‘Roswell New Mexico’ Season 2, May 25, 2020 Episode 11 Delayed. Not Airing

‘Roswell New Mexico’ Season 2, May 25, 2020 Episode 11 Delayed. Not Airing

Hey, “Rosewell, New Mexico” fans. Last night, if you guys tuned in to see the latest episode 11 of the current Roswell, New Mexico season 2, we imagine that most of you guys were quite disappointed. That’s because it did not air. For some reason, The CW decided it just wasn’t in the cards last night.

We can tell you that the new episode 11 is certainly scheduled to hit the airwaves on Monday night,June 1, 2020 in its usual 8 pm central standard time slot on The CW, of course. So, be sure to mark down that very important date and time on your TV show calendars as quick as you can.

So, what did The CW air instead of the next, new episode 11 of Rosewell,New Mexico season 2 last night. Well, according to the TV Guide listings, The CW decided to air a comedy special called, “HOWIE MANDEL’S 5TH ANNUAL ALL-STAR COMEDY GALA.”

CW’s official description for it reads like this, “Hosted by Howie Mandel, this special was recorded at the biggest comedy event in the world, the Just For Laughs Festival in Montreal.

The event features stand-up performances from some of the today’s hottest comedians including Ronny Chieng, Cameron Esposito, Alonzo Bodden, Anjelah Johnson, Rachel Bloom, Fortune Feimster, and many others.” It lasted from 7 pm to 8:30 pm central standard time.

Then at 8;30 pm central standard time, The CW aired a repeat of “WHOSE LINE IS IT ANYWAY?.” It was episode 9 of season 15 titled, “Jeff Davis 9.”

Anyways, with all that said, we do have some new intel for the next, new episode 11 of Rosewell,New Mexico season 2. The CW was kind enough to serve up an official press release for it. So, we’re going to go over it real quick.

However, before we do that, we must warn you guys that this press release is filled will a few spoilers teasers. So, if you don’t like spoilers, we highly advice you to punch out of this article right now.

On The other hand, if you are really into reading new spoilers and you just can’t get enough of them, we highly suggest that you stick around for the remainder of this article.

Ok, now that our spoiler warning is out there in the internet cosmos, let’s go over this new episode 11 press release. To start, it reveals that episode 11 is officially titled, “Linger.”

It sounds like episode 11 will feature some pretty interesting, possible intense and dramatic scenes.

In the new episode 11, Liz will be incredibly motivated by the prospects of her most recent scientific research. This newfound motivation will cause Liz to open up to Diego and express all the good she thinks her findings could do.

Elsewhere, Max will be very busy in this episode. At some point, we’re going to see Max bring on Kyle to help him find out what’s causing all of these recent abductions.

Michael will be in action as well. During his scenes, he will set up his own investigation into the matter concerning Alex’s disappearance.

We will also see Isobel become privy to more information about her mother Louise. In light of this, Isobel will go to see Rosa, thinking that Rosa could be the key to helping her heal.

The CW’s official description for episode 11 reads like this, “Driven by the prospects of her scientific research, Liz (Jeanine Mason) opens up to Diego (guest star Cleo Anthony) about all the good her findings could do.

Meanwhile, Max (Nathan Dean) enlists Kyle’s (Michael Trevino) help getting to the bottom of the recent abductions, while Michael (Michael Vlamis) does his own investigating into Alex’s disappearance.

Elsewhere, after learning more about her mother Louise, Isobel (Lily Cowles) pays a visit to Rosa (Amber Midthunder), in hopes that Rosa could help her begin to heal.”

Episode 11 was directed by Franklin Vallette, and it was written by Ariana Quinonez and Deirdre Mangan.

Again, The CW’s press release confirmed that the next, new episode 11 of Roswell,New Mexico season 2 is scheduled to air on Monday night, June 1, 2020 at approximately 8 pm central standard time.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Roswell, New Mexico” TV show report,but definitely stay tuned for more.

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