The Bachelorette December 21, 2021 Michelle Picked Her Final Guy In Finale Episode (Recap)

The Bachelorette December 21, 2021 Michelle Picked Her Final Guy In Finale Episode (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, December 21, 2021, the finale episode for The Bachelor 2021 edition with headliner Michelle Young did indeed air, and we finally found out who the heck Michelle picked to be her husband for life.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with Michelle talking about how she let Joe go in the last episode and being excited about possibly getting engaged in this episode. Michelle told the private cams good things about her final two guys Nayte and Brandon.

Next, Michelle greeted her mother LaVonne, father Ephraim and sister Angela who arrived to meet Michelle’s final two guys and give their opinion. Michelle talked with her family about her final two men. LaVonne and Ephraim definitely had a preference for Brandon since they already met him earlier in the season and liked what they saw.

Brandon showed up, first, to meet Michelle’s parents. He brought flowers for Michelle’s mother. Michelle’s family greeted him with hugs and smiles. Brandon bought her dad some new swimming trunks to make up for wearing his trunks in the pool the last time.

Brandon talked with Michelle’s father Ephraim. Brandon told Ephraim he’s totally ok with supporting Michelle’s future ambitions and dreams. Ephraim told both Brandon and the private cams he would gladly accept Brandon into their family if Michelle picks him.

Brandon told Michelle’s mother LaVonne, “I told Michelle I’m in love with her, and I would gladly move to Minnesota to start a life with her. My job is remote so that would not be a problem.” LaVonne told Brandon, “I can see that you really love Michelle, and you would be welcomed into our family. I would be so happy if you’re here in the end.” LaVonne told the private cams, “I can feel how much Brandon loves Michelle.”

Brandon told Michelle, “I can’t wait to be a part of your family if I get the opportunity.” Then, they kissed. Michelle told the private cams, “I’m really happy my family sees how wonderful Brandon is because I keep falling more and more in love with him. I could really see him being somebody I enjoy my life with.”

Next, it was Nayte’s turn to meet Michelle’s family. They greeted Nayte with hugs and smiles as well. Nayte told them, “I’m really happy I’m here.” Michelle and Nayte talked about their journey for a bit. Nayte revealed to them that he told Michelle he’s falling in love with her.

Michelle’s father Ephraim told the private cams, “I get a different vibe with Nayte. I think Brandon was much warmer.” Ephraim talked with Nayte. Nayte told Ephraim, “I want to propose to Michelle, but I don’t know about the logistics of where we will live.” Ephraim told the private cams that he definitely does think that is a concern.

Nayte talked with Michelle’s sister Angela. Nayte told Angela, “Moving is very easy. As far as settling down in one spot, we haven’t thought about that too much. We’re all about the adventure right now.”

Nayte told Michelle’s mother LaVonne, “I’ve never been in love before. I feel like my mind and heart are pointed at Michelle. I don’t take love for granted.”

LaVonne told Nayte, “I don’t feel like you’re ready for an engagement. I don’t feel like you’re 100 percent in.” Nayte said, “I’m definitely ready. I hope I haven’t portrayed that I’m not.” LaVonne said, “You’re not real open with your emotions. I hear you saying them, but I don’t really feel them. I just hope you’re not going to hurt Michelle.”

Later, LaVonne told Michelle straight up, “I think Nayte is a very nice guy, but I just wasn’t feeling the warmth. To be honest, I don’t think he’s ready for an engagement, and I expressed that to him.” Michelle told the private cams, “What my mom said about Nayte really triggered something inside me. I deserve to be with someone who wants me as much as I want them.”

Nayte told Michelle, “Your mom’s a straight shooter, and I like that. I told her I definitely do love you a lot. I’m a 100 percent in this.” Nayte told the private cams, “I don’t ever want Michelle to question anything about me.” Michelle told the private cams, “I’m going to have to reassess things with Nayte.”

Next up, was Brandon and Michelle’s 1 on 1 date. Michelle greeted Brandon with a hug and kiss. Then, they went jet skiing. Michelle told the private cams, “I’m almost to the point of being in love with Brandon. I’m hoping this final date will get me all he way there.”

During their date, they had fun and kissed on the jet skies. They talked about how Michelle’s family loves Brandon. Brandon told Michelle, “I don’t wanna be with anyone else but you. I’m crazy about you,” and they kissed. Brandon told the private cams, “My main goal is to marry this woman at the end.”

During the second half of their date, Michelle and Brandon talked. Michelle told Brandon what her most meaningful moment was with him. Then, he gave her a gift, which was his white sweatshirt from their post-Fantasy Suite food fight.” Michelle loved it.

Michelle told Brandon, “I’m not falling in love with you. I feel like I’m already in love with you. I really am in love with you,” and they kissed. Brandon told Michelle, “I love you” again ,and they kissed. Michelle told the private cams, “Brandon loves so hard. I’ve never met anyone like that. That’s what I’ve been looking for.”

