‘Chicago Med’ Season 5, April 1, 2020 Episode 19 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

‘Chicago Med’ Season 5, April 1, 2020 Episode 19 Delayed. Not Airing Tonight

Hey,”Chicago Med” fans. We are totally back at you with a new article for your favorite show, and it pains us to have to tell you what we’re going to tell you. For some reason, NBC is not going to air the next, new episode 19 of Chicago Med’s current season 5 tonight, April 1, 2020.

However, there is some light at the end of this very dark tunnel. This delay is just for tonight. We have official confirmation from the lovely NBC folks that episode 19 is currently scheduled to air Next Wednesday night, April 8, 2020 in its usual 7 pm central standard time slot.

So, definitely get that important date and time stored in your memory banks or just right it down on something.

So, what will NBC air instead of the brand new episode 19 of Chicago Med’s current season 5 tonight? Well, according to the TV Guide listings, NBC will air a repeat episode of Chicago Med. This repeat episode will be the 10th episode of this season 5 titled, “Guess it Doesn’t Matter Anymore.”

NBC’s official description for it reads like this, “Dr. Halstead’s world is thrown into turmoil when a former patient resurfaces. April has a secret she considers confessing to Ethan. Dr. Charles tries to maintain his focus during a difficult time.”

If any of you guys have any desire to watch that repeat episode, you should go ahead and flip on NBC like you would normally do tonight. If you’re not interested in seeing this repeat episode, you will most certainly want to schedule some other arrangements as quick as you can.

With all of that said, we do have some new intel for the next, new episode 19 of Chicago Med’s current season 5. NBC served up an official press release for it. So, we’re going to tell you what it had to say.

Before we do, we must warn you that it does contain light spoiler teasers. So, if spoilers aren’t something you’re interested in seeing, we suggest that you leave this article as quickly as you can.

On the other hand, if spoilers are totally for you, and you can’t wait to see them, we suggest that you hang around until the end of this article.

Now that our spoiler warning is out there in the cosmos, let’s talk about this episode 19 press release. To start, it lets us know that episode 19 is called/titled, “JUST A RIVER IN EGYPT.”

It sounds like episode 19 will feature some possible intense, dramatic and emotional scenes. In the new episode 19, a poor 15 year old child will take a nasty spill after falling off an overpass!

In light of this very unfortunate accident, the child will be brought into the E.D. While there, Dr. Charles will evaluate the kid.

Will and Dr. Asher will have an important moment in this episode. Apparently,a very risky treatment plan will be the topic of discussion, and Will is going to take Dr.Asher’s side on the matter.

Elsewhere, Dr. Choie and Dr.Marcel will not be having a great time together. At some point, something will cause major tension between them!

NBC’s official description for episode 19 reads like this, “Dr. Charles evaluates a 15-year old who is brought into the E.D. after an apparent fall off an overpass. Will sides with Dr. Asher on a risky treatment plan. Tensions run high between Dr. Choi and Dr. Marcel.”

Again, NBC confirmed that the next, new episode 19 of Chicago Med’s current season 5 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, April 8, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Chicago Med” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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