Big Brother September 23, 2021 Evicted Kyland Young (Recap)

Big Brother September 23, 2021 Evicted Kyland Young (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, September 23, 2021, another LIVE eviction episode for Big Brother season 23 did indeed air ,and another unlucky houseguest was sent packing and off to the jury house, leaving us with our final three houseguests.

Tonight’s LIVE eviction episode kicked off with more footage of what went on in the house this past week after Xavier won the last POV (Power Of Veto) competition.

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Kyland kept pressing Derek F that he should keep him over Azah because they made a deal. Kyland also pointed out to Derek F that he’s kept all of his deals. So, Derek F should keep his. “I would appreciate the same in return,” Kyland said.

Azah told the private cams, “I’m nervous about where Derek F’s vote is going to go this week.” Azah told Derek F and Xavier, “I have no problems getting rid of Kyland. Xavier can take me off the block instead.” Azah also told the private cams, “I have no problems sending Kyland home. I’ve been trying to get him out since week 6.”

We also got footage of Azah and Derek F arguing over which of them did more in this game for each other. Azah clearly thought nobody carried her to this point. Meanwhile, Derek F was quite adamant in thinking that he did a lot to help Azah get to this point. He mentioned that he kept Azah from getting targeted a few times and so on and so forth.

Azah went and complained to Xavier about Derek F not thinking she’s done that much in the game to get to where she’s at. Xavier told Azah, “You know what you did to get here. So, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks.”

Derek F told Xavier, “Azah is getting on my last nerve. Her pettiness doesn’t work for me. I’m over it.”

Xavier told the private cams, “I’m considering taking Azah off the block because I don’t trust that Derek F is going to send Kyland home.”

After all of that, we got a look at more jury house footage. Tiffany joined them after her eviction. Then, they watched a video of her eviction week. The jury members didn’t agree with Kyland getting rid of Tiffany. They thought he should’ve definitely taken a shot at Xavier.

Tiffany told the rest of the jury members about the Cookout alliance saying, they started it on day one. She went on to tell them she created the master plan, which entailed the Cookout members forming their side/sub alliances. The jury members were really impressed with it. Claire said she was so impressed with Tiffany’s master plan and that she was proud to be Tiffany’s number outside of the Cookout alliance.

Next, Hannah joined the jury house. Then, they watched a video of her Big Brother exit. The jury members couldn’t believe that Azah didn’t nominate Xavier and Kyland for eviction during the double eviction episode when she won HOH (Head Of Household).

Sarah said, “Xavier had better jury management than Kyland. I’m not happy with the way Kyland lied to me and manipulated me.” Hannah said, “I’m not bitter at Azah for sending me out. I just hope she didn’t make a $750,000 dollar mistake.”

Next, the POV ceremony finally took place. Xavier decided not to use the veto. So, Derek F was the one and only vote this week.

The eviction nominees Azah and Kylad gave their plea speeches. Then, Derek F stood up and said, “From a game stand point, I owe no one. I’ve played this game strictly for myself.” Then, he evicted Kyland.

Kyland didn’t leave peacefully either. He started asking Xavier and Derek F why they didn’t honor their deal. They tried to explain to him that it’s just how the game works. They thought they had a better chance at winning with him gone.

Kyland said to Xavier, “You couldn’t give me heads up?” Xavier said, “I respected you too much as a player. If I told you I wanted you out, you could’ve went to Derek F and possibly changed his mind to keeping you.”

Then, Kyland started mentioning something about Xavier’s nephew and about him raising him right. Kyland just couldn’t understand why Xavier didn’t honor his deal with him. Xavier started getting mad about Kyland talking about his nephew. Things started to get heated!

Eventually, host Julie Chen-Moonves finally had to yell at Kyland saying, “Kyland, I need to you leave the house right now!” After that, Kyland finally gave up and left to go give his exit interview to Julie.

Julie asked Kyland, “Are you shocked that Derek F evicted you?” Kyland just rambled on like he usually does and didn’t really give a clear answer. I honestly don’t know what he said. It definitely wasn’t a straight up yes or no answer like it should’ve been.

Julie asked Kyland, “Were you surprised Xavier didn’t save you with the veto?” Kyland said, “I knew what was going on when Xavier didn’t use the veto.” From there, Kyland rambled on about some other things that didn’t make sense. Honestly, it was a terrible interview because Kyland just talks and talks about literally nothing.

After that excruciating Kyland interview finally ended, Julie revealed that they’re doubling the America’s favorite houseguest prize. So, that lucky person will get $50,000 dollars instead of the usual $25,000 dollars.

Julie also said there will be a special, Big Brother episode airing tomorrow night, September 24, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time. It’s just going to feature the final three houseguests: Xavier,Azah and Derek F getting messages from their loved ones and some other filler content. They’ll probably take a look back at memories of this season. You know? One of those type of episodes.

Then, this Sunday night, September 26, 2021, another Big Brother episode will air at 7 pm central standard time. It will feature the first part of the final 3-part HOH competition.

How do you guys feel about Kyland getting evicted in tonight’s LIVE eviction episode? Let us know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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