Survivor October 13, 2021 Voted Off Jairus “JD” Robinson (Recap)

Survivor October 13, 2021 Voted Off Jairus “JD” Robinson (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, October 13, 2021, another new episode of Survivor season 41 did indeed air and another unlucky contestant did get voted off the island.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Genie of the Ua tribe telling the private cams that she felt blindsided by how the voting went at the last tribal council, which sent Brad home. Genie was claiming that she was working with Brad. In response to that, Shantel pointed out that Brad was loyal to her. “He revealed his advantage to me. He was actually loyal to me,” she said.

Then, JD got ticked off because Shantel made him feel guilty about hiding his advantage when she was hiding Brad’s advantage. JD confronted Shantel about it. Shantel claimed, “It wasn’t the same thing because Brad gave me that information in confidants.” JD wasn’t having it and told her, “Give me my advantage back.” Shantel said, “You can have it back,” and she gave it back to him.

Next, host Jeff Probst showed up with a Rewards challenge. During it, the tribes had to get a ball through an obstacle course. Then, they had to dig for some balls in the sand. From there, they had to land 4 balls on top of an apparatus without them falling off for the win. Naseer and Erica sat out of this comp.

Heather of the Luvu tribe couldn’t ever make it past the first obstacle course. So, her tribe could never make it to the final stage to win. She cried about it, but they gave her support and told her it was ok.

The Ua tribe finished first. The Yase tribe finished second. For their troubles, the Ua tribe won a day with a survival expert to teach them how to live off the land. The Yase tribe won a fish meal.

They showed footage of the Yase tribe enjoying their fish meal, and the Ua tribe getting tips from Nathan who was their survival expert. He caught fish for them and some other stuff.

At the Luvu tribe, Erika started complaining to Deshawn about Sydney saying, she wanted her gone. Deshawn told the private cams, “I’ve always been weary of Erika. She’s sneaky, sneaky.” Deshawn ran back and told Sydney that Erika mentioned her name as a target.

Deshawn campaigned to Danny to get rid of Erika if they lose the immunity challenge. In fact, Deshawn went as far as to tell Danny, “We should throw the immunity challenge just to get Erika out.” Danny didn’t like that idea. He told the private cams that it just seemed so wrong.

Next up, was the immunity challenge. During it, the tribes had to swim for bags of logs. Then, they had to swim back to shore and push the logs through an apparatus that cut the logs. Then, they had to find a key in the chopped logs so they could retrieve some rings. Then, they had to toss three rings onto an apparatus without them falling off for the win.

Deshawn admitted to the private cams that he was trying to throw the challenge, but the Yase tribe was so slow that it didn’t matter. Sydney and Heather sat out of this challenge. In the end, the Yase tribe finished first, and the Luvu tribe finished second due to Naseer coming through for them on the ring toss.

Deshawn told the private cams, “I’m happy for Naseer. I just wish he wouldn’t have come through on this particular challenge.”

Since the Ua tribe finished last, they had to figure out who to vote off next. Shantel complained to the private cams about JD trying to be a showoff during the immunity challenge.

JD told the private cams, “I have to get rid of Genie and convince her not to roll her safety rock.” Genie told Shantel that she wanted to vote out Ricard. Shantel told Genie, “I want JD out. JD is not trustworthy. He is not stable.”

Shantel told Ricard she was going to try and get JD to give her his advantage again. So, Shantel went and tried to get JD’s advantage by accusing him of trying to get her out. When JD denied that, Shantel told JD, “If you give me your advantage, it would be a token of trust.” JD fail for Shantel’s bait and give her his extra vote advantage again.

JD campaigned to Shantel and Ricard to vote Genie off. Meanwhile, Shantel contemplated getting rid of JD with his own extra vote advantage he gave her!

At the Ua tribal council meeting, they talked general game play and about not wanting to go home. Then, they cast their votes. JD ended up getting 3 votes, and Genie got 1 vote.

So, by a 3-1 vote, JD was voted off the island. On his way out, JD tried to ask them, “Was there any particular reason?” They just told JD, “We love you, JD,” and off he went after getting his torch burnt out.

How do you guys feel about Jairus “JD” Robinson getting voted off of Survivor season 41 in tonight’s October 13, 2021 episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new Survivor season 41 episode is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, October 20, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

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