The Bachelor January 10, 2022 Eliminated No One (Recap)

The Bachelor January 10, 2022 Eliminated No One (Recap)

Hey, Bachelor Nation fans. Tonight, January 10, 2022, another new episode of The Bachelor 2022 edition with headliner Clayton Echard did indeed air, and things got pretty wild.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with the remaining ladies talking about how excited they were to be back in the mansion in Los Angeles, CA. It’s the first time they’ve been back in the mansion since the pandemic started. Host, Jesse Palmer welcomed the ladies to the mansion before giving them their date card.

Next, Clayton took: Teddi, Enci, Melina, Gabby, Kira, Mara, Sierra, Genevieve, Serene, and Cassidy out on a group date. They went to a kid’s birthday party. Celebrity actress Hilary Duff showed up and introduced herself. Cassidy was excited to see her. Hilary told the girls they would be helping throw a girl named Maya a birthday party of her dreams.

The women were given different tasks for the party. Cassidy showed little concern for the task she was given and spent most of her time trying to get to know Clayton. At one point, Cassidy told Clayton, “I really like you,” and they kissed.

Later on, Cassidy ended up dropping the birthday cake. That really ticked Genevieve off because she made the cake. Genevieve was also really ticked at Cassidy for hogging all of Clayton’s time. Cassidy told the private cams, “I definitely think I’m the frontrunner at this point.”

During the afterparty, Gabby told the private cams, “Most of the girls are getting tired of Cassidy.” Clayton talked 1 on 1 with Serene. She told him how she became a teacher, and how it changed her. Clayton like what she had to say, and they kissed. Serene told the private cams, “Things just feel right with Clayton.”

Kira told Cassidy, “You didn’t pull your weight with the decorations at the party.” The other women joined in to confront Cassidy. Cassidy said, “I wasn’t there to decorate. I’m here to date Clayton. The task thing was silly. It’s not that serious.” Cassidy told the private cams, “I’m not going to apologize. The other women are threatened by me, and they should be. Game on, b#%tches.”

Clayton talked with Teddi. She told him, “Seeing you with other girls does make me feel jealous. I think to myself, ‘Like, does he still like me?’ Clayton told Teddi, “You are more than enough. Just keep being you. I will give you all the validation you need,” and they kissed.

Clayton talked with Sierra. Clayton talked with Gabby. Clayton told the private cams, “I really like Gabby.” Clayton talked with Genevieve. Clayton talked with Cassidy. Cassidy told Clayton, “I really like you.” Clayton said, “I like you too. You made every effort to come and talk to me during the group date. I love it,” and they kissed. Clayton ended up giving Cassidy the group date rose. The other girls definitely didn’t like that. Cassidy told the private cams, “There’s not many people in this house that I see as legitimate competition.”

Next, Clayton took Susie out on a 1 on 1 date. During it, they took a helicopter ride. They flew over the mansion at one point. They talked in the helicopter. Clayton told the private cams of Susie, “I like this vibe I’m getting from her.” They eventually landed on a boat.

Clayton told Susie, “This is so fun.” He told the private cams, “Susie is so sweet and appreciative. There’s more here than I had anticipated.” Clayton told Susie, “I like what I’m seeing from you,” and they kissed.

During the second half of their date, Clayton and Susie talked about their families. Susie talked about her dad getting really sick. She said, “I really want the relationship my parents have. I think relationships are about growth, and the progress never stops.”

Clayton told Susie, “I couldn’t have asked for a better date. It was so phenomenal.” Then Clayton took Susie to a private concert from singer Amanda Jordan. They danced and kissed during it. Then, Clayton gave Susie a rose. Susie told the private cams, “I definitely see potential with Clayton. I could see myself definitely falling in love with him.”

Next, Clayton took: Shanae, Marlena, Elizabeth, Kate, Sarah, Lyndsey, Rachel, and Tessa on a group date. During it, he took them to see comedian Ziwe. Ziwe said she was there to spot red flags. She had the women play a game of “Never Have I Ever.” During it, they were asked some serious questions about if they’ve ever cheated before and so on and so forth.

After that, the ladies had to compete in a Relationship Red Flags obstacle course. The obstacles were called, “Sliding into DMs,” “Thirst Trap” and “Breadcrumbing.” They were quite physical. At one point, Shanae shoved Elizabeth off the foam floatie in the “Breadcrumbing” challenge. Shanae told the private cams, “I pushed Elizabeth because I was trying to win.” Shenae kept getting upset because she couldn’t carry out the advice of flirting with Clayton that Cassidy gave her.

