New ‘Seal Team’ Spoilers For Season 3, October 16, 2019 Episode 3 Revealed

New ‘Seal Team’ Spoilers For Season 3, October 16, 2019 Episode 3 Revealed

Hey, “Seal Team” fans. We hope you guys enjoyed tonight’s 2nd episode of this current 3rd season. We are back at you with a new set of spoiler teasers for the new episode 3, which is due out next week.

CBS recently delivered a new press release for it. So, we’ll be running it by you in this spoiler session. We also got a couple of preview photos for episode 3 to tell you about. We have also provided links to those photos. So, we’ve got a pretty information-packed spoiler article for you guys. Let’s jump right into it.

To start off with, the producers decided to name this 3rd installment, “Adapt and Overcome.” CBS kept this teaser description pretty short, but it sounds like episode 3 will feature more action-filled, adventurous, intense and dramatic scenes.

In episode 3, the Bravo Team will be heading out to Azerbaijan at some point. Apparently, there will be a threat of a lot of political instability in this particular area of the world. So, the new mission for the Bravo team will be to reclaim a power plant that’s sitting over there. Doing this is supposed to make the political instability go away.

CBS’ official description for episode 3 tells us, “The Bravo Team is on a mission in Azerbaijan to help retake a power plant in order to avoid political instability in the area.”

Will the Bravo team march in there and do what they need to do? That’s the very important question for this particular plotline. Unfortunately, we have no more spoilers for this season beyond this episode. So, we will certainly just have to wait and see what the Bravo Team pulls off in this episode.

One thing that is for sure is this scene will most likely be filled with a ton of intense action and drama that we’ve all come to know and love in this series. So, certainly get ready for that to happen in episode 3 next week.

The preview photos for episode 3 features Jason and his team in plenty of action scenes as they move in to try to get this power plant. So, definitely expect to see a lot of intense action in this episode.

Lisa is spotted in a few photos with Sonny. They appear to be having some sort of conversation. Clay is seen in one of the pics.

You guys can view all of the preview photos for episode 3 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

Episode 3 will feature a couple of guest stars. They are: Scott Foxx as character (Full Metal), Jamie McSharie as character (Capt. Greyson Lindell), Ivan Djurovic as character (Richard Meyers), C. Thomas Howell as character (Ash Spencer), Andrew Hwang as character (Intelligence Officer) and Aleksa Raicevic as character (Enemy Combatant).

Episode 3 will feature a couple of recurring stars. They are: Justin Melnick as character (Brock Reynolds), Tyler Grey as character (Trent Sawyer), Parisa Fakhri as character (Naima Perry) and Kerri Medders as character (Emma Hayes).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 3 are: David Boreanaz as character (Jason Hayes), Max Thieriot as character (Clay Spenser), Neil Brown Jr. as character (Ray Perry), AJ Buckley as character (Sonny Quinn), Toni Trucks as character (Lisa Davis), Jessica Paréas character (Mandy Ellis) and Judd Lormand as character (Lt. Cdr. Eric Blackburn).

Episode 3 was written by Holly Harold, and it was directed by Ruben Garcia. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 3 is indeed scheduled to air next Wednesday night, October 16, 2019 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Seal Team” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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