Survivor December 1, 2021 Voted Off Liana Wallace (Recap)

Survivor December 1, 2021 Voted Off Liana Wallace (Recap)

Hey, Survivor fans. Tonight,December 1, 2021, another new episode of Survivor season 41 did indeed air, and another unlucky contestant did get sent packing at the end.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Liana complaining about being blindsided by Deshawn at the last tribal council, which sent her best pal Shantel into the jury. Liana complained to Danny and Deshawn. Then, they blamed Ricard for blindsiding Shantel since it was his idea. Liana told Deshawn and Danny, “It’s about to get real.”

At one point, Ricard was seen explaining that he and Shantel had an understanding that they would have to take each other out at some point, which is why Shantel gave him her vote for a million dollars and called Deshawn a snake at the last tribal council. Deshawn was real mad that Shantel called him a snake on her way out.

Liana told the private cams, “I know people lie in this game, but it hurts the most when it’s from people you think you can trust. I want Deshawn out. I agree with Shantel that what Deshawn pulled was a snake move, and I’m gonna bite back.”

Next, was the immunity challenge. For it, they had to balance a ball on a cylinder with handles. They had to keep adding more sections of cylinder to make it more difficult. The last one standing with their ball still balanced, won immunity.

Host Jeff Probst also revealed a new twist called, “Do or Die.” The first person to drop their ball in the immunity challenge had to do the “Do or Die” challenge. If they lost the “Do or Die” challenge, they were immediately eliminated from the game without being voted off.

If they won it, they were safe and could not be voted out. Since the stakes were so high, the contestants were given a choice to compete in the immunity challenge. If they sat out, they would be safe from possibly having to do the “Do or Die” challenge. However, they wouldn’t get a shot at winning immunity.

Heather and Liana decided to sit out of the immunity challenge to avoid possibly having to do the “Do Or Die” challenge. During the immunity challenge, Deshawn was the first one to drop his ball. So, he had to do the “Do or Die” challenge. Danny ended up winning the immunity challenge.

Deshawn told the private cams of his “Do Or Die” fate, “At least this way, I have a fighting chance because I had a huge target on my back.” Deshawn and Danny talked about getting rid of Ricard at the next tribal council.

Danny campaigned to Xander to vote out Ricard. Xander told the private cams, “I don’t want to see Ricard go because I’ll be the next target if he goes. My alliance is Ricard, Erika and Heather. We have the majority. To vote Ricard out would be a stupid move.” Xander pretended to go along with Danny and Deshawn’s plan at targeting Ricard. Xander also said he doesn’t trust Liana.

Erika told the private cams, “I’m scared Ricard could win this game.” Xander told Ricard, “Erika is getting skirmish about keeping you.”

At tribal council, Deshawn teared up about having to vote Shantel out saying that the game intersected with morals. Then, they got into a big conversation about representing their race on the show.

Next, Deshawn finally did his “Do or Die” challenge. For it, Deshawn had to choose between 3 boxes that contained two skulls and 1 flame. If he picked a box with a skull, he was eliminated. If he picked the one and only box with a flame, he was safe. Deshawn did end up picking the box with a flame. So, he was very, very friggin lucky. Everyone was holding their breath when it went down. After that intense “Do or Die” challenge, they finally voted.

Liana got 5 votes ,and Ricard got 3 votes. So, with 5 votes, Liana was voted off. She told everyone, “Good game, you guys. By ya’ll. Play hard.” How do you guys feel about Liana Wallace getting voted off Survivor season 41 in tonight’s December 1, 2021 episode? Let us know in the comments section.

The next, new episode of Survivor season 41 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, December 8, 2021 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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