Survivor March 20, 2024 Voted Off Bhanu Gopal (Recap)

Survivor March 20, 2024 Voted Off Bhanu Gopal (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, March 20, 2024, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 46 did hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get voted off in convincing fashion at the end. Tonight’s new episode kicked off with the Yanu tribe celebrating not having to go to a tribal council meeting in the last episode due to Randen having to leave for medical reasons.

Bhanu told Tiffany and Q that he told the other tribememebrs that Tiffany and Q are working together. Tiffany and Q got real pissed about that and said Bhanu is a liability and has got to go. Bhanu told the private cams, “I just messed up the whole game for myself.”

Kenzie told the private cams, “I’m so mad at Bhanu.” Kenzie and Tiffany were seen in total agreement of Bhanu’s incompetence in the game. Kenzie said, “Why did he even come here. He’s like a toddler I have to take care of.”

At the Siga camp, Jem told the private cams that she replanted her beware advantage to trick her other tribemembers and take the focus off her, and Maria found the fake advantage. Maria started digging for a clue that was not there, and Tem had a good laugh over it.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new reward challenge. Jeff told everyone Randen was pulled from the game due to a pinched nerve. During the challenge, they raced in boats to get a key from a platform in the water. Then, paddled back to land. Used the key to unlock rings. Started digging to get under a huge log. Then, tossed all five of their rings onto a pole for the win.

Yanu took first place, and Nami came in 2nd place. The prize for Yanu was 10 fresh fish, but they traded it for a large tarp and toolkit. Nami won 5 fresh fish for the second place finish.

Q told the private cams, “If we go to tribal council again, Bhanu is going home, but I want to try and train him in case we don’t go to tribal council. I wanna train him to keep his mouth shut.” Kenzie told the private cams, “I am so over babying Bhanu.”

At Siga, they started figuring out that someone planted the fake beware advantage clue. So, they started speculating who might have done it. They didn’t seem to think Jem had anything to do with it. So, she was in the clear for now.

At Yanu, Kenzie apologized for snapping at Bhanu. She told the private cams, “I apologized to Bhanu because we might need him later if we go on a win streak and make it to the merge.”

Tevin told the private cams, “I think Soda is playing the game too hard.” So, Tevin and Hunter talked about possibly getting rid of Soda. Hunter told the private cams, “I’ve actually wanted Soda out for a while because she’s my competition with getting close to Tevin.” Tevin told the private cams, “Soda got to gota.”

Next, they competed in the new immunity challenge. During it, each tribemember had to swim out to a tower in the water. Jump off it and collect some buoys. Then, shoot three buoys into a basket for the win.

Nami won first place. Siga won 2nd place. So, Yanu lost the immunity challenge again. This time, they really had to go to tribal council.

Kenzi, Tiffany and Q all told the private cams that they’re voting off Bhanu. Bhanu knew he was out. So, he started searching for a hidden immunity idol, but he could find one, especially since Tiffany already found it a couple of episodes ago. Bhanu went begging to Tiffany for help. Tiffany told Bhanu, “I’m going to vote you out because I feel like I can’t trust you. I hope you can respect my honesty,” and they hugged.

At the Yanu tribal council meeting, they didn’t even really bother to do the vote because they were all in agreement that Bhanu has got to go. They just talked a bit. Bhanu told a story about his childhood. They gave Bhanu some encouraging words and then he made his exit.

Bhanu told the private cams, “I’m a super fan of Survivor. I came here to be an honest person and that’s were the game caught me.”

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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