Survivor September 21, 2022 Voted Off Morriah Young (Recap)

Survivor September 21, 2022 Voted Off Morriah Young (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, September 21, 2022, the 2-hour premiere episode 1 of Survivor’s new season 43 did indeed air, and one of the unlucky contestants was voted off at the end.

Tonight’s premiere episode kicked off with the usual introductions of the new castmembers. Then, host Jeff Probst revealed the three different tribes to kick off this season are: Vesi, Baka and Coco. Next, they immediately competed in the first Reward challenge of this season.

In this Reward challenge, they had to race to retrieve heavy wooden crates. Then, they had to use all the crates to solve a cube. From there, they had to climb on to the cube to get a ring of flint by using a long wooden pole. The Vesi tribe won it, and their reward was supplies, which consisted of: one pot, one machete and one flint.

The losing tribes got nothing. However, the losing tribes did get a second chance at winning supplies when they got back to their camps. To get their supplies, they competed in some challenges called Savvy or Sweat.

In the Savvy challenge, they had to move bone pieces to form the largest whole number. They only got one chance to get it right. If they lost, they would have to wait until the first immunity challenge for another chance to win supplies.

In the Sweat challenge, two members from the tribe had to go physically dig for their supplies in the sand. The Baka tribe chose to do the Savvy challenge and successfully solved it for their supplies. Meanwhile, the Coco tribe did the Sweat challenge, and Ryan and Geo were able to successfully dig up their supplies in around 30 minutes.

At one point, Noelle talked about working with Justine. Nneka ,Jesse and Cody talked about working together. Cody told them, “I fear Justine because she’s a sales person.”

Justine expressed to Jesse that she might want to work with him. So, Jesse told the private cams, “I think I’m in a good spot right now.”

Jeanine, Morriah and Elie started up a little trio alliance. Ellie told the private cams, “I feel good with Jeanine and Morriah.”

Lindsay, Cassidy and Karla started up an alliance. Lindsay told the private cams. “I wanna pull James in too.” Cassidy was seen telling James,”Me, Lindsay and Karla are good with you.” James told the private cams that it’s great Lindsay, Cassidy and Karla want to work with him.

Mike Gabler tried to connect with Elie at one point by striking up a conversation with her. Elie told the private cams, “I might wanna work with Gabler. I’m not ruling him out at all.” Meanwhile, Karla told the private cams that she’s also working with Geo and Ryan to go along with her other alliance of Cassidy, Lindsay and James.

Next, a boat came to pick up one member from each tribe. After picking numbers, Karla hopped on the boat for the Coco tribe. After a random draw, Gabler went for the Baka tribe, and Dwight volunteered to go for the Vesi tribe.

After the boat ride, Karla, Gabler and Dwight all met each other on an island and had to make their way to a giant rock. To get to this rock, they had to walk through a long stretch of water. Once they finally got there, they were told they would get to choose ,secretly, whether or not they wanted to risk their vote. After they made their decisions, they flipped over their cards right in front of each other to reveal if they risked their vote or not.

Gabler and Dwight risked it. So, they had to draw from a bag that contained an advantage or a penalty. However, they couldn’t open it until later on back at camp.

Dwight came back and told his tribe what happened. Cody said he didn’t believe Dwight’s story, claiming he couldn’t be dry by now if they walked through water.

Next, we saw Gabler opening his bag to find out that he actually won an advantage by risking his vote. It was an immunity idol that is good for the first, 2 tribal council meetings. Meanwhile, Dwight found out that he lost and got a penalty for risking his vote. He lost his vote for the next tribal council meeting.

From here, Jeff Probst showed up with the first immunity challenge of this season. In it, the tribemembers had to make it through a couple of obstacles and retrieve three balls for a table game at the end.

Then, two tribemembers worked together to play the table game, which required them to maneuver 3 balls into 3 holes on the table. The first two tribes to complete it, won immunity. The Coco tribe completed it first. Then, the Vesi tribe finished it second.

That means the Baka tribe were the losers, and they had to figure out who to get rid of at tribal council. They also lost their flint as a penalty for losing the challenge.

Gabler told the private cams, “I should be a potential target since I was part of the loss.” So, Gabler told his tribe he’s not going to play his immunity idol and will play his shot in the dark claiming, “I should be at risk tonight.”

Elie told the private cams, “I’m not looking to vote out Gabler,” and she told Gabler that. However, they did bring up Morriah’s name as a target. They also brought up Owen’s name as a target. Elie and Jeanine went back and forth over whether to cut Morriah or Owen. Jeanine told Elie she wanted to keep Morriah to keep the female numbers strong. So, Elie had some thinking to do.

At the Baka tribal council meeting, they talked about how long they took to strategize because none of them really tried to do any strategizing until they lost the immunity challenge. After all of that, they finally casts their votes.

Owen ended up with 1 vote, and Morriah received 4 votes. So, by a landslide vote of 4-1, Morriah did get voted off Survivor season 43 in tonight’s episode. She was a good sport, telling everyone, “I love you guys. It’s ok. Buy guys.” She told the private cams, “It’s heartbreaking to be going, but I’m happy with the game I played. I hope my tribemembers get far in the game.”

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor”TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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