‘Survivor’ October 16, 2019 Voted Off Chelsea Walker In Another Unused Idol Blindside

‘Survivor’ October 16, 2019 Voted Off Chelsea Walker In Another Unused Idol Blindside

Hey,”Survivor” fans. Tonight, October 16, 2019, another new episode did indeed air,and it revealed that another unlucky contestant got the everliving daylights blindsided out of them while holding an immunity idol in their pocket! Wow, what is going on this season? My goodness!

Anyways, tonight’s episode kicked off with some conversation footage after the latest tribal council. Karishma definitely expressed that she thinks she’s in danger and is clearly just a backup plan for everyone else.

Missy and Dan started talking about targeting Dean since he was getting close to Chelsea. Rashad started searching for an immunity idol because he knows how shady all these people are and just doesn’t trust anybody.

Rashad eventually found a hidden immunity idol during his search. So, he was mighty happy. Next, the Vokai tribe were faced with deciding who should go to the “Island Of The Idols.”

No one wanted to go because they were all scared of being made a target for going. Noura decided she wasn’t afraid at all and happily volunteered to go.

Next, we saw Noura getting greeted by Boston Rob and Sandra. They gave her some delicious watermelon and a chit chat about what this Island Of The Idols situation is all about.

Rob told Noura, “You’re getting a lesson on the art of persuasion.” Then they told her they have insight into what the next Immunity challenge will be. After they explained that it would be the blindfolded and caller challenge, they gave Noura her test.

Noura’s test was to persuade her tribe to let her be the caller for the immunity challenge. If she successfully completed it, she would get an advantage of blocking someone’s vote at the tribal council. If she failed the test, she lost her vote at the next tribal council.

Noura accepted the test. Afterwards, Rob told Sandra that Noura was going to be horrible with this test because she’s not capable of coherently telling anyone how to do anything. I thought that was pretty funny, especially since it turned out to be quite true.

Surely enough, Noura went back and came up with one of the most confusing lies. She told her tribe, “I found out what the next immunity challenge is going to be, but in order for me to be able to tell you what it is, you have to let me pick what the positions are going to be.”

Everyone was very confused. However, once they were all coerced into agreeing, Noura revealed that it was the blindfold and caller challenge and that she gets to be the caller.

Everyone immediately started questioning Noura why she thinks she should be the caller. They clearly didn’t think that was the right move for them. However, they went ahead and let Noura practice at being the caller, and she had them tripping over themselves and running into trees. Oh my gosh. It was a total mess.

Next, they finally showed the immunity challenge footage and surely enough, Noura’s tribe voted for her to sit out. Jason ended up being the caller for them. So, not only did they not want Noura to be the caller, they didn’t want her in the competition at all. That means poor Noura lost her vote at the next tribal council.

Of course, the challenge turned out to be the blindfold and caller challenge. The caller had to lead blindfolded tribemembers to collect puzzle pieces. The caller also had to direct the blindfolded members on how to solve the puzzle for the win.

Fortunately for Noura, her Vokai tribe won the challenge. So, the Lairo tribe had to figure out who to send packing at this next tribal council.

Missy vowed to the private cams to protect Karishma and use her vote how she sees fit. Aaron started targeting Dean to Elizabeth and Missy. However, Elizabeth told the private cams she wants Karishma gone.

So, Elizabeth told Elaine about her concerns. Elaine said Aaron is shady and didn’t like the plan to get rid of Dean. Elizabeth went back and told Aaron about Elaine’s displeasure. So, Chelsea’s name came back up as a target heading into tribal council.

At tribal council, everyone talked about how confusing everything has gotten and how things change every second. `This was definitely one of the most confusing tribal councils this season. At one point, Elaine said, “I stay confused. Everyone keeps changing what they’re doing every second.”

Finally, they did come up with a vote. Karishma ended up getting 2 votes, and Chelsea got a whopping 5 votes with an immunity idol in her friggin pocket. So, she joined Vince from last week’s episode in taking home an immunity idol as a souvenir for not using it.

She was obviously in the dark about all these other conversations that had taken place because she didn’t even come close to using her idol. She thought she was rock solid. She even expressed this in her closing statement to the private cams.

Chelsea said, “I’m completely and utterly blindsided. I have an idol in my pocket that I could’ve used to save myself. So, I’m completely embarrassed.” One thing I can say about Chelsea is she’s certainly not in the dark anymore. Unfortunately for her, it’s a little late.

How do you guys feel about Chelsea Walker getting voted off in tonight’s October 16, 2019 episode of Survivor season 39? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 39 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, October 23, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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