Survivor March 9, 2022 Voted Off Zach Wurtenberger. Jackson Had To Leave (Recap)

Survivor March 9, 2022 Voted Off Zach Wurtenberger. Jackson Had To Leave (Recap)

Hey, “Survivor” fans. Tonight, March 9, 2022, the 2-hour premiere episode of Survivor season 42 did indeed air, and we saw two people make their exit by the time it was over.

Tonight’s episode kicked off with host Jeff Probst revealing that they have a whole new set of twists lined up for this new season. Then, we got an intro of the new castmembers.

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Next, Jeff told them they would be split up into three tribes to start this whole thing. The tribe names are: Taku, Vati and Ika. After that, Jeff presented the tribes with their first challenge of this season. During it,each tribemember had to run and get paddles. Then, bring them back to their tribe.

After they all collected their paddles, they had to use those paddles to paddle a boat out into the water to collect some bamboo sticks. Once they collected them, they had to come back to shore and tie the bamboo sticks together to the point that they were along enough for them to reach over and unhook a ring with flint from an apparatus for the win.

The winner of this challenge turned out to be the Ika tribe. So,they won a pot, machete and flint for their tribe. During the paddle racing portion of the challenge, Daniel dislocated his shoulder. So, the medics had to come out and pop it back into place.

Also during the paddle racing portion of this challenge, Lindsay, Drea and Hai were given the chance to work together for an advantage before running their paddles back to their tribe. They agreed to do it.

Next, we got footage of the Vati and Taku tribes completing a triangle counting challenge to get a second chance at winning a pot, machete and flint for their tribes. They did win it, and they were ecstatic about it.

At one point, Rocksroy started getting pretty bossy. Drea told him to take it down a bit. Zach told the private cams, “It paints a huge target on Rocksroy’s back.”

Drea, Hai and Lindsay separately read the clue that they received early on during the paddle-collecting situation. It let them know that their advantage is an amulet, and they have to reconnect to use it. It could only be played with the others as long as the other amulet holders were still in the game.

So, if Hai, Drea, and Lindsay all ended up on the same tribe after a swap or merge and they all played their amulets, that would give the collective group one extra vote. If there were only two of them left because one had been voted out, then it would give the duo one steal-a-vote. If only one person was left, the remaining amulet would turn into a full immunity idol.

After that, we got a segment of Jackson admitting to his Taku tribe that he is a transgender man and originally applied for Survivor a long time ago as a woman. So, that was sort of interesting.

At one point, Tori went off to find food. That caused her name to come up as a target because her tribe was suspicious that she might be looking for an immunity idol. Later on, Zach told Tori that Drea brought her name up as a target. So,that obviously didn’t sit well with Tori.

Next, a boat showed up to take 1 member from each tribe on a trip. Jenny, Drea and Maryanne took the trip for their respective tribes. They ended up hiking a mountain and getting to know each other a little bit. Then, they were separated to decide if they wanted to protect their vote or risk their vote.

If all three of them chose to protect their vote, nothing would change. If all three risked their vote, all of them would lose their vote at the next tribal council. If the decision got split, only the players that risked their vote received an extra vote while the others got nothing. Drea chose to risk it. Maryanne chose to risk it, and Jenny chose to protect it. So, Maryanne and Drea got an extra vote for the next tribal council.

Next, Jeff Probst showed up again to talk with Jackson. Apparently, Jackson had been on lithium for sleep and anxiety and didn’t tell production about it until the last minute. Jackson said he was weaning himself off it and thought he would be fine.

Jeff told Jackson, “We can’t let you stay because this could have an effect on you due to the elements of this game.” Jackson was very understanding. He went back and told his tribemembers he had to leave. They teared up and gave him a hug goodbye. Jackson said he was very appreciative of what he got to experience.

Next, the first immunity challenge of this season took place. During it, the tribes had to collect 3, heavy chests full of puzzle pieces from the water. Then, bring them back and solve a puzzle for the win. There was a penalty for losing. They had to give back their flint if the lost.

Jeff revealed that the shot in the dark rock/die twist was back in play. It gives each tribemember a chance to play for 1 in 6 chance at safety during a tribal council meeting if they thought they were in jeopardy. However, it also causes them to lose their vote at that tribal council meeting. Lydia and Romeo sat out of this immunity challenge.

Taku ended up finishing first, and the Vati tribe finished second. So, they both won immunity while the Ika tribe lost, and had to figure out which tribemember to get rid of first. Zach told the private cams, “I put 100 percent of the blame on myself.”

The tribe told Zach, “We lost as a team.” Tori addressed the rumor of her having an idol saying, “I don’t have one.” Tori pulled Drea aside for a talk since she was told by Zach that Drea threw her name out there as a target. Drea and Tori ended up working out their differences and actually started talking about who they should target.

Drea told Tori, “We should get out Rocksroy because he did nothing during the immunity challenge.” Swati told Rocksroy that she wanted Zach out. He agreed. Drea campaigned to Romeo to get Rocksroy out, but he wanted Tori out. So, she said she would agree to that. Romeo campaigned to Rocksroy and Swati to get Tori out. Rocksroy told Romeo, “I’m not voting out Tori.”

At the tribal council meeting, Zach and Tori mentioned that they knew they were at risk. Zach said he no longer trusts Tori in this game and so on and so forth. Then, they voted. During the vote, Drea was given a note that revealed she won an extra vote.

Before the votes were read, Zach decided to go ahead and play his shot in the dark rock/die. It gave him a 1 in 6 chance of being safe. Unfortunately for him, he drew a “not safe” note. So, he was still in danger.

At the end, Zach got 3 votes, and Tori got 0 votes. So, by a unanimous vote of 3-0, Zach did indeed get voted off the island in this episode. Zach’s parting words were, “I really did have a blast. Thanks guys. I just got voted out of Survivor. That’s kinda cool.”

The next, new episode of Survivor season 42 is scheduled to air next Wednesday night, March 16, 2022 at approximately 7 pm central standard time on CBS.

Alright, guys. That’s all we’ve got for this latest, “Survivor” TV show report, but definitely stay tuned for more.

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