‘Evil’ Spoilers For Season 1, November 14, 2019 Episode 7 Revealed

‘Evil’ Spoilers For Season 1, November 14, 2019 Episode 7 Revealed

Hey, “Evil” fans. We are back to deliver up to you guys the new set of spoiler teasers for the upcoming episode 7, which is due out next week.

Thanks to CBS and their official episode 7 press release, we do have a main plotline teaser description for it, a title and a few other details. So, we’re just going to get right into it.

For starters, episode 7 has been officially named/titled, “Vatican III.” It sounds like episode 7 will feature some very intense, intriguing and possible dramatic scenes.

In the new episode 7, a female guest character named Bridget will have a very serious moment in tis episode. At some point, this Bridget lady is actually going to confess to killing someone during one of her exorcisms!

In light of this very tragic revelation, recurring character Monsignor Korecki will enlist David, Kristen and Ben to investigate the details of Bridget’s crazy story to see if it matches any cases that are currently open.

Monsignor will also want David,Ben and Kristen to verify if Bridget is really possessed by a demon.

CBS’ official description for episode 7 reads like this, “When Bridget (Annaleigh Ashford)
confesses to murder during her exorcism, Monsignor Korecki (Boris McGiver) asks Kristen, David and Ben to investigate if the details match any open cases and if the woman really is possessed by a demon.”

What will David, Ben and Kristen actually discover during their investigation? That’s a very important question for this particular episode. Whatever the case, it sounds like it will certainly serve up some very interesting and possible drama-heavy scenes for you guys to look forward to. So, get ready for it next Thursday night.

Episode 7 will feature a lot of guest stars. They are: Noah Robbins as character (Sebastian Lewin), Rocco Sisto as character (Silvio), Pedro Carmo as character (Vincent), Anthony Alessandro as character (Mateo), Kristen Connolly as character (Mira Byrd), Dan Bittner as character (Dwight Farrell).

Guest stars continued: Annaleigh Ashford as character (Bridget Farrell), Evelyn Giovine as character (Linda), Janine Divita as character (Roberta Moretti), Stephen Cefalu Jr. as character (Jonathan), Conor Proft as character (Incel 1) and Matt Walker as character (Incel 2).

Episode 7 will feature a coupe of recurring stars. They are: Marti Matulis as character (George), Clark Johnson as character (Father Amara) and Boris McGiver as character (Monisgnor Matthew Korecki).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 7 are: Katja Herbers as character (Kristen Bouchard), Mike Colter as character (David Acosta), Aasif Mandvi as character (Ben Shakir), Michael Emerson as character (Leland Townsend), Christine as character Lahti (Sheryl Luria), Kurt Fuller as character (Dr. Boggs), Brooklyn Shuck as character (Lynn Bouchard), Skylar Gray as character (Lila Bouchard), Maddy Crocco as character (Lexis Bouchard) and Dalya Knapp as character (Laura Bouchard).

Episode 7 was written by Patricia Ione Lloyd, and it was directed by Jim McKay. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 7 indeed scheduled to air next Thursday night, November 14, 2019 at approximately 9 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Evil” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. so woke this series. The episode 2 was woke and now episode 7. MY goddess…

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