New ‘Blue Bloods’ Spoilers For Season 10, January 10, 2020 Episode 12 Revealed

New ‘Blue Bloods’ Spoilers For Season 10, January 10, 2020 Episode 12 Revealed

Hey,”Blue Bloods” fans. We are back with some brand new spoiler scoops for you guys. In this article, we’re going to tell you a few things that are going down in the next, new episode 12, which is set to hit the airwaves next Friday night.

CBS recently put out an official press release for episode 12. It features a few teaser descriptions. So, we’ll be using those in this spoiler session. So, let’s get at it.

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To start, the official title for episode 12 is called,”Where The Truth Lies.” That title sounds very serious. It sounds like episode 12 will feature some very serious, intense, possible dramatic and action-filled scenes as Frank gets accused of causing a man to kill himself! Eddie and Erin team up to crack a case. Luis serves up stipulations for his testimony and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Frank situation. It turns out that some messed up dude will end up killing himself while at work. Then his widowed wife will show up on the scene and attempt to cast the blame on Frank!

CBS’ official description for this Frank scenario reads like this, “Frank takes heat when a widow blames him for her husband’s recent suicide while on the job.”

How will Frank handle this super crazy situation. That’s a very important question we’ll be looking to see get answered before the hour is up. Whatever the case, it certainly sounds like Frank will have his hands full in this situation.

The second spoiler scoop reveals that Eddie is going to catch a gut feeling about a particular murder case. This feeling will be so strong that it will cause Eddie to enlist Erin to help her go to work on solving this particular murder case.

CBS’ description for this plotline tells us, “When Eddie has a gut feeling about a murder, she and Erin band together to solve the case.” It seems like we might possibly get some intense and action-filled scenes with this particular storyline depending on what Eddie and Erin run into during their investigation. So,get ready for that.

The 3rd and last teaser description lets us know that Luis Delgado will be a very desperate man in this episode. He will be so desperate that he will come up with an ultimatum for Danny and Baez.

This ultimatum stipulates that Luis will only testify against his former cartel if the safety of his sons is guaranteed.

CBS’ description for that plotline reads like this, “A desperate Luis Delgado (Lou Diamond Phillips) tells Danny and Baez that the only way he’ll testify against his former cartel is if they protect his sons.”

Will Danny and Baez end up agreeing to these terms? Or will they tell Luis to take a hike? Those are some serious questions for this particular storyline. It definitely sounds like we could get some pretty interesting scenes out of this one.

Episode 12 will feature a ton of guest stars. They are: Damon Daunno as character (Silver Mancuso), Kevin O’Rourke as character (Mons. Walter Donahue),Anika Larsen as character (Rosemary Martin),Ruby Cruz as character (Amanda Webster), Jim Stanek as character (Mr. Webster), Victor Rivera as character (Mateo Delgado), Jeter Rivera as character (Carlos Delgado), Alan Barnes Netherton as character (Officer Tommy Martin).

Guest stars continued: Tanairi Vazquez as character (Alvarez Delgado), Michael Jones as character (Det. Reggie Hotchkiss), Julio Trinidad as character (Jose Flores), Alana Johnson as character (Consuela Flores), Omar Ghonim as character (Imam), Mark Boyett as character (Minister), Henry Packer as character (Rabbi).

Guest stars continued: Pat Labez as character (Mrs. Patterson), Amaral Savage as character (Gang Member), Theresa Tirone as character (Officer Fucci), Sean-Michael Wilkinson as character (Uniform #2), Daralyn Jay as character (Desk Sergeant),Abdul L. Howard as character (Patrol Officer) and Kristina Bartlett as character (Santini).

Episode 12 will feature a few recurring stars. They are: Abigail Hawk as character (Abigail Baker), Gregory Jbara as character (Garrett Moore), Robert Clohessy as character (Lt. Gormley), Steven Schirripa as character (Anthony Abetamarco), Andrew Terraciano as character (Sean Reagan), James Nuciforo as character (Nuciforo) and Lou Diamond Phillips as character (Luis Delgado).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 12 are: Tom Selleck as character (Frank Reagan), Donnie Wahlberg as character (Danny Reagan), Bridget Moynahan as character (Erin Reagan), Will Estes as character (Jamie Reagan), Len Cariou as character (Henry Reagan), Marisa Ramirez as character (Det. Maria Baez), Sami Gayle as character (Nicky Reagan-Boyle) and Vanessa Ray as character (Officer Eddie Janko).

Episode 12 was written by Siobhan Byrne O’Connor,and it was directed by David Barrett. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 12 is indeed scheduled to air next Friday night, January 10, 2020 at approximately 9 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Blue Bloods” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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