‘Survivor’ November 20, 2019 Voted Off Aaron Meredith & Missy Byrd (Recap)

‘Survivor’ November 20, 2019 Voted Off Aaron Meredith & Missy Byrd (Recap)

Hey,”Survivor” fans. Tonight, November 20, 2019, another episode did indeed air, and it featured two unlucky contestants getting voted off the island. Tonight’s episode kicked off with Janet expressing that she doesn’t know what to do now after being on the outs before the last tribal council. She said, “I’m a free agent.”

Noura made some negative statements about Karishama to the private cams saying,”Karishma is lucky to still be here. She doesn’t do anything. She’s like an 85 year old lady. I have no interest in working with someone like that.”

Meanwhile, Karishma told the private cams, “I know I’m in trouble.” However, shortly after that, Karishama went out and found herself a good ole hidden immunity idol! Needless to say, she was very overjoyed.

Tommy was seen campaigning to Noura and Lauren to vote out Karishama. They seemed to agree at that point in time.

Next, the immunity challenge took place. During it, they had to stand on a narrow platform while spinning a ball on a narrow wooden, circular trap. The last one still spinning the ball without dropping it, won.

Host Jeff Probst also revealed a major twist. He said there’s going to be two immunity winners for each group. Both groups will have their own separate tribal council, and two people will get sent home.

After that, Jeff also mentioned that the immunity winners would win a peanut butter and jelly reward.

Noura ended up winning on the purple group. A very calm Elaine won it on the yellow group. So, Noura and Elaine were safe at the next tribal councils.

Since there were two, separate tribal councils, the earlier game plan to vote out Karishma definitely got switched up.

Noura started campaigning to get Aaron out, and it seemed to be working at this point. Janet was ecstatic to see the focus get taken off of her.

Dean started to campaign for Janet to go by telling Dan she could win this game. Dan told the private cams he was 50/50 on it. Dean felt Aaron needed to stay to keep the focus off of him as being a physical threat.

Missy campaigned to Elizabeth and Karishama to get rid of Tommy so they can get Lauren to be dependent on them. However, Karishma didn’t like the way Missy approached her and walked off!

Karishma told Elaine about the plan to get Tommy out. Elaine told the private cams she didn’t want Tommy gone. So, she campaigned to get Missy out. Elaine told Tommy about Missy’s plan to get him out. Not surprisingly, Tommy didn’t like that. So, he was certainly on board to get Missy out.

Missy tried to apologize to Karishma for the way she approached her. After that conversation, Karishma told the private cams she wanted to work with Missy to take a shot at Tommy.

Aaron told the private cams his plan was to get Janet out. So, he was seen campaigning for that outcome heading into that group’s tribal council meeting.

At the first tribal council meeting for this episode, everyone talked game before casting their votes, but nothing particular really stood out.

The end result featured Aaron getting 4 votes and Janet getting 1 vote. So, with a whopping 4 votes, Aaron was definitely shafted from the game.

Aaron took it well saying, “Kudos to them. They got me out at the right time. I tried to delay it as much as I could, but I could sense that it was coming.”

Right after Aaron’s exit, Jeff told Aaron to take a seat on the jury because it was immediately time for the second tribal council meeting. During it, Missy and Karishma talked about their little drama session that they had earlier.

Karishma said Missy is sort of a bully. Missy, of course,denied that accusation. Elizabeth chimed in to say, “I think we were able to get Missy and Karishma to sort of iron out their differences.”

After all of that, the voting finally commenced,and the end result featured Missy getting 3 votes and Tommy getting 2 votes. So, by a vote of 3-2, Missy finally bit that bullet.

She was very shocked saying, “Who did it?” Tommy told Missy, “You were coming after me.” Missy denied it saying, “I wasn’t coming for you!”

After Missy’s shock and dismay, she said, “That was good though ya’ll. You got me.” So, she handled it pretty well. She was definitely one of the more emotional victims this season though.

How do you guys feel about Missy Byrd and Aaron Meredith getting voted off in tonight’s November 20, 2019 episode of Survivor season 39? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next,new Survivor season 39 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, November 27, 2019 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. Survivor Geek says:

    Missy did act like a bully…even at the end….and she still lied on the way out. Not sure where her sense of entitlement comes. Also, a “proud moment”. Not sure how many times over the years there have been double immunity eliminations, but making it racial is a backwards step in society.

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