Big Brother September 29, 2021 Xavier Prather Won The Season In Finale Episode (Recap)

Big Brother September 29, 2021 Xavier Prather Won The Season In Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey, “Big Brother” fans. Tonight, September 29, 2021, the LIVE finale episode of Big Brother season 23 did indeed air, and we finally found out who won this darn season.

Tonight’s LIVE finale episode kicked off with a look back at the entire season. Then, they showed Azah and Derek F’s second round HOH (Head Of Household) competition footage. It was titled, “Four Of A Kind” slot machine. It was a physical/quiz challenge. Whoever finished it with the fastest time, won. Azah won with 13:19 over Derek F’s 20:22 time.

Derek F told the private cams of Azah, “I carried this girl all the way here. So, she owes me if she wins.” Azah told the private cams, “Derek F has hurt my feelings with what he thinks of my game.” Derek F told Azah, “If I sit next to you, I lose.”

Azah and Derek F started arguing about Derek F constantly changing his mind about who he wants to take to the final two. Azah told the private cams she’s starting to doubt whether she wants to take Derek F to the final two. “I don’t like the way he talks to me ,and how he feels about my game play,” she said.

Azah told Xavier, “I wanna take you to the final two.” Xavier, of course, loved that. Azah told the private cams, “I want someone at the final 2 who feels I deserve it as much as I do.”

Azah told Derek F, “I’m taking Xavier to the final 2 if I win this last HOH.” Derek F told Azah, “I regret keeping you around, but that’s on me.” Then, he gave her a hug. After that, Azah started teetering back and forth again saying, “I think If I take Xavier to the final two, it might effect my friendship with Derek F outside of the house.”

Next, they showed jury house footage. Kyland joined them. He told them how everything played out with Xavier during his eviction. Claire, Hannah, Tiffany, Derek X, Sarah and Alyssa had good things to say about Xavier’s game. Kyland was still bitter.

Britini and Tiffany thought Azah’s loyalty was her strongest attribute. Claire didn’t think Azah made a strong move yet.

Derek X thought Derek F just got carried to the end. Tiffany said, “Derek F did give his all to try and win the competitions, and I can’t overlook that.”

After all of that, the 3rd round of the final 3-part HOH competition was played between Xavier and Azah. It was titled, “Houseguests Headliners.” It was a quiz. Xavier won by a score of 8-7 to claim that final HOH.

Next, Derek F and Azah gave their final plea speeches. Then, Xavier evicted Azah and kept Derek F.

Azah gave her exit interview with host Julie Chen-Moonves. Azah told Julie, “I got tripped up on that first question of the final HOH comp, and I knew it. I did everything I could. So, I don’t regret anything that I did in this game.”

Azah also told Julie, “I would’ve taken Xavier to the final two if I had of won that last HOH comp. I felt like Xavier would be a great representative as the first African American winner. I’m not the person to win Big Brother this year, and I’m happy with that.”

Next, Azah joined the rest of the jury LIVE on stage. Julie told them Xavier won the final HOH comp. Then, they asked Xavier and Derek F some questions.

During the questions segment, Derek F said he started the Cookout alliance, which was an outright lie. He also said, “I made you guys laugh and then sent you home. I put in the work. I gave it my all in every comp. I put everyone else before myself. I volunteered to be a pawn. I protected Xavier. I came in knowing what I was going to do. I never gave up. I can’t say anything bad about Xavier. He deserves to win this as much as I do.”

Xavier pointed out moves that he did, which no one knew about like allowing Derek X to win one of those early HOH comps to get Christian out. He said, “I played well from a team standpoint and from an alliance standpoint. Individually, I won 7 comps in total. I was the ultimate pawn and ultimate competitor.”

Next, the jury casts their votes for the winner. Then, the first, 5 evicted houseguests: Travis, Frenchie, Witney, Brent and Christian joined via Zoom video. Christian commended the Cookout alliance. Brent commended Tiffany’s game play. “I did not see her strategy coming,” he said.

Claire revealed that she’s really an artificial intelligence engineer. Sarah revealed that she’s really a forensic scientist. Hannah revealed that she’s really an academic prodigy. Derek F revealed that he’s really the son of Smokin Jo Frazier boxing champion. Britini revealed that she is autistic and a black belt in karate. Of course, Xavier revealed that he’s really a fully licensed attorney.

Julie also brought up the drama that Kyland caused with Xavier when he was evicted. Kyland said he didn’t mean to offend Xavier in any way. “Of course, I apologize if I did,” he said. Xavier said, “I just didn’t see why you needed to bring up my nephew’s name.” Julie cut them off saying, “You two obviously have a lot to talk about.”

Then, Julie revealed to the houseguests that America’s Favorite Housguests will be getting $50,000 dollars instead of the usual $25,000 dollars.

Finally, Julie revealed the votes for who won this season. Britini, Derek X, Sarah, Claire, Alyssa, Kyland, Tiffany, Azah and Hannah all voted for Xavier to win. So, Xavier won by a convincing unanimous 9-0 vote over Derek F. Xavier walked away with the $750,000 dollar grand prize. Derek F won $75,000 dollars for his runner-up spot.

Julie revealed that Tiffany won America’s Favorite houseguest prize of $50,000 dollars! Lastly, Julie wrapped up everything by saying that a brand new season 3 of Celebrity Big Brother will be airing this February 2022. So, look out for that.

How do you guys feel about Xavier Prather winning Big Brother season 23? Let s know in the comments section.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Big Brother” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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