New Big Sky Season 3 Spoilers For September 28, 2022 Episode 2 Revealed

New Big Sky Season 3 Spoilers For September 28, 2022 Episode 2 Revealed

Hey, “Big Sky” fans. We hope that tonight’s big, premiere episode 1 was to your liking. Now that episode 1 has officially dropped, we are back on here to give you guys a brief rundown of what the next, new episode 2 of Big Sky’s current season 3 is going to look like when it hits the air next Wednesday night, September 28, 2022.

Once again, the lovely ABC people were so very nice enough to supply us with another new set of official teaser scoops for this new episode 2 by way of their official episode 2 press release. So, we’re going to look it over ,right now, and see what’s up. Let’s get to it.

First off, ABC let us know that this new episode 2 of Big Sky season 3 is officially named/titled, “The Woods are Lovely, Dark and Deep.” It sounds like episode 2 will feature some very interesting, intense, dramatic, action-filled and suspenseful scenes as a shocking connection gets discovered. Cassie and Beau continue their team up session. Sunny tries to keep something hidden. Beau’s daughter gets into danger and more!

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the shocking connection situation. Yep, it turns out that a disgruntled reformed realtor named Tonya will be on the scene in this episode. She will end up calling the cops on a squatter that has taken up residence in one of her houses.

This will cause Jenny to show up and check it out. When she does, Jenny will discover that this particular case is presenting her with a startling connection to her past!

ABC’s official description for this shocking connection storyline tells us, “Helena is turning into a real family town. When disgruntled “reformed” realtor Tonya calls the police on a squatter living in one of her homes, Jenny arrives only to discover a shocking connection to her past tied to the case.”

The second spoiler scoop reveals that Cassie and Beau will continue to work together. Those of you who saw episode 1 know that Cassie teamed up with Beau in an effort to try and locate the whereabouts of a killer. We’re going to see that Cassie and Beau teamwork continue in this new episode 2 to try and find a backpacker that turned up missing in episode 1.

ABC’s description for this latest Cassie and Beau storyline reads like this, “Across town, Cassie and Beau work to track the still-missing backpacker.”

The 3rd teaser spoiler reveals that Sunny will be quite the busy lady in this episode. Apparently, we’re going to see her working very hard with some shady activity as she tries to keep a certain secret hidden deep in the woods.

ABC’s description for this Sunny plotline reads like this, “Sunny works to protect a secret of her own hidden in the woods.”

The 4th and final teaser scoop for this new episode 2 lets us know that Beau’s daughter Emily will be in action at some point. When we see her, she will be very interested in a campground investigation. In fact, she will be so interested that she will try to take it into her own hands and get herself into some serious danger!

ABC’s description for this Emily plotline reads like this, “Beau’s daughter Emily takes a campground investigation dangerously into her own hands, but has she stumbled upon a story far more nefarious than she could have imagined?”

ABC’s press release confirmed that the next, new episode 2 of Big Sky’s current season 3 is indeed scheduled to hit the air next Wednesday night, September 28, 2022 at approximately 9 pm central standard time.

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Big Sky”TV show, spoiler report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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