Survivor October 19, 2022 Voted Off Geo Bustamonte (Recap)

Survivor October 19, 2022 Voted Off Geo Bustamonte (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, October 19, 2022 another new episode of Survivor’s current season 43 did indeed hit the air, and we saw another unlucky contestant get voted off the island at the end with an incredible blindside attached.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the Coco tribe talking about how they had to send Lindsay Carmine packing at the last tribal council because she got too paranoid. Cassidy told the private cams that she wanted to go after the people who put her name down at the last tribal council, and she definitely mentioned Geo as one of her targets. Meanwhile, Geo told the private cams, “There isn’t much Cassidy can do unless we hit a merge. I’ve got all the numbers.”

At the Baka camp, Elie and Jeanine went searching for an idol, and Jeanine found a beware advantage. She told Elie about it, and they hugged. Jeanine opened it up. It was an immunity idol bracelet. However, she had to collect certain beads from all her tribemembers to activate her idol. If she didn’t complete the task, she lost her vote at the next tribal council meeting.

Owen caught Jeanine and Elie with the beware advantage. So, they spilled all the details to him. He agreed to give Jeanine his bead to gain her trust. Elie told Sami about Jeanine’s beware advantage. Then, Sami told the private cams he had to act like he was happy for Jeanine because he’s been actively plotting against her and Elie.

Jeanine managed to collect all the beads from everyone. She had the most trouble with Mike Gabler, but she eventually persuaded Gabler to give up his bead. Then, Sami told Gabler, “You just gave Jeanine an idol when you gave her your bead. I didn’t have time to warn you.” Gabler said, “Oh, my God. I just gave Jeanine an idol.” Gabler told the private cams, “Jeanine got me. She got me.”

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up with the new immunity challenge, which also doubled as a reward challenge. During it,4 tribemembers had to make it through a couple of rigorous obstacle courses. Then, they had to roll balls up onto a platform without them falling off. They had to do that 3 times for the completion.

The Vesi tribe finished in first place. Baka came in second place. That means the Coco tribe lost and had to figure out who to vote off next. Since Vesi finished first, they got to pick who to send on a boat ride to an island for the vote-risking twist. They chose Geo from the Coco tribe, Jeanine from the Baka tribe, and Jesse volunteered to go from his Vesi tribe.

The reward prize was a large tarp for the first place finishers ,and a small tarp for the second place finishers. Ryan told the private cams that he actually threw the challenge for Coco so he could have the chance to get Cassidy out at the next tribal council meeting.

Later on, James told Cassidy that Ryan wants to blindside her, but he and Karla are planning to vote Geo out. However, Cassidy was now wanting to gun for Ryan since he was trying to come after her. She did some campaigning to try and get him out too.

On the boat trip, Geo, Jeanine and Jessie had to paddle a boat to an island. Geo lied to them by saying he’s in jeopardy with his tribe so they would possibly help him out. They weren’t really buying what he was pitching since they didn’t even know if he was really telling them the truth.

Once they made it to the island, they participated in the vote-risking challenge. All of them ended up risking their vote. So, they had to draw for a 1-in-3 chance of winning an advantage. It was later revealed that Jesse lost his vote for the next tribal council meeting. He revealed it in front of his tribemembers. So, they all knew.

Jeanine found out that she lost her vote in private. However, she did eventually reveal it to her tribemembers. When she did, she acted like she didn’t know it already.

Geo opened up his note in private to reveal that he had won the Knowledge Is Power advantage. It gave him the power to steal someone’s idol or advantage by asking that person if they had it. Thinking he could trust Karla, he ran and told Karla about winning the Knowledge Is Power advantage.

Then, Karla ran back and told James and Cassidy that Geo did risk his vote and won an advantage. James and Karla said they wanted get Geo out so they could flush out his advantages, but Cassidy wanted to still get Ryan out for trying to come after her. So, this caused a conflict between them just like with Lindsay. James and Karla talked about possibly having to do to Cassidy what they did to Lindsay at the last tribal council meeting.

At the Coco tribal council meeting, they talked general game talk. Ryan kept pitching that he’s ok with getting voted off since he lost the immunity challenge for them. Cassidy kept questioning why he would do that since she knew it was part of his scheme to get her out.

Of course, they eventually voted. Cassidy ended up getting 2 votes, and Geo got 3 votes. So, with the 3 votes, Geo was voted off, and he was shocked. He thought he really had the numbers. All he could do was just smile and walk off. I was actually afraid for Cassidy before the tribal council meeting, but it turns out that she did decide to join Karla and James in voting out Geo. So, good for her.

Geo told the private cams, “Wow, you can’t trust no one around here. I just got blindsided. I’m still happy with the game that I played because if you don’t take risks on Survivor, it’s pointless.” How do you guys feel about Geo Bustamonte getting voted off in tonight’s episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor” TV show, recap report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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