The Bachelor March 1, 2021 ‘Women Tell All’ Revealed (Recap)

The Bachelor March 1, 2021 ‘Women Tell All’ Revealed (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, March 1, 2021, another new episode of The Bachelor 2021 edition with Matt James did indeed air, but this one was the Women Tell All edition, which featured 15 of the previous, eliminated women returning to talk about the season and so on and so forth.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Victoria getting into an argument with Ryan. Victoria couldn’t understand why Ryan is still holding on to all of her anger. Ryan told her she’s not angry. We’re here to talk about this stuff. So, that’s what I’m doing.”

After that, Katie started going at it with Victoria for a bit over Victoria calling her names during the season. Ultimately, Victoria apologized to Katie for calling her names.

Next, Chelsea started arguing with Katie by telling her, “You made the house toxic by running and telling Matt that the house was toxic.”

Serena C said of Katie, “She just did it to light a flame.” Jessenia told said Katie didn’t do it to improve here relationship with Matt.

After all that drama, host Chris Harrison brought Brittany up on the stage to talk about her experience on the show. They rolled footage of her problems with Anna on the show. She was still very upset that Anna started spreading rumors that she was an escort. Brittany explained that she now has to constantly defend her name and that it’s hard. She was very emotional about it.

Anna told Brittany, “Nothing can justify what I did. It was awful. I’m a 100 times more sorry after watching the video back. Everything I did was wrong. I’m sorry.”

Brittany said, “I just really hope that was a genuine apology because you’ve had plenty of time to reach out to me and you didn’t.” Anna apologized again. Brittany said, “Thanks for that. I accept your apology ,and I don’t want Anna to get hated or attacked for this.”

Next, they showed some bloopers from this season. One of them featured a segment that was cut from the show. In it, the women played a game called, “What’s In The Box.” They were seen pulling out all kinds of nasty, slimy worms and what not.

The bloopers also featured the women participating in a food-eating and beer-drinking contest. It was clearly pointed out that Victoria totally cheated in both of them by throwing out her food and tossing out her beer. The women were also seen playing a game of Hide and Seek in the bloopers reel, which really showed how awkward Kit felt on that date.

Next, Katie was brought to the stage by Chris Harrison. The took a look back at her time on the show, especially when she brought the vibrator on the first night. In regards to her elimination, Katie said, “That was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I didn’t pay attention to the other relationships in the house. I thought Matt would meet my family. I was so shocked. I didn’t see it coming.”

Chris Harrison brought Abigail to the stage next. They took a look back at her journey on the how. Abigail mentioned that she had a lot of questions about how would things turn out if she had gotten the same 1 on 1 time with Matt as some of the other women. She talked about being deaf and how good of a response she’s had from the public since being on the show.

Pieper was brought to the stage next. They took a look back at her time on the show, and there was definitely a lot of crying going on. About her exit, Pieper said she was very emotional in that moment. She said, “I was just as shocked ,now, as I was in that moment. I was 100 percent in love with Matt. I was absolutely heartbroken, but I’m glad that I did this. I’ve grown as a person, and I’m proud of myself.”

Serena P was next to get brought to the stage. She dumped Matt, but she said there were a lot of times where she saw her an him together at the end of this thing.

They took a look back at her time on the show. She mentioned that things definitely took a turn for her during the hometowns dates. She said, “When I was around my family, I wasn’t feeling 100 percent sure that Matt was my person, and that seed just grew from there.

I care about Matt so much. The last thing I wanted to ever do was hurt him, but I was doing a disservice to him by staying. He deserved to explore the other relationships, and I just hope he’s happy. I want the best for him.”

Next, Matt ,himself, finally hit the stage to talk to Chris and the ladies. First, he talked about his new beard for a second. He said he’s wiser now. So, it’s his wisdom beard. He went on to say, “Nothing can prepare you for a show like this. I tried to be as realistic as possible with the women. I didn’t want to judge any of them for the way they acted or reacted to certain things because I didn’t go through what they went through. I’ve never been on the other end of this where I’m competing with 30 other people.”

Matt told MJ, “I wish we could have had more time to explore our relationship, but I had to deal with these things as they come.” MJ was ok with it, and she said, “We’re all just learning here.”

He told Anna he knew it was just a lapse in judgement on her part for making the escort comments about Brittany. He told all the women, “I don’t think any of you are bad people because I know your hearts.” He even said that about crazy Victoria.

Victoria apologized for causing so much drama. She told Matt, “I had such a fear of rejection, which is why I exited so dramatically.” Matt told her not to worry about it. “I’ve always had nothing but good things to say about you when people ask me about you.” Victoria said, “I appreciate that.”

Matt talked to Katie. He said he liked her playfulness and her courage. After all of that, they showed more bloopers of how Matt kisses with his eyes open. He said it was kind of weird after watching it back. “It’s just something I’ve always done,” he said. Everyone had a good laugh over it.

Matt told the ladies, “I learned a lot from you, and I hope you learned a lot so we can all be better people for it.” Abigail told Matt, “I enjoyed my entire experience.” Pieper told Matt, “I enjoyed our time together. What led to me going that night?” Matt explained to her, “My other relationships just progressed further along with the others, and it it wouldn’t have been fair to you to keep things going, especially going into hometowns.”

Matt told Serena P of her deciding to leave, “It was hard, but I’m happy you came to your conclusion and are getting closer to finding what you’re looking for.” She said, “I hope that you found what you’re looking for.” They ended the show off with another round of bloopers and a sneak peek of the rest of this season. There’s definitely going to be a lot of drama coming up.

The next, new episode of The Bachelor 2021 edition with Matt James is scheduled to air next Monday night, March 8, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

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