New ‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers For Season 10, November 10, 2019 Episode 6 Revealed

New ‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers For Season 10, November 10, 2019 Episode 6 Revealed

Hey, “The Walking Dead” fans. We’ve got another new spoiler report for you guys. In this article , we’re going to tell you a few things you can expect to see go down in the next,new episode 6, which is due to air next Sunday night.

Thanks to the lovely folks over at AMC, we’ve got about two teaser descriptions for episode 6 to share with you guys via their official episode 6 press release.

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To get things started, the new episode 6 does have an official title. The producers have labeled it, “Bonds.”

It sounds like episode 6 will feature some pretty interesting, possible action-filled, adventurous and intense scenes as Carol and Daryl go on a mission together. Siddiq tries to crack a very tough mystery and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Carol and Daryl situation. It turns out that these two will indeed have very big moments in this episode. At some point, we will see Daryl and Carol team up on their own to go carry out an exclusive, new mission!

AMC’s official description tells us, “Carol teams up with Daryl as they embark on a mission together.”

What will this Carol and Daryl exclusive mission entail? Will they complete it? Those are some very big questions for this particular storyline. At this time, we don’t have any spoiler teasers beyond this episode 6.

So, we’re just going to have to wait and see what ends up happening with these two when the episode actually airs.

We can say that this storyline does sound like it could serve up some very interesting and possible action, drama scenes for you guys to look forward to. So, definitely get prepped for this new Carol and Daryl adventure to play out in the new episode 6 next week.

The second and last spoiler teaser reveals that Siddiq will be very, very busy in this episode. You see, he’s going to be trying to piece together the puzzle pieces of some mystery. However, this particular mystery will certainly prove to be much, much tougher than he originally expected it to be.

AMC’s description for this Siddiq scenario reads like this, “Siddiq finds it harder than expected to unravel a mystery.”

Will Siddiq ever be able to break the tough barriers of difficulty and crack this crazy tough mystery? That’s a very important question for this particular plotline. Again, we’ll certainly have to wait and see. It sounds like this storyline could feature some pretty interesting scenes as the very least.

If you guys want to get extra information about episode 6, be sure to search for the new episode 6 preview clip on Youtube later on tonight after episode 5 airs. AMC, like clockwork, always releases a new preview clip for the next, new episode after each episode airs.

The preview clips usually provide extra details that the teaser descriptions don’t provide. So, you’ll definitely want to check for that episode 6 preview clip on Youtube after episode 5 airs.

Some of the characters that will be featured in episode 6 are: Norman Reedus as character Daryl Dixon , Danai Gurira as character Michonne , Melissa McBride as character Carol Peletier, Alanna Masterson as character Tara Chambler, Josh McDermitt as character Eugene Porter and Christian Serratos as character Rosita Espinoza.

AMC’s press release confirmed that episode 6 is indeed scheduled to air next Sunday night, November 10, 2019 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Walking Dead” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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