After all of that, it was Nayte’s turn for his 1 on 1 date with Michelle. She took him to see a Shaman named Raul. He performed some sort of ritual to help them open up to each other. He had them tell each other what they hope to gain out of this. At one point, the Shaman told Nayte, “I see some blockages there for you.” Nayte seemed to have trouble expressing what Michelle wanted to get from him. Michelle told the private cams, “That’s a massive red flag.”

Later, Nayte told Michelle, “I do want to be there for you through the good times and bad times, and it’s terrifying because this could really be it for me. I would be heart-broken if this gets ripped away.” Michelle told Nayte, “That’s what I wanted to hear. I’m crazy about you,” and they kissed. Nayte said, “I love you.” Michelle said, “I love you too.”

During the second half of their date, Nayte told Michelle, “I feel really good about our conversation earlier. All I think about is life with you. It’s scary knowing I could wake up tomorrow morning and never see you again.

What I hold on to is just how I feel about you. I love you,” and they kissed. Michelle said, “I do love you.” Nayte said, “I love you.” Michelle told the private cams, “All my doubts about Nayte were resolved. I think Nayte is ready for this. I think he’s my person.”

Next, Michelle was seen getting an intense love letter from Brandon. After reading it, Michelle told the private cams, “I’m in love with them both. This will be the hardest decision I’ve ever made. I’m emotionally very torn. I know I could be happy with either Brandon or Nayte.”

After that, they showed footage of Nayte and Brandon going to pick out a ring with jeweler Neil Lane.

At the final rose ceremony, Michelle told the private cams, “I know what my heart is feeling, and I have to go with that.” Brandon showed up ,first, to meet Michelle and get her decision. Brandon told the private cams, “I feel like I’m about to get engaged today.” Brandon told Michelle, “You look amazing,” and they hugged.

Brandon went on to tell Michelle, “From the first time I saw you, I knew you were unbelievably special. I believe you are the missing piece in my life. I don’t want to spend another day without you.”

Michelle told Brandon, “It’s not that I don’t love you because I do, but my heart is moving in a different direction. You will truly always have a piece of my heart.” Brandon said, “I truly want you to be happy even if it’s not with me. I will always be here for you,” and they hugged and cried. Brandon told the private cams, “What hurts the worse is there’s truly nothing I can do about it.”

Nayte went to see Michelle. Nayte told Michelle, “The first night I met you, I knew we had a connection I wanted to hold on to. I want to run away with you. You’ve shared a lot of vulnerable times in your life. I’m completely prepared to make sure you’re always chosen first. I love you, Michelle.”

Michelle told Nayte, “From the moment you stepped out of the limo, I knew there was a connection. This has not necessarily been a smooth ride, but I love you with my entire heart. I don’t want to wake up another day without you. My soulmate is standing right in front of me.”

Nayte asked Michelle, “Will you marry me? Michelle said,”Yes, of course.” Nayte said, “I love you so much,” and they hugged and kissed. Kaitlyn rushed into to congratulate them.

After all of that, they showed the “After The Final Rose,” LIVE show. Kaitlyn interviewed Brandon. Brandon said, “I’m doing good. I’m so thankful for my support system.” Kaitlyn asked Brandon, “How hard was it for you?”

Brandon said, “I just wanted the best for Michelle. I’m glad she found her person. In that moment, I thought the world was over. I truly thought I was going to marry Michelle, but the world has a strange way of working itself out. I will always love Michelle and care for her. I don’t think it’s respectful to love her in that same way because I do want her and Nayte to be happy.”

Next, Michelle came out to greet Brandon, and they hugged. Brandon told Michelle, “I’d rather hear your side of the story and get the clarity.” Michelle told Brandon, “I didn’t believe I could fall in love with two people, but it was very possible. Michelle went on to explain to Brandon why she told him, “I love you.” She said something about how she always goes all in.

Brandon said, “It was hard watching that back because I was truly in love with you. That last day was tough. At the end of the day, I do wish you the best.”

Next, Nayte came out to greet Michelle with a hug and kiss. He said after his first 1 on 1 date with Michelle, he was aware that he was falling in love with her. Michelle said, “Nayte is more vulnerable than I am. He came off weird in front of all the cameras and stuff, but when they’re not there, he’s totally open.”

Kaitlyn pointed out that Michelle’s parents are in the audience. Michelle’s mother said, “We are absolutely in love with Nayte now.” Michelle said, “Nayte always makes me feel like he will be here for me ,forever, and not just the here and now.”

Nayte said, “I’m moving to Minnesota in a couple of months. There’s no reason to wait with Michelle. Let’s do this.” ABC also gave Michelle and Nayte a down payment on their first home together.

Next, the New Bachelor 2022 edition headliner Clayton Echard came out to talk with Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn read some negative Twitter comments about him being the new Bachelor. They were pretty mean, but they made it comical. Clayton said, “I really do hope people give me a shot because I really did give it my best.”

Then, they showed a sneak peek of Clayton’s season to end the show, and that was a wrap on this Michelle Young’s season of The Bachelorette. Clayton’s new The Bachelor season starts up on January 3, 2022. So, we’ll see you then.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelorette” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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