‘Survivor’ February 26, 2020 Voted Off Ethan Zohn (Recap)

‘Survivor’ February 26, 2020 Voted Off Ethan Zohn (Recap)

Hey, Survivor fans. Tonight, February 26, 2020, another new episode aired for this 40th season titled, “Winners At War, ” and another unlucky contestant got sent packing when it was all said and done. I would also say this was a pretty sharp blindside too.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Adam telling the private cams a few things. Adam had a lot to say about Boston Rob’s game, and it wasn’t good. He basically said, “Rob should play the game more like me and lay low” or something like that.

Adam went on to suggest to Denise that they should send Parvati home. At one point, Ben was seen telling Adam and Michele,”I can’t work with Rob anymore.” As their conversation continued, they talked about definitely targeting either Rob or Parvati with the weight leaning heavily towards Parvati.

Ethan and Nick were seen having a chit chat about who should go home this week. During this conversation, Adam kept campaigning to get rid of Parvati.

Ethan played like he agreed with Adam to his face, but it was a total different story when Ethan got in front of the private cams. He said, “Adam is stupid for telling me that because Parvati is my number one, and my relationship with Parv is more important than a friendship with Adam.”

Meanwhile, on the Dakal tribe, Tyson told the private cams his target is the only two time winner Sandra Diaz. He started campaigning to various people to vote her out, but he certainly made a mistake when he told Yul about his plans to target Sandra.

At first , Yul seemed on board, but then he thought about it for a while and came to the conclusion that he wants Sandra to stick around. So, he went and told Sandra that Tyson is targeting her.

As you can imagine, Sandra didn’t like that at all. She told the private cams, “Tyson will pay for trying to come after me. If you come after me, I better not find out about it.” That’s right, guys. Sandra don’t play.

Next, they showed footage of Danni, Natalie and Amber on “Edge of Extinction.” They appeared to have a good time spear fishing. After the fun was over, it was time for them to go searching for their next advantage that could get them another fire token.

They eventually found a lockbox, but they needed a special combination of numbers to unlock it. Amber immediately ran off to find what she thought was the numbers on some crate or something, but she was wrong.

However, Natalie figured it out. Apparently, the numbers were on some necklace she found earlier. She unlocked the box and got a “steal a vote” advantage, which she could sell for another fire token.

Next, we saw Sarah get the “steal a vote” advantage note from Natalie. It required Sarah to have to sneak into the other tribe’s camp to get it. She got Tony to help her with it. They put camouflage on Sarah and everything.

Then she eventually snuck into the other tribe’s camp. When she got there, she discovered that she had to actually climb up a tree to get the advantage. When she did, she made quite a bit of noise and even woke up one of the tribemembers. But, when it was all said and done, Sarah found the advantage and snuck out of there.

Since Sarah bought the advantage with one of her fire tokens, it gave Natalie her 3rd fire token. She only needs 5 to win her way back into the game.

After all of that, host Jeff Probst showed up to host the new Immunity/rewards challenge for this episode. The reward prize was Chicken Kabobs. Sandra sat out again saying, “I can’t do this challenge.”

During the challenge, the two tribes Sele and Dakal had to run across a series of ramp walls without falling. Then they had to dig up a latter out of a sand pit.

Once they got the latter, they had to use it to climb up an apparatus to get some rope. Then they had to use the rope to climb up a wall. After that, they had to lift each other up another wall. From there, they had to complete another puzzle for the win.

Rob and the Sele tribe fell behind in this one, but they caught up, and it went down to the wire. But, the Dakal tribe just edged them out for the win again.

So, the Sele tribe had to figure out who to get rid of next. Ben, Denis, Adam and Jeremy decided to target Parvati at this point, but things would quickly change.

Adam fumbled up and told Rob that he’s gathered up everyone to vote out his number one Parvati. Rob acted like he was ok with it to Adam’s face. He even pretended to strike a deal with Adam saying, “As long as you got my back covered, I’ll go along with it.”

However, right after that, Rob told the private cams, “Adam is crazy. I don’t play like that.” So, Rob ran back and told Michele and Jeremy that Adam just ratted out their entire plan to him. They quickly switched up their position and told Rob they would vote out Adam.

Next, we saw footage of Rob telling Parvati that Adam was targeting her. Needless to say, Parvati didn’t like that. So, she was totally on board to get rid of Adam. She told the private cams of Adam, “I’m gonna spit out his bones.” I love it. Go Parvati!

Anyways, at this point, Michele and Jeremy were seen still contemplating trying to get rid of Parvati, but Michele was so pissed that Adam told Rob what their plan is. Then She told Ben and Denise what Adam did.

That made Ben and Denise also get ticked off at Adam. So, the tides had officially changed to Adam as one of the main targets heading into this tribal council meeting.

At the tribal council meeting, nothing too crazy happened. Parvati mentioned that her name was thrown around. Rob and Adam kind of went back and forth because Adam mentioned there is a statue of Rob.

Rob was kind of pissed off that Adam is using that to try and make Rob a target, but it was a light argument.

Finally, they all voted, and the results featured Adam getting 3 votes, Parvati 1 vote and Ethan 4 votes. So, with votes, Ethan got the shaft in this episode.

I have to say I was a bit shocked by this because Ethan’s name never came up as a target in this episode. They totally pulled that one off at the last minute.

My best guest is that they figured out Ethan is really loyal to Rob and Parvati. So, they decided to weaken Rob’s alliance by getting rid of Ethan. Ethan ended up giving his Survivor fire token to Parvati on his way out to Edge of Extinction. So, Ethan was definitely loyal to Parvati. There’s no doubt about that.

How do you guys feel about Ethan Kohn getting voted off in tonight’s February 26, 2020 episode of Survivor season 40? Are you happy about it? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next,new episode of Survivor season 40 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, March 5, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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2 Responses

  1. Kevin says:

    Why dont they show the breakdown of the votes at the end of the show?
    Over the past years it seems that the show makes it more difficult to follow along and play because they do not show as much interaction between players. You see them as possible friends then bam …you cant figure out what is going on.
    Used to be more interactive for the lack of a better word.

  2. Allison says:

    I’m bummed out that Ethan was voted out tonight. What a blindside, I was caught off guard.
    I really want Ethan to come back and win.
    I really am curious Of who voted for who, which Wasn’t shown at the end of survivor tonight

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