During the afterparty, Clayton talked with Elizabeth. They talked about how they used to rap and had some laughs. Then, they kissed. Elizabeth told the private cams, “That kiss was good.” Shanae kept complaining about not getting to talk to Clayton instead of just going to talk to him. She complained about Elizabeth stealing her time from Clayton.

Clayton talked with Sarah and told her, “I’m really happy you’re here.” Sarah said, “Me too. Thank you,” and they kissed. Clayton talked with Marlena. They talked about how she’s a former Olympian, and they seemed to have a good time. Clayton talked with Rachel.

Clayton talked with Shanae. She told him, “I’m frustrated because there are red flags in the house. Elizabeth is two-faced, and I don’t know if she’s here for the right reasons.” Clayton said, “I appreciate you telling me this.” Clayton told the private cams, “It’s concerning to hear this about Elizabeth.” So, he went to speak with Elizabeth about Shanae’s accusations. That made the other women immediately think that something is wrong.

Clayton told Elizabeth, ” I was told by Shanae that you’re coming across as two-faced. Why is that. What’s that dynamic between you too?” Elizabeth said, “I don’t know. I’ve been really nice to her. I actually didn’t tell you that Shanae shoved me during the red flag obstacle course today because I didn’t want to upset you with it. I’m here for you.” Clayton said, “Thank you for sharing your side of the story with me.”

Elizabeth went to confront Shanae. Shanae told Elizabeth, “You’re giving off a mean-girl vibe. You’re one way with me one minute and a different way the next. That’s two-faced to me.” Elizabeth tried to tell her she’s not trying to be two-faced with her, and they eventually hugged to end the conversation. Clayton ended up giving Sarah the group date rose.

Then, Elizabeth and Shanae argued some more because Elizabeth told Shanae, “You just told the guy I’m try to get to know that I’m two-faced and a red flag.” Shanae started saying, “You’re being two-faced again because I thought we just had a good talk about it.” Elizabeth said, “I thought about it some more, and I’m definitely not happy with what you did.” Then, Shanae ran off yelling, “I’m done!”

During the cocktail party, Clayton talked with Eliza. Eliza said, “I’m excited to be here.” Clayton said, “I love how positive you are,” and they kissed. Clayton talked with Jill. Clayton talked with Gabby, and they kissed.

Next, Shanae pulled Elizabeth aside to go another round of arguing with her. It seemed like Shanae was more into what Elizabeth was doing than actually getting to know Clayton. Shanae kept telling Elizabeth that she wasn’t giving her any attention and that she’s two-faced. It was really disturbing. Then, she brought up Elizabeth’s ADHD medical condition. That’s when Elizabeth straight up told Shanae, “I don’t think this is appropriate, and I don’t like how strongly you’re coming at me right now.”

After that, Elizabeth went back inside and told the other women how aggressive Shanae just came at her. Eventually, Shanae went back in to join the discussion, and the other women came to Elizabeth’s defense by confronting Shanae.

Elizabeth asked Shanae to apologize for telling everyone her private information about her having ADHD. Shanae gave Elizabeth a weak apology and went back to complaining about Elizabeth being two-faced. At one point, even Cassidy turned on Shanae saying, “I can’t support you in this.”

Next, Clayton talked with Cassidy. She told him, “I’m crushing on you big time.” Clayton told her, “I like you.” She said, “I like you too,” and they kissed.

After all of that, Sierra told Clayton, “Cassidy has a friend with benefits, and she face-timed with him just before she came on the show. They said what they wanted to do to each other after she’s done with the show. So, she’s not here for you.”

Clayton told the private cams, “This is a very big shock. Cassidy is taking time away from the women who are really here for the right reasons.” Sierra told Cassidy that she ratted her out to Clayton. So, she didn’t like that.

Tonight’s episode ended with Clayton asking host Jesse Palmer, “Has anyone ever taken a rose back before?” Earlier in the episode, Clayton gave Cassidy a group date rose. So, it looks like he’s going to try and take it back, but we’ll have to wait until next week’s episode to see that play out because they hit us with a “To Be Continued” message. So, no one was eliminated in tonight’s episode, but you better believe there will be some eliminations in next week’s episode.

The next, new episode of The Bachelor 2022 edition with headliner Clayton Echard is scheduled to air next Monday night, January 17, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest “The Bachelor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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