Survivor May 1, 2024 Voted Off Tiffany Ervin In Another Major Blindside (Recap)

Survivor May 1, 2024 Voted Off Tiffany Ervin In Another Major Blindside (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, May 1, 2024, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 46 did indeed hit the air, and another crazy blindside sent another unlucky contestant off to the jury with an immunity idol in their pocket!

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the remaining contestants talking about the last tribal council meeting, which sent Hunter packing with an immunity idol in his pocket. Liz was so ticked off saying, “No one told me there was a split vote.” When Liz confronted people about it, they told her they changed the plan at the last minute. Tiffany told the private cams, “My immediate next steps is to get Q out.”

Maria told the private cams, “I think Q still has some fight in him. So, I think it’s a good opportunity to connect with him.” Q told the private cams, “I think everyone wants to me out. So, I’m just looking to win immunity.” Maria told the private cams, “I want to keep Q around. He can be a number for me. We should maybe focus on getting someone else out.”

Kenzie told Maria she was glad the last tribal council vote went the way it did. Kenzie told the private cams, “I’m looking to get Tiffany out before she can get me out. We’ve played too similar of a game. I need to differentiate.”

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new reward challenge. During it, the contestants had to race through a series of obstacles and collect sandbags. Then, toss one sandbag onto a narrow platform without it falling off for the win.

Q won it. His prize was a dinner from Applebees, which featured burgers, fries, chicken wings, chicken, shrimp, an Oreo cookie shake and more at the sanctuary. Q got to choose to bring three other people along with him, and he chose to bring Tiffany, Maria and Kenzie.

Liz actually begged Q to take her because she hasn’t eaten since the merge. So, she was super pissed that he didn’t pick her, and she let him know it by screaming and yelling at him. Afterwards, she apologized saying, “I just had to get that out.”

Q told the private cams, “Everyone wants me out. So, my best option is to try and make amends with my original alliance members.” Kenzie told the private cams, “It will take more than a good meal to make me forget about the things Q has pulled, and it was cold for him to pick me over Liz for the dinner.”

Tiffany told Kenzie and Maria, “I’m not buying any of Q’s crap. You fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Maria told the private cams, “I want to try and support Q, but it appears that he might have rubbed too many people the wrong way. It might be his time to go.”

Liz told the private cams, “I wanna vote Q out.” There was talk among most of the group at this point that Q needs to go if he doesn’t win the immunity challenge. Charlie and Maria were contemplating getting Tiffany out to flush her idol out of the game.

Next, Jeff showed up with the new immunity challenge. It was an endurance comp. They had to hold onto a heavy hanging bucket for dear life. The last one hanging on, won. Before the comp started, Jeff made an offer of rice for anyone who sat out of the immunity challenge. Liz decided to take the rice. The comp came down to Tiffany and Charlie, and Charlie won it to claim immunity in the next tribal council meeting.

Tiffany told the private cams, “I want Q gone. I’m betting I can keep my idol since everyone seems to want Q gone.” Maria suggested to the private cams that she wants to take a shot at Tiffany. Kenzie told the private cams, “I want to go for Tiffany, but I have no respect for the way Q has played this game.”

Maria campaigned to get Tiffany out by asking Q to vote off Tiffany, and he of course agreed. Ben and Charlie also agreed with the plan to vote off Tiffany. So, they just needed one more vote. So, Maria campaigned to Liz to try to get her vote. Liz told the private cams, “It is a good move to get Tiffany out, but it would also feel so good to get out Q.”

At the tribal council meeting, Q said, “I pitched a plan, but I can’t make people agree to it. I’m ready to go home if they don’t.” Tiffany said, “I think everyone here doesn’t think Q is good for their game.” So, she was totally convinced that she didn’t need to play her immunity idol.

When the votes were revealed, Q got 3 votes, and Tiffany received a whopping 5 votes. So, with the 5 votes, the blindside to vote off Tiffany did work out. She didn’t say anything on the way out. She just blew everyone a kiss.

Tiffany told the private cams, “I broke my own Survivor rule. I should’ve played my idol no matter what, but I wanted to stretch it out a little longer. I got blindsided.”

Alright, guys. That is a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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