New ‘Grand Hotel’ Spoilers For Season 1, September 2, 2019 Episode 12 Revealed

New ‘Grand Hotel’ Spoilers For Season 1, September 2, 2019 Episode 12 Revealed

Hey, “Grand Hotel” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed tonight’s episode 11. Now that it’s officially a wrap, it’s time to see what’s in store for the next, new episode 12, which is scheduled to hit the airwaves next week.

Thanks to the lovely folks over at ABC and their press release, we do have a few teaser descriptions for episode 12. So, we’ll certainly be referencing those in this spoiler session.

For starters, this episode indeed does have a title. The producers named it,”Dear Santiago.” It sounds like episode 12 will feature some interesting and possible dramatic scenes as Alicia and Javi continue to investigate. More shocking secrets get revealed about Santiago and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Alicia and Javi situation. It turns out that these two will remain quite busy in this episode. They will continue their mission to try and figure out what the hell happened to their mother Gigi.

ABC’s official description tells us, “Alicia and Javi continue their mission to figure out what really happened to their mother.”

Will Alicia and Javi finally come up with some answers? That’s a big question for this particular plotline. We couldn’t find any other details for their plotline at the moment. So, we’ll have to just wait and see if Javi and Alicia discover anything new in this episode, or if that will be held back for the season finale episode 13.

It sounds like their investigation could feature some pretty interesting scenes though. So, keep an eye out for them in episode 12 next week.

The second and final spoiler scoop reveals that Santiago’s past will get heavily exposed in this episode as more secrets from his past start getting revealed!

ABC’s description tells us, “Santiago still finds himself bound to Mateo as startling secrets from his past come to light.”

What will these secrets entail? That’s the burning question for this particular storyline. Hopefully, that question gets answered in this episode.

It sounds like this storyline could feature quite a bit of drama for Santiago at some point. So, definitely look for all that to play out next week.

ABC also released a couple of preview photos for episode 12. Santiago and Gigi are featured in a couple of them. Their scene seems pretty emotional as they are seen giving each other a hug at one point. So, look for that to happen.

Santiago is also seen giving Beatriz a hug in a few of the photos. So,it looks like Santiago will be in quite a good mood at various moments in this installment.

Javi is spotted in a few of the photos, and he appears to be all smiles in this particular scene. He’s seen signing a baseball at some point. So, look for that to happen. You guys can view all the preview photos for episode 12 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

Episode 12 features one, lonely guest star. That person is none other than Eva Longoria as character Beatriz.

The season regulars that are featured in episode 12 are: Demián Bichir as character Santiago Mendoza, Roselyn Sánchez as character Gigi Mendoza, Denyse Tontz as character Alicia Mendoza, Bryan Craig as character Javi Mendoza, Wendy Raquel Robinson as character Mrs. P, Lincoln Younes as character Danny, Shalim Ortiz as character Mateo, Anne Winters as character Ingrid, Chris Warren as character Jason, Feliz Ramirez as character Carolina and Justina Adorno as character Yoli.

Episode 12 was written by Curtis Kheel, and it was directed by Barbara Brown. ABC’s press release confirmed that episode 12 is indeed scheduled to air next Monday night, September 2, 2019 at approximately 9 pm central standard time. Episodes can also be viewed the next day on, the ABC app and Hulu.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Grand Hotel” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

Update: New preview clip for episode 12 (below).

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