‘The Flash’ Season 6, January 28, 2020 Episode 10 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

‘The Flash’ Season 6, January 28, 2020 Episode 10 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Hey, fellow “The Flash” fans. Unfortunately, we have some very bad news for you guys tonight. It turns out that The CW will not be airing the next, new episode 10 of the Flash’s current season 6 tonight, January 28,2020.

However, we can officially tell you that this is a short break for The Flash as The CW is scheduled to air the new episode 10 next Tuesday night, February 4, 2020 in its usual 7 pm central standard time slot on The CW of course. So, be sure to mark down that very important date on your TV show calendars.

So, what could The CW possibly be airing besides your favorite show tonight? Well, according to the TV Guide listings, it appears that The CW wants to pay homage to their long-running “Arrow” series because tonight is its series finale. That’s right, guys. After tonight, Arrow will be gone from The CW’s primetime line up forever!

In light of that, The CW is going to air a special “Arrow” behind-the-scenes production in The Flash’s 7 pm central standard time slot. This special is titled, “ARROW: HITTING THE BULLSEYE.”

The CW’s official description for it reads like this, “Get ready for the finale with cast interviews from Stephen Amell and the cast of “Arrow” and executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim and Beth Schwartz.”

Right after that, The CW will air the new Arrow season 8, episode 10 series finale episode in the 8 pm central standard time slot. It’s titled, “Fadeout.”

The CW’s official description for it reads like this,”Felicity returns in the series finale.” Yeah, it’s a really short description indeed.

Anyways, if any of you guys are also “Arrow” fans, you might still want to definitely watch The CW tonight to catch the very last episode of Arrow for all time. If not, you will most certainly want to find something else to do or watch, asap.

With all that said, we do have some new intel for the next, new episode 10 of “The Flash” season 6. The CW served up an official press release for it along with preview photos and a preview clip.

All of these items do contain spoiler teasers. If you don’t like spoilers, it’s highly suggested that you close this article out right now.

If you don’t mind reading spoilers, by all means, we would love to have you stay for this next segment. With that said, let’s dive right into this spoiler segment of this article.

First thing’s first. We’ve got an official title for episode 10. It’s called, “Marathon.” It sounds like episode 10 will feature some very intense, dramatic, dangerous and possible emotional scenes.

In the new episode 10, The Citizen is going to print a very explosive story. Unfortunately, it will put Iris’s friggin life in danger! However, this danger will not stop Iris from doing her job. Oh, no,no,no. Not only will Iris keep doing her job, she’s going to attempt to expose a very dangerous organization!

Elsewhere, Barry will definitely have his hands full as he will have to face the consequences from the Crisis and carry out Oliver Queen’s wish for him.

The CW’s official description for episode 10 reads like this,”After The Citizen prints an explosive story, Iris’s (Candice Patton) life is threatened. Refusing to hide from those that are attacking her, Iris sets out to expose a dangerous organization.

Meanwhile, Barry (Grant Gustin) must face the consequences of the Crisis and fulfill Oliver Queen’s wish for him.”

The new episode 10 preview photos feature Iris laying up in a hospital bed after getting injured. So, that’s pretty serious. Cisco, Harrison Wells and more having a very serious-looking discussion.

A couple of other photos feature Barry, Iris and Diggle in a scene together. It appears to have a happy greeting followed up by some serious discussions.

You guys can view the new preview photos for episode 10 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

The new preview clip for episode 10 features Iris saying to Barry, “The Crisis is over, and you didn’t die. No dark future looming over us.” Barry says, “It feels nice.” Iris says, “It sure does.”

After that, the clip cuts to a scene that reveals a new secret organization is on the scene in Central City. They’re very dark too. They live in the shadows, and will not be brought out very easily.

Cisco is seen saying, “Now that the multiverse is gone, physics has changed entirely. Earth was rebuilt.”

It’s revealed that Earth has even more threats now. At one point, Iris and Barry are seen arguing. Barry tells Iris, “You’ve been acting kind of different.” Iris says, “I had to start planning for a life without you!”

Shortly after that, we see another scene where Iris tells Barry, “I can’t be your damsel in distress anymore.” So, that’s very intense.

The clip also features a ton of action scenes and more intense dialogue. It’s one of the longest friggin preview clips at 1 minute long. You guys can view the new episode 10 preview clip over on Youtube by Clicking Here.

Episode 10 was directed by Stefan Pleszczynski, and it was written by Sam Chalsen & Lauren Barnett.

Again,The CW confirmed that episode 10 is scheduled to air next Tuesday night,February 4, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Flash” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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