New The Equalizer Season 2 Spoilers For November 28, 2021 Episode 7 Revealed

New The Equalizer Season 2 Spoilers For November 28, 2021 Episode 7 Revealed

Hey, “The Equalizer” fans. We hope you guys totally enjoyed what episode 6 delivered tonight, especially since it was delayed last week. Now that it’s officially in the history books, it’s time for us to, once again, jump back on here and give you a brief, spoiler rundown of what’s going down in the next, new episode 7 of The Equalizer’s current season 2, which is currently set to arrive next Sunday night, November 28, 2021.

As usual, we were able to gather up another new set of official teaser scoops for the new episode 7 via CBS’ official episode 7 press release. So, we’re going to see what they’re all about right now.

To start, CBS revealed that this new episode 7 is officially named/titled, “When Worlds Collide.” It sounds like episode 7 will feature some very interesting, intense, dramatic, emotional, possible action-filled and suspenseful scenes as Bishop needs help with a terrorist situation. Aunt Vi gets nostalgic about romance and more.

We’ll go ahead and start off this spoiler session with the Bishop situation. It turns out that a terrorist from Bishop’s past will track down the location of his adult son. Apparently, Bishop has been trying to keep his son secret for decades in an effort to keep him safe. Now that the terrorist has found Bishop’s son, Bishop will react by running to McCall, Harry and Mel to get their assistance in the matter.

CBS’ official description for this Bishop, McCall, Harry and Mel storyline tells us, “Bishop comes to McCall, Harry and Mel for help when a terrorist from his past uncovers the identity of his adult son, a young man Bishop has kept secret for decades to safeguard him from his intelligence work.”


The second and last spoiler scoop for this new episode 7 lets us know that Aunt Vi is going to get a surprise visitor at some point. Whoever this visitor is, they’re going to cause her to get real nostalgic about a former, romantic relationship she had.

CBS’ description for this latest Aunt Vi storyline reads like this, “Aunt Vi becomes nostalgic about a past romantic relationship when she receives a surprise visitor.”

Episode 7 will feature quite a few guest stars. They are: Wesam Keesh as character (Zade), Anthony Azizi as character (Hassan Talib), Richard Haddad as character (Hadid Bashir), Jasmine Johnson as character (Kathy), Shez Sardar as character (Yusuf).

Guest stars continued: Maggie Parto as character (Rahima), Tamer Abedrabbo as character (Farid), Cayleb Long as character (Agent Maddox), Stephanie Chloé Hepner as character (TSA Agent), John Toon as character (NYPD Officer) and Anais Almonte as character (Fed).

The season regulars that will be featured in episode 7 are: Queen Latifah as character (Robyn McCall), Tory Kittles as character (Detective Marcus Dante), Adam Goldberg as character (Harry Keshegian), Liza Lapira as character (Melody “Mel” Bayani), Laya DeLeon Hayes as character (Delilah), Lorraine Toussaint as character (Viola “Vi” Marsette) and Chris Noth as character (William Bishop).

Episode 7 was written by Rob Hanning, and it was directed by John Terlesky.

CBS’ press release confirmed that the next, new episode 7 of The Equalizer’s current season 2 is indeed scheduled to hit the air next Sunday night, November 28, 2021 at approximately 8 pm central standard time. It will also be available to stream live and on demand on Paramount+*.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Equalizer” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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  1. donna says:

    When does The Equalizer Season 3 start? Will it be on CBS local channels? This is my first year of watching and I love the show and hope to watch for many seasons to come.

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