Survivor October 11, 2023 Voted Off Sabiyah Broderick (Recap)

Survivor October 11, 2023 Voted Off Sabiyah Broderick (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor ” fans. Tonight, October 11, 2023 another new episode of Survivor’s current season 45 did indeed hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get totally blindsided during their exit from the game.

Tonight’s new episode kicked off with Emily telling all of her Lulu tribe members that she’s very grateful that they kept her there over Brandon at the last tribal council meeting. Sabiyah gave Emily her shot in the dark back. She also told the private cams, “I actually like Emily. Hopefully, we can move forward together. We couldn’t keep Brandon over Emily if we wanted to win some competitions.”

Emily brought up that Jeff only read off two votes at the tribal council meeting, revealing that someone didn’t have a vote. That someone was Sabiyah who was actually trying to keep it a secret from Emily. Sabiyah told the private cams, “Emily is very smart. So, she’ll always be on my radar.”

At the Bela tribe, Kendra started talking with Jake and told the private cams, “Jake could be a good ally.” At the Reba tribe, Austin went looking for his idol from his beware advantage clue so he could finally get his tribal council voting privileges back.

Dee expressed concern about how close Drew and Austin are. She mentioned that she always sees them whispering to each other. So, Dee went to spy on them and made Drew nervous because he was trying to make sure no one caught Austin trying to look for his immunity idol. They made up some story about trying to find something before Sifu does, but Dee didn’t really buy that excuse, and she told Julie that she thought they were lying. So, their alliance of 4 started to show some possible future cracks.

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up with a new reward challenge. During it, they had to swim to shore. Then, everyone had to shoot a ball down a trap and catch it on the other side without it falling. Next, they had to shoot the balls into a basket. Then, land three rings around a pole that was on top of an apparatus for the win.

Lulu got first place, and Belo got 2nd place. Reba finished last. The prize for the first place winners was a large fruit platter and the opportunity to raid another tribes’ camp to take something from them. The second place tribe got a smaller fruit platter. Since Lulu got first place, they all agreed that Kaleb should be the one to raid the other camp since he’s the most social player on their tribe.

Before Kaleb went to raid a tribe, he was given a Goodwill advantage. This advantage allowed the person holding it to restore a lost vote. Kaleb had to give it to someone on the tribe he decided to raid. Kaleb decided to raid the Reba tribe.

When he got there, he was very social with them. He got them to laugh and relax. Then, he told them that he wanted to take some of their fishing gear for the raid. At one point, Kaleb spoke to Drew and told him about the Goodwill advantage before giving it to Drew. He told Drew that he wanted to build some trust with him. Drew told the private cams, “The Goodwill advantage will be good for my friend Austin who has lost his vote.”

Drew told Dee and Austin about the Goodwill advantage. At the Lulu camp, Sabiyah and Sean talked about wanting to get Kaleb out because no one would win with him at the end. They eventually brought Emily in on it, and she seemed to agree with them in that moment. Emily told the private cams, “I don’t think Kaleb knows how much of a threat that his good social game has made him.”

At the Bela camp, Kendra, Katura and Kellie talked about possibly getting Bruce out because Katura pitched it. Austin told Dee and Julie he found the beware advantage. So, Dee and Julie agreed to help Austin find the idol. Dee and Julie found another clue for Austin, which was a hammer that said break a rock near the water well, and they gave it to Austin.

Austin did use the hammer to break the rock, and he finally found the immunity idol, but it was only good for one tribal council meeting. However, if he was willing to sacrifice his tribal council vote once, he could extend it until the merge. If he sacrificed his tribal council vote twice, he could extend its life span until the final five are left in the game.

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge. During it, the tribes had to race out with a cart to release two keys. They had to use the keys to unlock puzzle pieces. Then, push them through a barricade. Then, roll it to a platform to assemble the puzzle for the win. Reba finished in first place for immunity. Belo took second place for immunity. So, Lulu lost another immunity challenge because they just do not know how to put puzzles together. They had to figure out who to vote off next.

Kaleb told the private cams, “I don’t think I can work with Emily anymore at this point. Kaleb pitched getting Emily out to Sabiyah. She acted like she agreed, but she told the private cams that she still wants to get rid of Kaleb. She also told Emily that she still wanted to vote off Kaleb.

Emily acted like she agreed with that plan, but she later told the private cams that she doesn’t trust Sabiyah. So, she went and told Kaleb the votes are against him, but he told the private cams that he’s not sure he believes Emily because Sabiyah told him she was going to tell Emily to vote out Kaleb. Kaleb was unsure what to do heading into the tribal council meeting.

At the tribal council meeting, Sabiyah used the cookout fire that was there to try and melt the wax off her beware advantage statue to get her immunity idol and vote privilege back. She did melt it to get her idol and vote privilege back. Then, she learned that her idol was only good for one immunity challenge, but she could extend it if she sacrificed her vote at this tribal council meeting.

Then, it skipped to the votes getting revealed. Kaleb got 1 vote, and Sabiyah received 2 votes. So, with the 2 votes, Sabiyah was voted off the island in this episode via a blind side. She was a good sport about it, giving the Lulu chant on the way out.

Sabiyah told the private cams, “I didn’t vote because I didn’t think I needed to. I was sure Kaleb was going home. They got me good tonight. I’m not gonna lie.”

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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