Survivor October 20, 2021 Voted Off Genie Chen (Recap)

Survivor October 20, 2021 Voted Off Genie Chen (Recap)

Hey, Survivor fans. Tonight, October 20,2021, another new episode of Survivor season 1 did indeed air and another unlucky contestant was sent packing.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Genie of the Ua tribe telling the private cams she feels really solid with the way the last tribal council meeting played out, sending JD home over her. Next, Genie went off and found an immunity idol. Then, she immediately told Ricard and Shantel about it.

Shantel convinced Genie not to open it. Then, Shantel and Ricard ran off to talk about Gene behind her back. Ricard told Shantel, “I don’t trust Genie.” Shantel and Ricard talked about opening the idol. Then, Shantel went ahead and opened the idol. It was the 3-way idol, which is inactive until the other two parts are found. Shantel also lost her vote due to opening the idol.

Ricard told the private cams, “Me and Shantel are a solid duo ,and Genie is just a spare tire that we plan on ditching when we don’t need her anymore.”

At the Luvu tribe, Naseer was feeling great because Danny and Deshawn wanted to work with him. Tiffany told Liana,”I don’t trust Evvie. I think she’s got something going on with Xander.” Tiffany and Liana made plans to get rid of Xander if they lost the next immunity competition.

Xander told Tiffany about the 3-way idol he found earlier in the game. However, he told her he had just found it. Xander told the private cams, “I’m at the mercy of these three ladies. I feel Tiffany is in the middle. So, I feel like I might be able to get somewhere with her.” Meanwhile, Tiffany told the private cams, “I’m on to Xander” as if she was suspicious of him.

Just before the immunity challenge started, it was revealed that Naseer found an immunity idol the day before. He was so thrilled when he found it.

They combined this immunity challenge with the rewards challenge: During this challenge, the tribes had to get through an obstacle course. Then, they had to gather up some sand bags. From there, they had to shoot down two targets with the sand bags for the win.

The Yase tribe won first place. The Luvu tribe won second place. So the Ua tribe lost again, and had to figure out who to vote next at the tribal council. For rewards, the Yase tribe won a giant tarp prize. The Luvu tribe won a smaller tarp prize for their second place finish.

At this time, it was also revealed that two more people were taking a boat ride to walk up the mountain again.

The winning Yase tribe selected Shantel from the Ua tribe to go on the boat ride. Then, Liana volunteered to go from her Yase tribe.

During their walking trip up the mountain, Liana and Shantel agreed to work together if they made it to the merge. Shantel told Liana, “Ricard cannot be trusted.” Shantel also told Liana about her troubled past ,and she started tearing up over it. They definitely had a deep bonding moment.

They were also presented with the option of risking their votes again. Shantel told Liana, “You can go ahead and risk your vote because I’m not risking mine.” Apparently, that enabled Liana to get an advantage.

Liana’s advantage turned out to be the “Knowledge Is Power” advantage. It allowed Liana to ask one of the other contestants if they have an advantage or an idol. If they had it, they would have to give it to her. Liana was only allowed to ask one person. If that one person didn’t have it, the advantage was useless and void.

At the Ua tribe, Ricard told Genie a fake story about Shantel in an effort to try and get Genie voted out. Genie told the private cams she’s trying to work with Shantel to get out Ricard. Shantel returned and told Ricard and Genie about her experience at the mountain.

Genie told Shantel that Ricard pitched her as a blindside while she was gone. Shantel told Ricard she wanted JD’s extra vote advantage back to ensure that Ricard votes to keep her. Ricard refused saying, “There would be no reason to keep me if I did that. Just use your immunity idol if you don’t trust me.” Apparently, Shantel’s 3-way idol did become active. Shantel told the private cams that she trusted Genie more, but she’s a liability in this game.

At the Ua tribal council, they talked about who they should take into the merge. Then casts their votes.

Ricard got 1 vote. Shantel got 0 votes and Genie got 2 votes. So, with 2 votes, Genie got voted off the island in tonight’s October 20, 2021 episode. Genie was a good sport about it. She told Shantel and Ricard, “Good luck you guys” on her way out. Shantel said, “I love you, Genie.”

The next, new Survivor season 41 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, October 27, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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