‘Survivor’ April 22, 2020 Voted Off Sophie Clarke (Recap)

‘Survivor’ April 22, 2020 Voted Off Sophie Clarke (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight,April 22, 2020, another new episode of “Survivor season 40: Winners At War” hit the airwaves, and it featured another heavy blindside after everything was all said and done.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Jeremy telling the private cams how he used his advantage to just walk out of the last tribal council meeting. He also said it was not good that Tyson got sent back to the “Edge of Extinction.”

Jeremy tried to ask people what happened after he left the last tribal council meeting, but no one would tell him anything.

Ben told the private cams that Jeremy is public enemy number one. He was there definite target at the last tribal council. At one point, Ben was seen straight up telling Jeremy, “You’re the biggest threat here.”

Michele told Kim, “I got played hard, and I can’t tell what’s real and what’s fake. I’m worried me, you, Jeremy and Denise are going to get picked off.”

Tony told the private cams, “Now, is my time to go searching for hidden immunity idols.” So, off he went, searching and searching. Nick showed up while he was searching.

Tony told the private cams that Nick annoyed him and was cramping his style. He finally got rid of Nick by telling him to go look somewhere else. Shortly after that, Tony found the idol, and he was just so excited. “I love it so much,” he said.

Sarah mentioned that she and Tony’s games are very different. She said, “I have a much better social game than Tony.” Tony told Jeremy, “I got blindsided by all the tribal council chatter at last tribal council meeting.”

Tony was playing both sides by trying to get in good with Jeremy and Michele, and Kim picked up on it. She also told Denise about it, and they said they can’t let Tony keep doing what he’s doing.

After all of that, they gave us more “Edge Of Extinction” footage. Parvati and Natalie found a clue. They decided not to tell anyone and go search for the advantage on their own.

They figured out that it was under the bed that everyone lays on all the time. So, Parvati proceeded to lure everyone away from the bed so Natalie could look for the advantage.

Natalie found the advantage, and it turned out to be an extortion advantage. This advantage allowed Parvati and Natalie to extort fire tokens out of whoever they gave it to.

The extortion threat was that whoever received it had to give them as many fire tokens they asked for, or they would not be able to play in the next immunity challenge, and they wouldn’t be able to vote in the next tribal council meeting.

Next, Tony was seen receiving the extortion advantage. It told him he had to come up with 6 fire tokens by the time the immunity challenge started ,or he would not be able to play in it or vote at the next tribal council meeting.

Tony told the private cams he only had 3 fire tokens. So, he had to go ask some other people for fire tokens to pay off the extortion. Tony asked Michele, but she told him she already used her 4 tokens to buy an advantage.

Michele told Jeremy about it,and he agreed to give Tony one of his two fire tokens. Tony told Nick, and he said he could give him one fire token. Tony told Ben, and he said he could give him one fire token. So, Tony used those fire tokens to pay off the extortion and compete in the immunity challenge.

Host Jeff Probst mentioned that the winner of this immunity challenge would also win 2 fire tokens again.

In this immunity challenge, they had to balance a statue with a pole while standing on a very narrow beam. It had different stages. They were able to rest in between each stage.

They had to stand farther back during each stage, making it harder for them to balance the statue. It came down to Tony and Jeremy in the end, and Tony won it for a second, consecutive immunity challenge win.

Afterwards,Tony told the private cams, “We’re voting for Jeremy. I’m loving it.”

Kim told the private cams, “I didn’t want Tony to win, but that puts a bigger target on his back. So, yay for Tony.”

The rest talked about throwing votes at both Michele and Jeremy with Jeremy being the main target. Jeremy knew he was the target, and he talked to Kim and Denise about it.

They pretended to make him believe they were trying to save him by going after Ben, but they told the private cams it’s time for Jeremy to go, and they’re going to blindside him.

Next, Tony was seen coming up with a new scheme to oust Sophie. He told the private cams, “I want to try and blindside Sophie for getting too close to my partner Sarah.” So, Tony campaigned to get Sophie out.

He talked to Nick, Jeremy and Michele about it. Nick agreed first. Jeremy didn’t agree right away because he didn’t believe Denise and Kim were blindsiding him. And that’s where they left it, heading into the tribal council meeting.

At the tribal council meeting, Jeremy said, “I think everyone is always telling half truths, and I think you have to go with who you think you can trust more than others. I’m not comfortable at all. It was very quiet today, and that’s not a good feeling.”

In fact, they all said it was pretty quiet that day. There wasn’t the usual whispering that took place in the last two tribal council meetings. Everyone seemed confident with the plans they were told. So, they quickly got to the vote this time.

The results revealed that Jeremy got 3 votes, Michele got 2 votes and Sophie got a whopping 4 votes. So, with 4 votes, Sophie admitted she was totally blindsided.

She told the others,”Good job, guys. I did not see it coming. I had an immunity idol in my pocket.” Sophie gave her two fire tokens to Sarah and Kim on the way out to Edge Of Extinction.

In next week’s episode, Sarah is going to be heavily pissed off at Tony for pulling this move to get Sophie out claiming, “It totally screwed up my game.” So, that should be very interesting.

How do you guys feel about Sophie Clarke getting the boot from Survivor season 40 in tonight’s April 22, 2020 episode? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 40 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, April 29, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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