‘The Bachelor’ January 27, 2020 Eliminated No One (Recap)

‘The Bachelor’ January 27, 2020 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. We are back at you with another new recap of tonight’s January 27, 2020 “The Bachelor” episode. Yes, it did indeed air, and it was filled with tons of drama.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with footage of the girls talking about how Peter sent Alayah home at the last rose ceremony. Then we saw footage of host Chris Harrison telling the women they were heading out to Cleveland,Ohio to meet Peter.

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They didn’t seem too ecstatic about Cleveland, but of course, they wanted to see Peter. So, off they went to Cleveland, Ohio.

Shortly, after the girls arrived in Cleveland, it was revealed that Victoria F got a 1 on 1 date card with Peter. On their 1 on 1 date,Peter ended up flying Victoria out to the Cedar Point amusement park.

Victoria expressed to the private cams that she was nervous to fly, and she was doing something she normally wouldn’t do for Peter.

At the amusement park, Victoria and Peter rode a lot of rides and had a blast. They also talked about how many kids they would like to have in the future and so on and so forth.

At one point, Peter took Victoria F to a concert featuring Chase Rice, and that’s where things got very awkward for Victoria. Victoria told the private cams, “Nothing could be worse because Chase is actually one of my ex boyfriends.”

Victoria and Peter danced while Chase sang, but Victoria told the private cams she was just doing the best to make the most of a bad situation. Afterwards, Peter went and talked to Chase about how he’s dating Victoria. That really made Victoria quite nervous. Chase was nice about it,and asked Peter how far along are they in the dating process.

Later, Victoria snuck around to go talk to Chase in private. She asked Chase, “Did you have any idea you were performing for us?” Chase said, “No, I had no idea.” Victoria said it was awkward and she explained her Bachelor dating situation. Chase said, “I understand. You’ve got to do what’s best for you.”

Then Victoria teared up and said she needed to tell Peter the truth about her past with Chase. During the second half of their date, Victoria F finally broke down and told Peter, “I used to date Chase, but I broke it off with him because his lifestyle didn’t really match up with mine.”

Peter seemed sort of ticked off and shocked that he and Victoria were dancing while her ex boyfriend sang to them. Victoria said, “I know. I’m so sorry.” At one point, Victoria ran off in tears, thinking Peter would dump her over the Chase situation.

Peter went after her, and told her,”I appreciate you having the guts to tell me that. All I’ve ever asked is for you girls is to be honest with me. You didn’t do anything wrong. All I care is that you still want to be here.”

Of course, Victoria said yes. Then they kissed. Peter eventually gave Victoria an early rose, and they kissed again. So, all was well with those two when it was all said and done.

Next, we saw the group date footage. Peter took: Hannah Ann, Lexi, Mykenna, Deandra, Natasha, Victoria P., Tammy, Kelley, Sydney, Shiann, Kiarra, Savannah, and Madison to the FirstEnergy Stadium to play a game of full contact, tackle football!

It was crazy. The girls got really rough with each other. They were told the losers had to go home, and the winners got to go to an after party with Peter.

Victoria P sat out, claiming she had a back injury. So, she actually got to spend a lot of time with Peter on the sidelines while the other girls played football.

The two teams ended up with a tie, which meant all the girls got to hang out with Peter at the after party. Some of the girls expressed that they were ticked off about it because it meant they had less time to spend with Peter.

Victoria P and Peter had a good 1 on 1 conversation at the after party, and they kissed. Some of the other girls got real ticked off about Victoria P having the first 1 on 1 conversation with Peter at the after party because she sat out during the football game and hogged a lot of Peter’s time during it.

Then things got even worse because Alayah came back after being eliminated at the last rose ceremony and shocked everyone! Then she interrupted Shiann and Peter’s conversation saying, “Mind if I interrupt?”

Peter agreed to talk to Alayah, and she told him, “I’m here to set the record straight about what was said about me. Me and Victoria P were longtime friends.” Peter said, “Victoria P told me you guys only knew each other for three hours. So, I feel like I was lied to by someone.”

Peter went back and talked to Victoria P,and she did fess up to actually going to Vegas with Alayah in the past. So, they had to have known each other for more than three hours. Peter, of course, picked up on that and just felt very confused.

Finally, Peter got Victoria P and Alayah to talk to each other in front of him. Alayah told Victoria P, “I was so hurt that it was the things you said about me that caused Peter to ultimately send me home. You know me. We were friends.”

During this conversation, Peter expressed to the private cams that he started to doubt Victoria P because she clearly did know Alayah, and they were apparently supposed to be friends.

Peter told Alayah, “I do feel like I sent you home based on what other people said. I hate that I did that, but I did. I made a mistake. Do you want to come back?” Alayah said, “I’ll come back, but only if you promise we can move past this.”

Peter agreed and then he gave Alayah the group date rose in front of all the other women! They were really pissed off about it too! Shortly after Alayah got the rose, she mentioned to the other girls that Victoria F dated Chase Rice. She said it was all over the internet.

Peter took Kelsey on a 1 on 1 date. He led off by telling her he brought Alayah back. Kelsey handled it well, telling Peter she respected the fact that he felt he needed to explore that relationship more.

Peter was impressed with Kelsey’s mature reaction. So, they went on to have a lot of fun on their date. They participated in a soap box derby race and other fun things. They also kissed at one point in front of the very large crowd that was chanting them on.

During the second half of Ben and Kelsey’s 1 on 1 date, Kelsey got real deep and told Peter her parents got divorced when she was in the 7th grade, but she knew about the divorce before her mother did because her father left her mom a note with his wedding ring on the counter!

Kelsey teared up at that point. Peter appreciated Kelsey opening up to him. He said he appreciated that she still wants to explore a relationship despite what she’s been through. So, he gave her a rose and another big kiss under a bunch of fireworks that all of a sudden went off. I was like, “What? Where are all these fireworks coming from?”

Anyways, the other girls told Victoria F that Alayah told them about her dating Chase Rice. So, Victoria got real pissed off and confronted Alayah about it saying, “That was personal information.”

Alayah tried to say to Victoria F, “I thought everyone already knew because it was all over the internet.” Victoria F said, “You know very well that nobody in here knew about it because they don’t have access to the internet. You’re manipulative,and I’m going to tell Peter what kind of person you are! You’re not safe just because you got that group date rose!”

Next, we saw cocktail party footage of Deandra and Natasha telling Peter how upset they were that he gave Alayah the group date rose.

Peter said, “I apologize. I did it because I was going to give Alayah a rose at the last rose ceremony, and I didn’t because felt influenced by other people’s words.”

Then Victoria P got very upset with Peter claiming, “You don’t trust me! Alayah’s manipulative, and I’m not standing for it anymore. Wait until you hear what Victoria F has to say.”

Peter said, “What does Victoria have to say?” Victoria P said, “You need to hear it from her. It’s not my place to say.”

The rest of the girls started to go off on Alayah. Next, we saw Victoria F telling Peter how Alayah told everyone she dated Chase Rice. From there, we were shown footage of all the girls just bickering back and forth about Alayah.

Peter was seen saying, “I feel like everything is backfiring.” Sydney told Peter, “Alayah is affecting everyone’s ability to get to know you.” Peter told the private cams, “I feel like all the women are going to walk out on me.” It was definitely a big mess.

ABC decided to end the episode on that note. It’s going to continue in next week’s episode. So, nobody was sent home in tonight’s episode.

The next, new “The Bachelor” episode is scheduled to air next Monday night, February 3, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC. It’s going to be a whopping 3-hour episode. So, be sure to clear out enough time for that.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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