New ‘Seal Team’ Spoilers For Season 3, March 11, 2020 Episode 14 Revealed

New ‘Seal Team’ Spoilers For Season 3, March 11, 2020 Episode 14 Revealed

Hey, “Seal Team” fans. We are back in your faces to serve up a brand new set of spoiler scoops for you guys. In this article, we’re going to tell you all about what’s coming up in the next, new episode 14 of this current Seal Team season 3.

Thanks to the wonderful CBS folks, we have a couple of teaser descriptions for episode 14 via CBS’ official press release for episode 14. CBS also released a few preview photos for episode 14. So, we’re going to talk about all of that good stuff right now.

To start, we’ve got an official title for episode 14. It’s called, “Objects In Mirror.” It sounds like the new episode 14 will feature some adventurous, interesting, action-filled, intense, dramatic and fun scenes as The Bravo team travels overseas to try and rescue a hostage. The team gets special driving lessons from a NASCAR driver and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the hostage situation. It turns out that the Bravo team will indeed have another huge mission ahead of them. For this mission, they will travel overseas to participate in a foreign training exercise.

However, this training session will just be a front for their real goal, which is to come to the rescue of a high-value target that is being held hostage.

CBS’ official description for this intense hostage rescue mission tells us, “Bravo Team travels overseas for a foreign training exercise to disguise their true mission – to rescue a high-value target that is being held hostage.”


Will the Bravo team successfully pull off this very sophisticated, highly difficult mission and save the hostage? That is indeed the major question we’ll be looking to see get answered before the hour is up next week.

Whatever the case, you guys should definitely prepare to see a ton of action and drama get served up in this storyline.

The second and last teaser description lets us know that the Bravo team will be given a special lesson in this episode. At some point, NASCAR driver Austin Dillon will show up on the scene to give these guys a few pointers on how to drive like a pro.

CBS’ description for the NASCAR driving lesson session reads like this,”NASCAR driver Austin Dillon gives the team a special driving lesson.”

This particular storyline sounds pretty straight forward to us. We expect to just see the team learn a few driving tips in this scene. Nothing too crazy.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until this thing airs to be absolutely sure nothing else will go down during these driving lessons. Whatever the case, it sounds like this plotline will deliver some pretty lively scenes at the very least.

The new preview photos for episode 14 feature the entire Bravo crew very casually dressed to go get driving lessons from the NASCAR driver, and they appear to be having a good time in these scenes. The sun is shining. They’re all laughing. Everything’s great.

There’s another set of photos that feature Jason, Max and Judd having what appears to be a serious conversation. Also, there’s a couple of pics that feature the Bravo team having a big meeting. It looks interesting.

You guys can view all of the new preview photos for episode 14 over on Spoiler TV’s site by Clicking Here.

Episode 14 will feature quite a few guest stars. They are: Scott Foxx as character (Full Metal), Adelaide Kane as character (Rebecca Bowen), Alona Tal as character (Stella), Jared Farid Ward as character (Odeev), Emily Swallow as character (Natalie Pierce).

Guest stars continued: Nick Gracer as character (Prenko), Ali Saam as character (Guard Karagoz), Jamie McShane as character (Captain Lindell), Austin Dillon as character (Himself) and Deja Soufka as character (Gate Two Guard).

Episode 14 will feature a couple of recurring stars. They are: Justin Melnick as character (Brock Reynolds) and Tyler Grey as character (Trent Sawyer).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 14 are: David Boreanaz as character (Jason Hayes), Max Thieriot as character (Clay Spenser), Neil Brown Jr. as character (Ray Perry), AJ Buckley as character (Sonny Quinn), Toni Trucks as character (Lisa Davis), Jessica Paré as character (Mandy Ellis) and Judd Lormand as character (Lt. Cdr. Eric Blackburn).

Episode 14 was written by Tom Mularz, and it was directed by David Cook. CBS’ press release confirmed that episode 14 is indeed scheduled to air next Wednesday night, March 11, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Seal Team” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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