MasterChef Season 11, July 14, 2021 Eliminated Miles Gateff (Recap)

MasterChef Season 11, July 14, 2021 Eliminated Miles Gateff (Recap)

Hey, “MasterChef” fans. Tonight, July 14, 2021, another new episode of MasterChef season 11 did indeed air with judges: Gordon Ramsay, Aarón Sanchez, and Joe Bastianich, and another unlucky contestant got sent packing when it was all said and done.

They brought on legendary, Italian chef Nancy Silverton to be a 4th, guest judge. They revealed that the challenge for the contestants in this episode will be to make a fresh pasta dish. Then, Nancy and Joe cooked up a demonstration pasta dish.

Next, the contestants were told they had 1 hour to make their fresh pasta dish. They were also told that the winning dish gets an exclusive vip dinner for two at Joe and Nancy’s restaurant in Los Angeles.

During the competition, Miles said he’s making a ragu dish. He was confident about it, having made pasta before. Suu said she’s making something really delicious.

Autumn told Aaron and Gordon she’s making a beet and ricotta tortellini dish. Miles told Nancy & Joe he’s making a pesto fettuccine dish. Joe told Miles, “Don’t overcomplicate it.” Nancy told him, “You might be using too many pine nuts.”

Michael told Gordon and Aaron about his dish. They gave him some advice. They told him, “Don’t cook it fully in the butter.”

Lexy told Joe & Nancy she’s making a lasagna dish. They told her, “Good luck.” Alejandro told Gordon and Aaron about his dish.

At one point, Gordon said Miles seemed lost. Then they cut to Miles saying his first batch of pesto didn’t turn out right, and that he had to redo it with 25 minutes left to go.

Tay mentioned that he’s making a crab ravioli dish. Anne told Joe & Nancy about her dish. They gave her some advice.

Abe told Gordon and Aaron he’s making a ravioli dish. They gave him some advice. Aaron told him, “Don’t be afraid to get the excess water off.”

Alejandro told Joe & Nancy about his dish. Joe told Alejandro, “Your fettuccine is super thin , and you have a very low margin of error with that. Good luck.”

The judges talked among each other ,and they said that Miles dish seemed very complicated.

When the competition was over, Miles explained how he had to remake his pesto because the first serving was extremely bitter. Michael seemed somewhat confident in his dish. He said, “We’ll see if it’s good enough.”

The judges walked around and took a look at the dishes. Gordon told Miles, “You burnt your pine nuts twice. This isn’t Masterchef junior.”

Next, they revealed that Anne, Autumn, Kelsey and Lexy had the top 4 dishes of this round. Anne presented her pappardelle dish. She added pancetta, asparagus, peas and cream sauce to it. Gordon said, “It’s cooked beautifully.” Nancy said, “I respect the simplicity of it.” Aaron said, “It kept my palate engaged.” Joe said, “It’s done well in an excessive way.”

Autumn presented a lemon ricotta dish. She added beet tortellini, white wine, leek sauce, beets and pea tendrils to it. Joe said, “The structure of the tortellini is perfect.” Aaron said, “It taste as good as it looks.” Nancy said, “It’s perfect.” Gordon said, “I would be happy to serve it in my restaurant. It’s that good.”

Kelsey presented a tagliatelle dish. She added lobster, peas and tarragon cream sauce to it. Joe said, “The lobster steals the show.” Aaron said, “You cooked it great.” Nancy said, “It’s great. It’s seasoned correctly.” Gordon said, “Well done. It seems more like a dish that would be served when we got down to the top 5 contestants instead of the top 10 .”

Lexy presented her lasagna dish. She added Italian sausage and ricotta to it. Gordon said, “It looks delicious.” Nancy said, “It’s everything I want in lasagna.” Gordon said, “Well done.” Aaron said, “I liked the vegetables.” Joe said, “Great job.”

After all of that, the judges revealed that Autumn served up the best dish of this round. So, she won the dinner for two prize. Autumn, Anne, Kelsey and Lexy were pronounced safe from elimination and officially in to the top 10.

The bottom 3 dishes belonged to: Miles, Alejandro and Michael. Miles presented his pesto fettuccine dish. He added beef and pork ragu to it. Gordon said, “It looks bizarre. You overshot it. It screamed out of control.” Nancy said, “It’s a sign of a young chef trying to do too much.” Aaron said, “This is really disappointing.” Joe said, “This isn’t a dish. It’s a series of your mistakes plated for us to eat.”

Alejandro presented a tagliatelle pomodoro dish. He added grilled octopus to it. Gordon said, “You overcomplicated this dish.” Aaron said, “It’s just not right.” Joe said, “It taste like something heated in a microwave.” Nancy said, “If it was an octopus competition, you would’ve won it. It’s unfortunate.”

Michael presented a gnocchi dish. He added poached lobster, crispy pancetta, peas and butter sauce to it. Joe said, “There was a major technical error with the butter.” Gordon said, “It’s insufficiently cooked.” Nancy said, “It’s very one note in its flavor.” Aaron said, “The lobster is cooked well.” Joe said, “There were technical problems, but it’s not entirely bad.”

After all of that, the judges announced that Miles had the worst dish of this round, and he’s unfortunately eliminated. In his closing words, Miles said, “It’s been an amazing experience. I’m sorry I couldn’t serve you something better. This, for sure, isn’t the last you’ll see of me on my culinary journey.”

How do you guys feel about Miles Gateff getting eliminated in tonight’s July 14, 2021 episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new MasterChef season 11 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, July 21, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on FOX.

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