‘Survivor’ October 9, 2019 Voted Off Vince Moua In Another Crazy Blindside (Recap)

‘Survivor’ October 9, 2019 Voted Off Vince Moua In Another Crazy Blindside (Recap)

Hey, Survivor fans. Tonight, October 9, 2019,another brand new episode did indeed air, and another unlucky person was sent on their merry little way with a frigging immunity idol in their pocket. Oh, no! Ha! Ha! Ha!

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Jack telling the private cams he was totally blindsided by Molly getting voted out at the last tribal council meeting. Jamal felt slighted by the tribe. He told the private cams, “I get where the tribe was coming from, but I definitely won’t forget it.”

Karishma talked to the private cams about their all-girl alliance. She said the women definitely have the numbers at this point.

The guys started talking to Vince about teaming up to stop the girls from thriving with their alliance. Vince told the private cams he wasn’t buying it, and he actually wants to roll with the women.

At one point, Dan suggested getting rid of Noura, and most of the other people seemed to be on board. However, Jamal wasn’t really feeling Dan, and he started talking about making moves against him.

Jamal pitched his concerns to Janet. Then Janet pitched Jamal’s plan to Tommy, but Tommy wasn’t feeling Jamal’s angle. So, they started talking about possibly getting rid of Jamal.

Karishma said she stabbed her hand through to the bone at one point, and no one tried to see if she was ok. She was very upset about it, and thought no one liked her or wanted to play with her. So, she was definitely having some low self esteem issues.

At this point, it was revealed that it was Vince’s turn to go to the “Island Of The Idols.” When that happened, Dean immediately suggested splitting the votes between Vince and Karishma in an effort to flush out a possible immunity idol that Vince might get at “Island Of The Idols.”

Next, they showed Vince getting greeted by Boston Rob and Sandra. While talking, Vince immediately got very emotional and cried saying, “I grew up watching you two.”

After Vince finally dried his fanboy tears away, Rob and Sandra explained that he was there to get taught a Survivor lesson, which was to always stay calm under pressure.

Rob offered Vince a challenge, which was to sneak into the other tribe’s camp and steal fire without getting caught. If he successfully completed the challenge, he earned an immunity idol that’s good for the next two tribal councils. However, If he lost the challenge, he wouldn’t have a vote for the next tribal council.

Vince accepted the challenge. Then Rob and Sandra went over a map with him and trained him on what he needs to do to pull off this mission.

After Vince’s rigorous training was complete, they showed footage of Vince sneaking into the other tribe’s camp to steal their fire while they were asleep. It was raining so their fire was out.

Vince took their ashes instead without getting caught and returned to Rob and Sandra. They accepted the ashes as a win. So, Vince was awarded the immunity idol which is good for the next,two tribal councils.

Next, the immunity challenge took place. During it, the tribes had to retrieve puzzle pieces by balancing themselves on a teeter totter that was located in the water. Then they had to bring the puzzle pieces back and complete the puzzle for the win.

The Vokai tribe ended up winning immunity along with rewards. The rewards was cushions ,blankets, chairs, a hammock and a tarp.

The losing Lairo tribe had to figure out who to send packing. They immediately started targeting Vince since they thought he possibly got an immunity idol at the “Island Of The Idols.”

The guys wanted to split the votes between Vince and Karishma. The ladies wanted to keep Vince and get rid of Tom. However, not all the women were totally on board with keeping Vince. Some of them still wanted to get rid of Vince heading into tribal council. One of the main culprits that was spearheading Vince’s demise was Elizabeth.

At tribal council, Karishma tried to sell her athletic prowess because she was fearful of going home. Just before the votes were cast, Karishma started whispering something in a few of the girls’ ears. Then the votes were collected.

Tom ended up getting 1 vote, Karishma got 3 votes and Vince got a whopping 5 votes. So, the plan to flush out the idol was indeed the plan everyone went with.

That means poor Vince left with a friggin immunity idol in his pocket! Ha! Ha! Oh my gosh. That is so funny to me. Here’s the thing. Vince’s immunity idol was only good for this tribal council and the next one. He should’ve just used for that reason alone.

Anyways, Vince admitted to getting blindsided saying, “I relied too much on the trust I had with the women, and it bit me in the butt.”

How do you guys feel about Vince Moua getting voted off Survivor season 39 in tonight’s episode. Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next,new Survivor season 39 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, October 16,2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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