‘Survivor’ November 13, 2019 Voted Off Kellee Kim & Jamal Shipman (Recap)

‘Survivor’ November 13, 2019 Voted Off Kellee Kim & Jamal Shipman (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, November 13, 2019, another new episode did indeed air. This time, they showed two episodes back-to-back for a whopping 2-hour, double elimination extravaganza. So, sit tight because we’ve got a lot to tell you in this recap.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with conversation footage. Dean revealed to the private cams that a lot of people were upset about Jack getting voted off at the last tribal council. Dean also said he feels like he really owes Kellee for giving him her immunity idol.

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At one point, Noura ratted out Kellee’s big move she pulled with Dean by telling Jamal, “Kellee told me to vote out Jack.” Kellee was extremely upset about that since she was working with Janet and Jamal.

Kellee ended up denying everything to Janet and Jamal. Jamal and Janet told Kellee they believed her, but Jamal told the private cams he didn’t ,and he laughed at her for trying to play a sneaky game with Noura of all people.

Kellee was worried at this point. So, she immediately went searching for a hidden immunity idol, and she found it! Next, they were told the tribes are merging! Everyone was ecstatic, and both tribes enjoyed a huge feast to celebrate.

Tommy tried to pitch a new nine player alliance to Kellee and Janet, but Kellee wasn’t buying it because she thought she would be at the bottom of it. Tommy expressed to the private cams that he was getting pretty annoyed with them shutting down all of his ideas.

Kellee and Missy complained about Dan inappropriately touching women. Missy said she was so annoyed by it that she wants Dan to go. Kellee tearfully expressed to the private cams that Dan has done this to 5 other women.

Tommy told Lauren, “Kellee scares the hell out of me. I love her, but she’s so smart. She went to Harvard. She’s a threat.” Lauren said she think Kellee is very dangerous too.

Kellee also cried to Janet about Dan’s inappropriate touching activities. Janet reassured Kellee that she’ll keep an eye on Dan.

Missy and Elizabeth started plotting to get Dan out. Elizabeth also expressed to Kellee that Dan tried to touch her inappropriately, and they both agreed they wanted to vote Dan out.

However, Kellee switched up and said she wants to get Missy out and that Dan is just a decoy. Lauren told Missy about Kellee’s sneaky plot to get her out. Missy was shocked and said, “I’m not going out like a punk.”

They also showed a message on the screen about the producers pulling Dan aside to give him a warning about his inappropriate touching behaviors.

Next, they showed the first individual immunity challenge of this season. In it, they had to balance balls on a tilted table with pegs on it. They had three balls to drop before they were eliminated.

The last one holding at least one ball on the table, won. It came down to Jamal and Aaron. Jamal had to give up because he was in extreme pain from holding the table for so long. So, Aaron won the challenge to claim immunity.

Lauren reassured Missy that she definitely didn’t lie to her about Kellee wanting to get her out. Tommy campaigned to vote Kellee out. Missy told Elizabeth about the plan to get Kellee out. Elizabeth said, “Alright, let’s do it.”

Noura said she was voting Dan out for all the inappropriate touching. Jamal and Janet appeared to agree to vote Dan out too.

Janet told Elizabeth she was voting Dan out, but Elizabeth didn’t believe her because she was under the impression they’re planning to vote Missy out. Elizabeth said, “I’m voting out Kellee.”

Elizabeth told Elaine that Janet plans to vote Dan out. Jamal told Kellee a plan to get Dan out was in effect. So, Kellee got worried because she thought her plan to vote out Missy was a “go.”

A newly worried Kellee went searching for a second hidden immunity idol. Meanwhile, Jamal kept campaigning to vote out Dan. Kellee did indeed find that second hidden immunity idol. Wow, she’s a star.

At tribal council, Kellee whispered to Lauren, “Are we good?” Lauren said, “Yes.” Everyone, of course, talked game.

Kellee foolishly decided not to play any of her two idols, and the vote went like this, Kellee 7 votes. Dan 5 votes. So, with a whopping 7 votes and two friggin immunity idols in her pocket,Kellee got sent packing.

