‘Tough As Nails’ August 5, 2020 Eliminated Luis Yuli From Individual Competitions (Recap)

‘Tough As Nails’ August 5, 2020 Eliminated Luis Yuli From Individual Competitions (Recap)

Hey,”Tough As Nails” fans. Tonight, August 5, 2020, another new episode of Tough As Nails did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant was eliminated from individual competitions when it was all said and done, thus canceling out their opportunity at the shot at $200,000 dollars.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the team challenges as usual. Host Phil Keoghan showed up to tell them all about it. In this team challenge, they had to collect 24 oil barrels by hand across an oilfield.

The first team to get all their barrels loaded up on a truck and in the correct order, won. Phil also mentioned that the team to win the most badges would get a bonus of $60,000 dollars!

The Dirty Hands team selected Myles to be their team leader for this challenge. The Savage Crew selected Tara and Linnett to be their team leaders.

During the challenge, Linnett said Michelle wasn’t respecting her and Tara’s authority. Michelle said she was trying to figure out the fastest way to get the tasks done. So, there was definitely a problem going on with them.

Dirty Hands ran into trouble memorizing the order of the barrels. They also ignored a lot of Myles’ instructions. In the end, Dirty Hands pulled out the team win, but Myles definitely let them know how ticked off he was at them for not listening to him. He shouted, “We won, but that was pure luck. The Savage Crew could’ve easily taken it from us!”

After all of that drama, The Savage Crew told Michelle she was definitely not on the same page as them in this competition. They told her she just needs to listen better next time. Michelle accepted that and agreed to do better next time.

Next up, was the individual competition. Host Phil Keoghan told them they needed to complete a lineman task. To do that, they had to climb to the top of a pole. Get rope around a dummy and rescue it by cutting it’s rope and lowering it down the pole to the ground.

They were separated into two heats of four people. Danny got to choose which four people competed in each heat. The first three people to complete this task in the groups of four avoided the overtime round.

Danny chose Callie, Myles, Luis and Murph to compete against each other in the first heat. Murph ended up finishing first. Myles finished second, and Callie finished third. So, Luis had to compete in the overtime round out of that group.

Next up, was Linda, Michelle, Young and Danny. Danny finished first. Young finished second. Linda finished third. So, Michelle had to compete in overtime against Luis.

In the overtime challenge, Michelle and Luis had to thread electrical cable through a conduit that was attached to a housing frame, and get a light bulb to turn on for the win. The first one to do it, won overtime.

Michelle really trucked along through this comp to beat Luis quite handily. So, Luis was cut from individual competitions, and he had to punch out. Michelle survived to live another day in the individual competitions.

How do you guys feel about Luis getting eliminated from the individual comps in this episode? Are you happy? Are you sad? Or do you just not care one way or the other? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new “Tough As Nails” episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, August 12, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Tough As Nails” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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