The Bachelorette December 15, 2020 Eliminated Ben Smith (Recap)

The Bachelorette December 15, 2020 Eliminated Ben Smith (Recap)

Hey,Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, December 15,2020, ABC did indeed air another a new episode of The Bachelorette 2020 edition with Tayshia Adams. This episode featured the hometown dates with the remaining 4 guys: Ivan, Ben, Zac and Brendan.

This episode kicked off with host Chris Harrison greeting the final 4 men to tell them, “All the hometowns have been moved to the La Quinta resort because of the pandemic. The families are going through quarantine,” and all that jazz.

Chris told them that Zac’s mother, dad and brother Matt would be there. Both of Ivan’s parents would be there. Ben’s sister was there. Brendan’s older brother Daniel, his wife Christy and niece Aliyah would be there.

Brendan was the first hometown date of this episode. He and Tayshia greeted each other with a great, big hug. He took her to a replica of a mini fair that’s in his hometown. When they got there, he introduced Tayshia to his niece. They all played carnival games together. They danced and rode on play horses. They appeared to have a lot of fun.

During the second half of their date, Tayshia met Brendan’s family. Brendan and his brother Daniel talked. Tayshia talked with Brendan’s sister in law Christy.

Tayshia also talked with Daniel. They had a good conversation about Brendan. She told the private cams, “My talk with Daniel felt so good.” After all that, Tayshia and Brendan kissed to end their hometown date. Tayshia told the private cams, “I could really see myself with Brendan after this.”

Next up, was Tayshia and Zac’s hometown date. They greeted each other with a hug and kiss. He took her to go ride in a fake taxi prop. He was showing her what it’s like to live in New York. He took her to get some bagels. They talked for a bit. He told her, “My family is gonna love you.” Then they ended up in a small mini pool and kissed.

Tayshia told the private cams, “I had the best time with Zac in his New York date. I’m really nervous to meet his family.”

Next, Zac took Tayshia to meet his family. Tayshia talked with Zac’s brother Matthew. Matthew asked Tayshia, “Where are you at with Zac in comparison to the other three guys?” Tayshia said, “I’m really in love with Zac, and I can see myself marrying him.”

Matthew said, “Yeah, but you didn’t answer my question.” Tayshia told Matt, “Well, I don’t want to bring up the other relationships on this date.” After that, Matt backed off that aggressive line of questioning.

Tayshia talked with Zac’s father Douglas. He told Tayshia, “I’m happy to see you make him smile.” Zac talked with his mother Beatrice. Zac told Beatrice, “Nobody’s been able to touch me like Tayshia has.”

Beatrice told Tayshia, “I’m really happy for Zac. I think he’s ready for love. I hope it happens for you and Zac.” After the family time, Zac and Tayshia kissed each other goodbye.

Next, Tayshia greeted Ivan with a hug and kiss for their hometown date. He took her to do some cooking. He mentioned that he’s friends with one of the top Filipino chefs in the world.

Tayshia told the private cams, “I love that Ivan brought me in to make something special for his family. I like that his dates are down to earth and something we would regularly do.”

After the cooking, they talked about meeting his family and kissed. Ivan reassured Tayshia that they will love her. Next, Ivan took Tayshia to meet his parents. They greeted her with a big smile and a hug.

Tayshia talked with Ivan’s mother and his father Clarance. Clarance said, “I was really impressed with Tayshia, and I think they could be a very good match.” Ivan’s brother Gabriel also showed up to greet him with a hug. It was a very emotional moment.

Gabriel and Ivan talked. Gabriel told Ivan, “I’m glad to be here for you for once.”

Gabriel talked with Tayshia. He told Tayshia , “I like you two together” after questioning her a bit. Afterwards, Tayshia told Ivan, “I loved talking to your family. I get where you come from now.” Then they ended their date with some more kissing.

Tayshia greeted Ben with a big hug and kiss. He took her to go roller blading. Then He took her to a pool to chill out and talk at one point. They talked about meeting his family. Then they went swimming and kissed.

Next, Ben took Tayshia to meet his family. His sister Madeline and a family friend Antonia were there. He said his parents couldn’t be there because of the pandemic.

Tayshia talked with Madeline about Ben’s walls he puts up. She told Tayshia, “He wants to be vulnerable with that special person.” Ben talked with Antonia about how incredible he thinks Tayshia is. Antonia told Ben, “You’re in love with Tayshia, and you need to tell her.”

At the end of their date, Ben was going to tell Tayshia he loved her, but he choked and didn’t. He told the private cams, “I should have told Tayshia I love her, and I didn’t. Now, I’m afraid I might not get a rose because of it.”

Next, we finally got footage of the rose ceremony. Chris Harrison greeted all the guys as they walked in. Finally, Tayshia showed up to pass out the roses.

Tayshia gave out roses to: Ivan, Zac and Brendan.

That means poor Ben was on the outs with no rose. He told Tayshia, “You’ve got a great group of guys there.” Tayshia said, “Thanks. I would actually like to walk you out. I’m sorry, Ben. I really care about you, and I appreciated this week so much. I just feel like our pages aren’t aligned at this time.”

Ben said, “I’m not sure what to say. I would’ve liked a different outcome, but it is what is. I’ll be alright. I’m always alright. I’m heartbroken, but I’ll be alright.”

Tayshia told the private cams of Ben, “The fact that he couldn’t show me an ounce of emotion really disappointed me. I was like, ‘Could you please make me feel like these past few weeks meant anything to you.’

This is not how I thought it would end with Ben. I put all my energy into trying to pull things out of Ben, and I just can’t do that everytime.”

Ben told the private cams, “I should’ve of told Tayshia how I felt when I had the chance. Maybe she loved me, and she thought I didn’t love her back. If that’s the case, I f%#kin blew it.” And that was show, guys. Yep, Ben f ing blew it I would say, but he’ll be alright,guys. He’ll be alright.

Next week will be another back-to-back night of The Bachelorette episodes as this season comes to an end. That’s right, guys. Next week is finale week for this 2020 edition of The Bachelorette with Tayshia Adams. It will air on both Monday and Tuesday night, December 21 and 22, 2020 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on ABC.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette’ TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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