You guys have no idea how disappointing I thought this was. Kellee went searching for these idols so she could relieve her worry of going home and didn’t even use them. I mean ,heck, she could’ve played one of them just for the hell of it.

She had one to burn, and she could’ve gone searching for more later on. She was clearly good at finding them. This was just awful. She’s like the 3rd or 4th person this season that got sent home with an immunity idol. Wow.

Anyways, after that giant mess up, Janet expressed major shock. She said she felt betrayed on a moral level because she thought she voted out Dan for the girls. Lauren and Tommy told Janet they voted Kellee out. Lauren said she wasn’t comfortable with what was going on.

Janet, still upset, went and told Dan what was said about him by all the rest of the girls. Dan said he had no idea how the girls felt. Janet said,”I got played.”

Then Dan told Missy and Elizabeth he apologizes if they ever felt uncomfortable with him in any way. Elizabeth and Missy denied ever saying they felt uncomfortable around him. Elizabeth called Janet a snake. Elizabeth said to the private cams, “I never seriously felt threatened by Dan. I was just playing the game.”

Dan told Janet, “You’ve got a problem. The girls said they never talked to you.” Janet,of course, denied that and said they did talk to her. So, she immediately confronted Elizabeth and Missy in front of Dan.

She got Elizabeth to confess to saying that she felt uncomfortable. However, right after Janet walked off, Elizabeth told Dan , “We’re still ok. I just told Janet that to get Kellee out.” Dan said, “That’s what I thought.”

Missy and Aaron went immunity idol hunting. Janet tried to follow them. Janet ended up finding the hidden immunity idol! Jamal found a special note, and it sent him to the Island of the Idols.

Sandra and Boston Rob greeted Jamal with bad news about that note he found. The note caused him to lose his vote at the next tribal council

They then explained his test is a test in sabotage. They gave him a pen and paper and told him it could be used for anything.

After that, Jamal revealed he used the pen and paper to write up a fake advantage. Then he told the rest of the crew he was given a test and won a Legacy advantage, but he had to give it to someone else. So, he gave it to Dean. Dean told the private cams, “I feel like Jamal painted a target on my back by giving this to me.”

Aaron told the private cams, “Jamal is definitely playing the game by giving Dean that advantage. He’s a threat. He’s got to go.”

Next, we saw the second immunity challenge. It was an endurance challenge where they had to hang on to a rope while leaning over a ledge. The last one hanging on, won immunity.

This one had two winners. The girls competed against each other and vice versa. Missy won immunity by beating the girls, and Aaron won immunity by beating the guys. So, they were both safe at this tribal council

Jamal said, “I really feel in danger of going home.” Tommy told the private cams they were splitting the votes between Karishma and Jamal. He also told Janet she was safe heading into tribal council.

At tribal council, they talked about the Dan vote some more. Aaron tried to make Janet look like a villain in the situation. Jamal stood up for Janet.

Finally, at some point, Dan did apologize again if he ever did anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable. Janet broke down and expressed that she feels hated and should leave the game. Everyone reassured Janet that no one hates her. It got really emotional.

Finally, they casts their votes. Janet decided to play her immunity idol instead of letting it go to waste like Kellee, and here’s what happened. Jamal received 5 votes. Karishma 3 votes and Janet 2 votes. So, with a whopping 5 votes, Jamal was indeed voted off the island.

That means Kellee and Jamal were the vote-off victims in tonight’s big, 2-hour, November 13, 2019 episode.

How do you guys feel about Kellee Kim and Jamal Shipman getting voted off in tonight’s November 13, 2019, Survivor season 39 episode. Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sorry that Jamal went home. He was a favorite.

  2. Smarg Jones says:

    Very satisfying that Jamal and Kellee went home. Both, with the backing of producers, gave us bad white folks a “social justice lesson”. Remember the innocent do-rag comment that the anti-white racist Jamal used for his lecture?? And the #MeToo false accusation from Kellee??

    Jamal was a Nword, plain and simple. Glad to see him do the walk of shame off the set.


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