‘The Voice’ October 29, 2019 Eliminated James Violet & Jessie Lawrence. Knockouts 2 (Recap)

‘The Voice’ October 29, 2019 Eliminated James Violet & Jessie Lawrence. Knockouts 2 (Recap)

Hey, “The Voice” fans. Tonight, October 29, 2019, part 2 of the Knockouts round did indeed air. All the coaches: Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend and Gwen Stefani were, of course, on hand along with mega pop star Taylor Swift. Taylor was there to be a Mega Mentor for the contestants.

Tonight’s show kicked off with singers Khalea Lynee vs James Violet from Team John Legend. Khalea was up first. She performed “Because You Love Me” by Celine Dion.

Afterwards, Taylor told Khalea, “I’m impressed with how you owned it.” John said, “You should think of the person you’re singing the song for.”

Next,James Violet performed, “Stay” by Post Malone. Afterwards, Taylor told James, “I want you to meander less, especially on the chorus.” John said, “You should finish with a glory note.” Gwen said, “You oversung it a bit, but I’m still a fan. Khalea was effortless.”

Kelly expressed that she really liked both of the performances. Blake said, “I love Khalea’s tone and power. I’d pick her.” John ultimately picked Khalea, which meant poor James got eliminated.

Next, it was Jessie Lawrence vs Kyndal Inskeep from Team Gwen. Gwen said, “You’re both emotional singers. It’s why I paired you two together.”

Kyndal sang, “Elastic Heart” by Sia. Afterwards, Taylor told Kyndal, “You’ve got quirk and control and a beautiful tone. Focus on building the song up to triumph.”

Gwen said, “Keep it simple. Kyndal is growing on me. This is a great song choice. It allows you to reveal emotional complexity. Your tone is full of dark textures. Very nice. That chorus is tricky ,and you nailed it both technically and emotionally.”

Next, Jessie sang, “Dancing with a Stranger.” Afterwards, Gwen and Taylor told Jessie, You need to bring out your personality.” Gwen said, “You’ve got the vocals.” Taylor said, “We just want more of you.”

Kelly said, “I like how you were raspy and breathy in all the right spots. Kyndal sang the hell out of the song, and I love the broken side of Kyndal’s voice. But, her version was too similar to Sia.”

Blake said Kyndal had good pitch and control, and that he would pick her. John said, “I didn’t like Jessie’s song choice. Kyndal did her own thing.” Gwen ended up picking Kyndal, which meant poor Jessie got eliminated.

The last knockout battle of the night was Joana Martinez vs Ricky Duran from Team Blake. Blake said, “They’re both explosive” when he picked them to battle each other.

Joana Martinez was up first with the song, “California Dreamin” by Mamas & Papas. Afterwards, Taylor told Jonana, “You’re phenomenal. Your tone is like warm honey–thick, deep and warm. Your approach to a song is shockingly mature. Your pitch is so good. The kiddos are usually wobbly. Not you.”

Next, Ricky Duran sang, “She Talks to Angels” by Black Crowes. Afterwards, Blake told Ricky, “You should use less finesse. The vocal needs to be attacked.” Taylor said, “You’re like Bruce Springsteen.” John said, “I love Ricky’s stage presence and tone. I would choose him.”

Gwen said, “I’m impressed with how Joana changed up an old song.”I would pick her.” Kelly said, “I like both singers, but I’m impressed with Ricky’s experience. I’d go with him.” Blake decided to pick Ricky. Then Gwen chimed in to steal Joana. So, none of them got eliminated.

That means Khalea Lynee from Team Legend, Kyndal Inskeep from Team Gwen, Ricky Duran from Team Blake and Joana Martinez from Team Gwen will all advance to the Playoffs.

But unfortunately for James Violet of Team Legend and Jessie Lawrence of Team Gwen, it is the end of the road as they were both sent packing.

How do you guys feel about James Violet and Jessie Lawrence getting eliminated in tonight’s October 29, 2019 episode? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode for The Voice season 17 is scheduled to air on Monday night, November 4, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on NBC. It will be a two-hour episode, featuring the continuation of the Knockout rounds. So, it will be Knockout round part 3.

Then the Knockout rounds will conclude with part 4 on Tuesday night, November 5, 2019, starting at 7 pm central standard time.

You guys can view all of tonight’s October 29, 2019 episode performances on the official Youtube channel for “The Voice” by Clicking Here.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Voice” report, but definitely stay tune for more.

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