‘The Bachelor’ March 10, 2020 Dumped Hannah Ann Engagement To Be With Madison (Recap)

‘The Bachelor’ March 10, 2020 Dumped Hannah Ann Engagement To Be With Madison (Recap)

Hey,Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, March 10, 2020, was the night we’ve all been waiting for. To finally find out how Peter Weber’s mess of a season finally ended. And when I say it was a mess, I’m actually being quite nice about it.

This was a disaster, but Peter did emerge with the girl he really wanted, and I guess that’s all that really matters.

Tonight’s show kicked off with host Chris Harrison LIVE in studio in Los Angeles, California , once again, to finally wrap this season up.

He revealed that Peter’s parents were there LIVE along with jeweler Neil Lane. Also, one of Peter’s rejects Kelly Flanagan the lawyer was on hand. Why? We don’t know, but Chris pointed out that was there. So, there you go if you care.

Anyways, Chris rolled the footage of Peter back in Alice Springs Australia. Peter was seen residing to the fact that since Hannah Ann was the only one left, she must be the right one for him. He said, “It just feels right. I am choosing Hannah Ann because I’m 100 percent certain.”

They showed Neil Lane the jeweler stopping by for Peter to pick out an engagement ring. They showed Peter asking Hannah Ann’s father on facetime if he could have his daughter’s hand in marriage. I mean he went the whole 9 yards. Peter was ecstatic at this point.

Hannah was seen expressing to the private cams some doubts she was having since Peter seemed to not be giving her what she needed on their final date.

After that, Chris Harrison showed up to tell Peter at the final rose ceremony, “I’m not positive Hannah Ann is coming.” Peter said, “Are you serious? I’m about to pass out right now.”

Hannah Ann did eventually show up. She told the private cams, “I can’t go through with this unless I’m sure I’m the only one he loves.”

Next, they showed Peter telling Hannah Ann, “Madison actually left two days ago. You have a beautiful spirit. You’re one of a kind. My heart chooses you forever, and I never want to let you go. Will you marry me?” Hannah Ann said, “Oh, of course!” Then they hugged and kissed.

From there, they went back LIVE with Chris Harrison in studio. He implied that this is still not over by saying, “It looks like we have our couple or do we?”

At this point, Chris said,”The actual ending to Peter’s season will happen LIVE at the end of tonight’s show.”

Then they went back to footage of the final episode. Peter was back in the states to tell his family he’s engaged to Hannah Ann.

He told them, “I am engaged, and I’m so happy. It’s with my person. On the last day in Australia, I got down on one knee, and I asked Hannah Ann to marry me.” Peter’s mother Barb started crying profusely saying, “We love her! We love her.”

They even got on facetime with Hannah Ann to tell her how happy they are. After that, Peter and his family gathered in for a big hug.

Next, they cut to Chris Harrison LIVE in studio again to bring on Peter for a LIVE conversation. Peter told Chris, “I was so happy with my decision in that moment.”

Then Chris asked Peter about Madison, and he said, “It was hard to get rid of the two months of feelings I built up for Madison.”

At this point, it was still super early in the two-hour episode. So, we knew something else major was coming.

Next, they cut back to footage of Hannah Ann visiting Peter in Los Angeles a month after they got engaged. In this moment, Peter told Hannah Ann, “I’m so thankful for you. You have been my rock.” Hannah Ann said, “I wanna continue to be that for you no matter how hard this is.”

Then Peter gave her the break-up speech saying, “I want so badly to give you my entire heart, but I can’t do that. I’m so sorry.”

This is when we finally saw Hannah Ann get really ticked off. She told Peter, “I don’t know what to say. All I’ve ever asked for is for you to love me as much as I love you. You took away from me my first engagement. I trusted you, which is what you always asked me to do.” Then she walked off.

A few moments later, Peter went after her and told her, “I’m so sorry. This is not what I ever envisioned.” Hannah Ann said, “Why couldn’t you just let me go instead of taking this away from me?”

Peter said, “I’m so sorry for taking this away from you.” Hannah Ann said, “I can’t even look at you anymore. I just need somebody who is going to be true to their words. Not torn and conflicted all the time.

I don’t need anything more from you. You’ve done enough damage. I’m done, and I mean that. You betrayed me, and you know it. I’ll be able to move forward knowing you owned up to it. I’m strong. You don’t have to worry about me.”

Then Peter took her to her exit car. He tried to say something else to her in that moment, but she just stuck her hand in his face to back off. She didn’t want to hear anymore from him. I was thinking to myself, “Wow, what a mess.”

Back LIVE in studio, Peter said,”I never expected that. It just tore my heart out.” Peter went on to say, “My decision had a little bit to do with my feelings for Madison, and that I just couldn’t match the feelings Hannah Ann was giving me.”

As you can all imagine, Peter’s mom Barb looked extremely pissed off in the audience. The camera kept zooming in on her.

Next, Chris brought Hannah Ann out on the LIVE show. She said, “I knew things were off with us, but I felt blindsided. You kept saying words that kept me around,and I clung to them. Words are very powerful, Peter.” Peter said, “Everything you’re saying is fair. I really did love you when I said those things.”

From there, Hannah Ann blasted Peter by saying he downplayed the fact that Madison left when he proposed to her. She said, “You didn’t respect me enough to tell me everything that happened before that engagement.”

Peter said, “You’re right. There’s so many things I would’ve done differently, but this show is not a natural process. I didn’t have time to really mourn the loss of another relationship.”

