Survivor December 6, 2023 Voted Off Emily Flippen (Recap)

Survivor December 6, 2023 Voted Off Emily Flippen (Recap)

emily flippen survivor season 45

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, December 6,2023, another new episode of Survivor’s current season 45 did indeed hit the air, and another unlucky contestant got voted off the island due to a certain plan falling apart. Tonight’s new episode kicked off with pretty much everyone celebrating getting Bruce out at the last tribal council meeting.

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Katurah expressed how happy she was that Bruce left. She told the private cams, “I couldn’t believe Bruce didn’t play his immunity idol. That truly shows the lack of self awareness he has.” Julie told the private cams, “Emily’s threat level has gone up for coming up with the plan of manipulating Bruce into thinking he was safe at the last tribal council meeting.”

Austin and Dee agreed to take each other to the final three. Austin told the private cams, “If I didn’t win, I would want Dee to win.” At one point, Katurah told Jake she’s down to work with him.

A boat came and told them a person had to go on a journey. So, they drew rocks over who would go, and Emily ended up going. Julie told the private cams, “Emily is starting to make a bigger resume for herself.” So, Julie started pitching Emily’s name as a possible target to Drew. He said, “Right now, isn’t the right time” in this particular moment. He actually told the private cams, “Julie is a big threat with an immunity idol.”

Dee and Julie started plotting to make Emily a target at this point. On Emily’s boat journey, she was given an opportunity to win an immunity comp, but if she lost, she lost her vote. So, Emily decided not to take the challenge because she felt like keeping her vote was more important.

Drew told the private cams, “I think Julie has to go.” So, he was seen campaigning that idea to Katurah and Jake. Katurah told the private cams that she would like to blindside Julie. Katurah pitched the idea to Austin, and he told the private cams, “I agree with Katurah. We might have to consider cutting Julie before the final 4.”

Austin told Drew he would rather Emily go before Julie so they can keep their numbers, but Drew said he wants Julie out next. Austin said he was onboard, but he’s worried about how Dee will react because she really wants Julie to stay.

Austin told the private cams, “I need to vote Julie out and flush the immunity idol I gave her out of this game.” Emily told everyone she rejected the immunity idol comp during her boat journey. Dee told the private cams that she didn’t believe Emily. Drew told Emily he wants to blindside Julie, and Emily agreed. Katurah also mentioned the plan of voting off Julie to Emily, and they both had a good time agreeing to do that.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. During it, they had to collect enough rope to make it all the way through an obstacle course. Then, they had to untie a bag of small sand bags and use them to knock down a block pyramid. Then, use the blocks to solve a word puzzle for the win, and Drew won it to claim immunity and a guaranteed spot in the final 6.

This immunity challenge also doubled as a reward challenge. So, drew won a barbecue feast that featured hamburgers, hot dogs and more. He got to choose two other people to go with him, and he chose Jake and Austin.

During Jake, Drew and Austin’s reward feast, they talked about getting Julie out. However, Drew said he’s worried about Dee’s reaction and Julie possibly playing her immunity idol.

So worried about how Dee would react to a Julie blindside, Austin ended up telling Dee, “There’s a strong movement against Julie.” Dee told Austin, “I would not write Julie’s name down or yours. I feel like it’s too soon.” So, Dee ended running back and telling Julie all about the plan to vote her out at the next tribal council meeting, and that she needs to use her immunity idol.

Julie expressed to the private cams that she was shocked that the guys were already turning on her. So, she went and told Jake and Emily she wants to flip the vote on Austin. Emily told Drew about Julie’s Austin pitch, which made him think Julie got tipped off about the plan to vote her off.

So, Drew told Austin about Julie’s plan to try to get him out. At that point, Austin confessed to Drew that he told Dee about the plan to vote off Julie. Still not knowing 100 percent that Julie was tipped off, Drew told Austin, “I’m worried Julie might know about the plan.”

Austin had another conversation with Dee and told her that Julie’s been pitching a plan to get him out. That caused Dee to worry about Austin getting voted off by Julie’s vote. So, she begged and pleaded to Julie to use her vote to vote for herself, and that she would vote off Emily. Julie acted like she agreed with that plan, but she told the private cams, “Dee wants Emily to go, but I want Austin out. So, this is a tough decision.”

At the tribal council meeting, they just did some general game talk before casting their votes. Before the votes were read, Julie did indeed play her immunity idol on herself. So, none of the votes against her counted.

Julie ended up getting 6 votes that did not count, and Emily got the 1 and only vote that did count. So, poor Emily was the one that got voted off. She was great sport about it. She gave everyone a hug and said, ” It was so fun playing with you guys. My vote is going to the best player.”

Emily told the private cams, “No one wants this to happen, but what an epic way to go. I’m so pleased I was given extra days here to change myself and my strategy along the way.” How do you guys feel about Emily Flippen getting voted off Survivor season 45 in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s a wrap for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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