‘Survivor’ November 27, 2019 Voted Off Elizabeth Beisel (Recap)

‘Survivor’ November 27, 2019 Voted Off Elizabeth Beisel (Recap)

Hey,”Survivor” fans. Tonight, November 27, 2019, another episode did indeed air for this 39th season, and another very unlucky contestant was sent packing in a very eventful tribal council meeting.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with talk about the last tribal council. Karishma was seen telling the private cams that she was ecstatic that Missy and Aaron were sent packing. However, Elizabeth expressed to the private cams that she definitely didn’t feel the same way.

She said, ” I feel very stranded right now. Missy and Aaron offered me protection and now they’re gone.”

Dean started campaigning for Karishma to go next before she ends up making it to the end. Tommy and Lauren seemed to agree with him. They eventually ran it by Elizabeth, and she was totally on board with anything that didn’t involve her getting voted out.

Tommy was seen telling the private cams that Elizabeth did write his name down at the last tribal council. So, he’s not overlooking her. He said, “She might have to go next.”

Next, Lauren was seen volunteering to go to the “Island of The Idols.” So, she went. Karishma told the private cams she didn’t like that because she wanted to go.

Sandra and Boston Rob greeted a very excited Lauren with a new lesson called, “situational awareness.” They gave Lauren a chance to predict who the winner of the next immunity challenge would be.

If she guessed right, she won an immunity idol for the next, two tribal councils. If she guessed wrong, she lost a vote at the next tribal council.

Rob made the challenge more enticing by giving Lauren a chance to guess two people who could win. That was good enough for Lauren to go ahead and accept the challenge.

She picked Noura and Elizabeth. So, if either of them won the next immunity challenge, Lauren got the immunity idol. Rob and Sandra also told Lauren what the immunity challenge would be to help her with her guess.

Dean was seen revisiting that fake legacy advantage that Jamal gave him before he got voted out. He said he was going to try and use it at the next tribal council.

When Lauren got back from the “Island Of The Idols,” she told everyone she knows what the immunity challenge is. She also revealed some food would be involved.

Lauren told Tommy about betting on Noura and Elizabeth to win for her to win the immunity idol. Tommy said he was going to help Lauren convince as many people as possible to not compete in the immunity challenge to up their chances of Noura and Elizabeth winning it.

Next, the immunity challenge took place. During it, they had to pull up on a handle that holds a ball in place. If the ball dropped, they were eliminated. The last one holding their ball, won.

Host,Jeff Probst also gave everyone the option to not compete in exchange for some delicious food. Literally,everyone except for Elizabeth, Noura and Karishma decided to eat the food instead of competing for the immunity necklace.

Elizabeth, Noura and Karishama were the only three people to compete, which means Tommy and Lauren did a great job of convincing everyone to not play to increase Lauren’s chances of winning that immunity challenge.

Karishma ended up dropping off first, ensuring that Lauren did indeed win the Rob and Sandra challenge. Then Noura was the one that actually won the immunity challenge. So, Noura was safe from elimination at the next tribal council.

Next, we saw Lauren and Tommy campaign to vote out Elizabeth, fearing she could go on an immunity challenge winning spree. Elizabeth expressed to the private cams that she knew she was in trouble.

At one point, Noura stole Karishma’s bag to see if Karishama had an immunity idol in it, but she didn’t see anything because Karishma kept it in her pocket.

Karishma was seen telling Elizabeth, “Dan wants you out.” Lauren was watching Karishma and reading her lips. Lauren told Dan what Karishama said. So, Dan confronted Karishama and Elizabeth. Karishama lied to Dan about saying his name. That made Dan flip and campaign to vote out Karishma.

However, Karishma told the private cams she knew Dan was on to her. So, she could possibly be in trouble heading into the tribal council meeting.

At tribal council, Dean mentioned his fake Legacy advantage that he plans to use. Boston Rob and Sandra were seen giggling at him as they looked on from their secret place, knowing it was fake.

Other than that, nothing really particular stood out during their conversations. Just regular game play was discussed.

Before Jeff finally read the votes, Dean played his legacy advantage, and he was indeed told it was fake. Karishma ,at the last minute, played her hidden immunity idol. That worried Lauren so she played her hidden immunity idol as well!

So, it looks like these people have learned their lesson about not playing immunity idols when they have them.

Anyways, Jeff finally revealed that Karishma got a whopping 7 votes, Janet got 1, and Elizabeth got 1. Since Karishma smartly played her idol,none of her votes counted. So, that left us with a tie between Janet and Elizabeth.

In light of that, Jeff had everyone except for Elizabeth and Janet do another vote, and they could only vote for Janet or Elizabeth.

After all of that, Jeff revealed that Elizabeth received 4 votes to Janet’s zero votes. So, with a 4-0 vote, Elizabeth was indeed voted off. She left gracefully, telling everyone, “good luck.”

That was a tough break for Elizabeth. Everyone was definitely looking to finally get Karishma out with that 7 votes. All I can say for Karishma is she better start off looking for another hidden immunity idol in the next episode because she will certainly need it.

How do you guys feel about Elizabeth Beisel taking the elimination hit in tonight’s November 27, 2019 episode of Survivor season 39? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 39 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night,December 4, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV Show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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