie was able to correctly guess a photo he was thinking of.

Afterwards, Brad said, “I promise I didn’t know a thing. You aren’t getting anywhere near my wallet.” Howie said, “I’m still not impressed. I don’t care for the presentation.” Julianne said, “I promise to fight for you.”

Next, Duo Togni hit the stage. They are an acrobatic duo from Budapest. Their full audition wasn’t shown the first time around. At one point, they used Howie in their act and freaked him out.

Afterwards, Howie told them, “I will fight for you if you promise not to use me in your act again.” Brad said, “It’s amazing.” Simon said, “I loved the danger.”

A teen Youtube star named Sophie Pecora arrived on stage. She’s a 15 year old singer and song writer. She did some singing and a little bit of rapping during her performance.

Afterwards, Gabrielle told Sophie, “You just reached into our hearts and snatched it out.” Simon said, “The song should have ended with “I don’t think about you anymore.” He explained that he’s speaking as a father and means well.

Brad said, “I loved the line “Misfits have powers that are pretty rad.” You schooled so many people in that moment.” After that, Brad gave her the Golden Buzzer! That means Sophie was automatically put through to the LIVE shows!

Next, Dakota and Nadia hit the stage. They are a contemporary dance duo. After their performance, Julianne told them, “You didn’t do enough. I can’t imagine you as a Vegas act.”

Kevin Schwartz the Shy comedian did his act. Afterwards, Simon told him, “You’re talented, but not a Vegas act.”

A singer named Loki Alohikea was shown very briefly. After his performance, Howie told him, “You’re a very good singer, but not enough to be a headliner in Vegas.”

The hoop aerialist, Matthew Richardson did his act for the judges and got a standing ovation. Afterwards, Brad told Matthew, “It was moving and inspiring.” Gabrielle said, “We’re watching you literally make your dreams come true.” Simon said, ” I think your act is worthy of headlining a main show.”

A singer named Damiyr was up next. He sang, “Say Something.” Afterwards, Brad told Damiyr, “It was brilliant.” Simon said,”You sang with passion and intensity.”

Another singer named Chris Klafford hit the stage. He sang “Imagine.” Afterwards, Brad told Chris, “You’re inspiring.” Howie said, “You stepped it up by singing an original song.” Julianne said, “Stay who you are.” Simon said, “Singing original changes everything.”

Next, the Messoudi Brothers arrived on stage. They do an extreme balancing act. After their performance, Gabrielle said, “You did not disappoint. You upped your game by 100 percent.” Brad said, “I couldn’t do that with my sons when they were 2 and 4.” Simon said, “I will never show this audition to my son Eric. I’m impressed that you rose in a challenging situation.”

Finally, the NDLOVU Youth Choir hit the stage. After their performance, Julianne told them, “I’m impressed by your unity and collectiveness.” Brad said, “It was beautiful and effortless.” Gabrielle said, “I love everything you represent. Pure magic.” Simon said, “If I could bottle you, I’d drink you every day. I don’t think you could have done any more.”

After all of that, the judges revealed that: Emerald Belles, The Messoudi Brothers, Berywam, Lukas & Falco, The NDLOVU Youth Choir and Chris Klafford would move on to the LIVE shows along with Brad Paisley’s Golden Buzzer pick Sophie Pecora.

Alright guys. That was it for the Judge Cuts part 1 episode. Next week, we’ll see part 2 of the Judge Cuts. It’s scheduled to air next Tuesday night, July 23, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on NBC.

You guys can view all of tonight’s July 16, 2019 Judge Cuts performances on the official Youtube channel for “America’s Got Talent” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “America’s Got Talent” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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