Next, Hannah Ann went off on Peter again by saying there were red flags she should have caught on to. She talked about how he was still into Hannah Brown earlier in the season, and that he was still in love with Madison.

Then Hannah straight up told Peter, “If you want to be with a woman, you need to become a real man.” I was like, “Oh, snap! She popped off on Peter. That had to hurt. Ouch!”

Afterwards, Peter told Chris, “I’ll forever be sorry for what I did to her.”

At this point, Chris brought up that he went back to Auburn,Alabama to visit Madison without Peter knowing. Then they rolled footage of that visit.

Chris asked Madison, “How have you been?” Madison said, “It’s been really hard to process everything. I couldn’t sleep. It was the hardest thing I ever had to do.” Chris asked her, ” Do you regret what you did?” Madison said, “I do, and I would have done things differently.”

Next, Chris told Madison, “Peter got engaged.” In that moment, Madison looked really upset. Chris then said, “Peter has no idea I’m talking to you. He ended his engagement with Hannah Ann.”

Madison asked, “Is he ok?” Chris asked Madison, “What about you? What are you thinking right now?” Madison said, “It breaks my heart.” Chris asked Madison, “Are you in love with Peter?” Madison said, “I fell in love with Peter, and those feelings haven’t gone away, but I don’t know where his head is at. It’s confusing.”

Then Chris told Madison, “Peter ended his engagement because of his feelings for you.” Madison said, “What does he want?” Chris said, “I think in his dream, he would be with you.”

Madison then said, “If we had a second chance, I would take it in a heartbeat.” Chris said, “This is your second chance. What are you going to do?” Madison said, “I guess we’re heading to L.A.” Awww.

Next, they showed footage of Madison going to see Peter. Peter immediately smiled when he saw her and said, “What are you doing here?” Madison said, “Can we talk?”

Later, it was revealed that Peter was actually expecting Chris Harrison to show up. They joked about that. Then they got back to the footage. Peter and Madison were hugging. Peter told Madison, “I was in shock when I saw you.”

Madison said, “I’m still shaking.” Peter said, “So, why are you here?” Madison said, “Chris told me everything. I fell for you, and that never changed. It has not gone away at all. I know that I just still have so much love in my heart for you.”

Peter said, “Look, I made a million and one mistakes, but I think I know I fell in love with you. I messed up, and I’m so sorry for that. I haven’t fallen out of love with you.”

Madison said, “We can change the past you know?” Peter said, “So, what do we do?” Then they went back LIVE in studio.

Peter told Chris, “I havn’t seen Madison since that day. We’ve talked a little bit, but I haven’t gotten to see her.” Chris asked Peter, “Are you in love with Madison?” Peter said, “Yeah.” Then they brought out Madison to join the LIVE show with Peter.

Chris asked Madison, “Where’s your head right now?” Madison said, “I love Peter and that hasn’t changed since that day in Australia. Those feelings never went away. When you told me everything that happened, it was a lot to take in.”

Peter said, “We haven’t seen each other, but we’ve been able to talk. There’s still a lot of healing we have to do. To take this one day at a time, I feel is the right way to go with this.”

Next, Peter’s mother Barb explained why she was so into Hannah Ann over Madison. She said, “Here’s what they didn’t show on the footage. I clicked with Hannah Ann because she showed us so much love.

Madison showed up 3 hours late to see us, and we were tired and exhausted. When Madison finally did meet us, she didn’t give us an apology for being late, and she said she’s not in love with Peter and wouldn’t accept a proposal from him in four days. So, as a mother who loves her son, that did not come off well. We just didn’t connect with Madison.”

Madison responded to that by saying, “At the end of the day, it is what it is. I can’t change the past. I’m not ashamed of who I am. I have love and respect for Peter. Therefore, I have love and respect for his family. I would never say a negative word about them.” I thought that was very nicely put.

Peter said, “I’m willing to overcome the obstacles we have.” Barb chimed in again with more negative comments about Madison. Madison clapped back saying, “I disagree. I think that this isn’t just Peter’s journey. This is my journey too.”

Then Barb said, “Peter will have to fail to succeed. It’s not gonna work.” Then Peter interjected saying to his parents, “I’m telling you I love Madison, and that should be enough.”

Things started to get pretty heated between Madison and Barb. Madison wasn’t just taking the crap that Barb was dishing out at her. She stood up for herself.

Peter’s father chimed in saying, “There is so many differences to overcome. The beginning should be the brightest spot, and it was anything but that.”

Then Madison said, “This is our journey, and it’s something that me and Peter should be talking about in private.”

Chris Harrison definitely took that as his queue to wrap up the Peter and Madison segment and move on to the new Bachelorette headliner for the upcoming 2020 season Clare Crawley from Juan Pablo’s season, which was filmed way back in 2014.

Yeah, they decided to reach way, way back for Clare. I guess Peter’s season was just too much of a mess for them to pick any of his women to be the new Bachelorette.

Whatever the case, Clare told Chris, “This is insane. I will never give up on love.” Then they rolled footage of when Clare told Juan Pablo off during his season. Clare said, “I wouldn’t change that moment for anything. I was always that girl that let guys walk all over me. I finally stood for myself.” She got a great, big round of applause for that.

And that was it, guys. That was The Bachelor season 24 finale show,and all I can say is wow. That was a lot. We’ll be back for The Bachelorette 2020 coverage this May 2020. So, we’ll see you guys back here in two months.

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